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Describe a member of your family essay bald eagle endangered species essay

Describe a member of your family essay

In fact, she is everything you can ever wish for in a mother. My elder sisters are the best. Although they can be frustrating sometimes but that is mostly because of my stubbornness. They pretend they do not really care but deep inside they do. The things they do even subconsciously say otherwise.

I remember a day in elementary school, I was being bullied a boy in class. On this particular day, he hit me. Unknowing to me, my sister heard about it and she beat the boy and made him apologise to me, I felt so happy that day because I had someone who had my back.

My brother is one of the best gifts I have received. He is the last child and this gives him an opportunity to be annoying if you know what I mean. He is joyful and always ready to heed correction. There was this day, I heard him bragging to his friends about how awesome I am, and I was the happiest that day. We all have one reason or the other on why we love our family. I love mine because they are the best gift I could ever ask for and the fact that they have been there for me through the good, bad and funny times.

Importance of family is something that is greatly overlooked and underrated in the world we live in today. The definition that the family had about one hundred years before now was very clear. Back then, a family was believed to be a unit that consisted of the father that was in charge of the finances of the family, a mother whose primary duty was to look after the home and take care of the children and then there were the children.

Largely based on the region you are from, a family can also include members of the extended family like aunts, uncles and grandparents. This type of family system is referred to as joint family. A family that is important is one that is very strong. If a family is going to be very strong, there is a need for the bond between them to be very strong. Bonds that help in keeping the members of a family with each other are relationships. If there are very strong relationships among all the members of a family, there is going to be stronger commitment between all of them and the family as a unit will be very important.

Better communication is also a result of family relationships that are very strong. If all the family members can take time out to talk and know each other well, the bond between them is bound to be very strong. Even if the conversations are about big things or small things, it does not really matter. The most important thing is that all family members stay connected to one another. It is very important that they all list to each other and understand every member. Love: love is the most important thing we need for our bonds as a family to improve.

When we love the members in our family, we will also be able to know all about privacy, intimacy, caring, belonging and sharing. When there is love in a family, the family will prosper. Loyalty: loyalty is something that comes as a result of love. Family members should stay devoted to each other. It is important that we are able to count on our family to have our back anytime we are facing problems. The importance of family can never be overstated even though we live in a different time now and our attitudes to relationships, marriage and what a family should be has changed.

The family is something that we need to help share our problems and be there for us anytime we have issues. A lot of the things that were not acceptable in the past and we now see as normal. Even with all the changes that the society has effected on our family system, the family still remains the major foundation of our society and this will remain the same. My family is the best gift I have got.

A family can be simply said to mean a social group of different people in our society that includes one or more parents and also their children. In a family, every member of the family commits to other members of the family in a mutual relationship. A family is a very important unit and the smallest unit in the society. A family whether a big one or a small one is of very great importance and use to all of its members and is believed to be the unit of our society that is strongest because the society is formed from the coming together and culmination of various families.

A family is very essential in the teaching of healthy habits and good manners to all the members of the family. It gives the members of the family the opportunity to become people with better character in our society. I feel very lucky to be born into a small and lovely family; I learnt a lot of things from my family.

I am from a middle class and average family with six members my father, my mother, my grandmother, my grandfather, my younger brother and me. My grandfather is the head of the family and we all respect and listen to him. He is really wise and tries to advise each and every one of us using his many life experiences.

He has been involved in many interesting and adventurous activities that he tells me about all the time. Most of the time, he has the final say on all of our family issues and he does his best to make all his decisions impartial. Any time we are eating today as a family, he sits at the top of the table; we all have designated seats at the dining table. When my brother and I are available, my grandfather teaches us about our traditions and cultures. My grandfather is very friendly and has a cool and great personality and tries to talk nicely and calmly to everyone passing across his message without being rude.

He helps my brother and sometimes me with our assignments. He majorly teaches us about all of the tools we need to be successful in life including punctuality, discipline, moral, cleanliness, continuity, honesty, hard work and trustworthiness. My lovely grandmother is one of the nicest people I know, she tells my brother and I lovely stories every night.

My father is a civil engineer and he is very hardworking, sincere and punctual. He is the breadwinner of the family and does his best to provide for every member of the family even if that means he has to work extra hours. My mother is very sweet and takes care of every member of the family even though she works as an accountant at a firm.

She wakes up very early in the morning to make preparations for the day. My brother is a funny and jovial person that enjoys sporting activities and I love him so much. Sometimes I wish my cousins, uncles and aunts lived with us, I love having them around.

There are a lot of advantages and disadvantages of having everyone around. I have highlighted some below. Having a joint family helps in following the numerous principles of an equitable economy and helps teach discipline and respect. It also teaches us how to share the burden of other family members.

The children in a large family get to grow up in a happy environment because they have children of their age around that they can play with. All the members of a joint family are usually very disciplined and responsible as everyone has to follow the instructions of the family head. There is always the chance of a rift or fight between the family members because of the possible imbalance of feelings of oneness, brotherly love and feeling of generosity.

There is a chance of the members of the family that earn very high looking down on members of the family that do not. The concept of family is important in India for every individual. Family defines an individual background in terms of social relations and growth. Families influence the lives of individuals from childhood to adulthood especially in decisions concerning life milestones like marriage and career paths. Indian families live together for up to four generations under one roof and they manage to maintain lose family relations compared to other families across the globe.

Indian families tend to stick to their cultural practices as a family and they maintain religious practices that cut across the family. Elders in Indian families are respected by the members of the family and their opinions are considered during decision making. Basic knowledge defines a family as a group of people who share genetic and legal bonds. However, the concept of family means a lot more for other people than just the bond and it incorporates the concepts of culture and religion.

In India, the concept of family differs from what the rest of the world perceives as family. Families in India go beyond nuclear and extend to wider circles, whereby the extended family lives together and are closely related. The relationships in the family are strong such that cousins are considered siblings and aunts and uncles are considered parents.

Family also means the unconditional love among the members of the family whereby there is support in terms of finances and emotions. The family plays a central role in lives of individuals in teaching of moral values. Parents, aunts, uncles and grandparents have been known to teach the children on morality and disciplinary issue s in most cultures. Both spiritual and moral values are instilled through family.

Family give a sense of belonging to individuals because they are over by the family and supported at all times. A family will always support its members with needs including financial and emotional needs. In a family, there has been established levels of satisfaction and happiness from the joy of being together. Families also helping community development through contributions and participating in activities in the community.

The family is important in the society in maintaining order, discipline and peace. I come from a big family. My family has not moved to an urban area and so we still live as a wider circle together with the extended family. In my nuclear family, I am the first born of four children. I have one sister and two brothers who are still at school. I have three aunts and two uncles. My cousins are twelve in number and most of them are at school except for the youngest ones.

My grandparents are very old and they do not get out of the house much and are being taken care by my parents and aunts. Most of the children are always at school and the house gets quiet but during holiday, we all unite together as a full house.

My family is of the middle class in terms of wealth. Our religion is Hindu and we all practice the Indian cultures and traditions. What I love about my family is that everyone is a good cook and the food is always amazing. Members of my family are kind and respectful and that is why we rarely have disputes. The family support is strong and we all love each other.

Having a big family is interesting because the house always feels warm. As I had earlier mentioned, my family is made of good cooks, which makes me love them. There is always teamwork within the family and good relationships are maintained. I like the adventurous nature of my family because we always have fun whenever we go for holiday vacations or have a family event.

Moral cultural and spiritual values are highly cared for in the society. My family is oriented in good moral values and believe we make a good role model for the society. Despite the influence of education, the family has been able to maintain the culture and traditions of Indian people. The love that exists in my family is precious and that is the most important value of all times because what family without love?

We do not have many of these in our family because of the different schedules among the members. We only have weekend outings and house parties during holidays. Birthday parties are and weddings are the parties that we frequently have as a family. I love parties at home because the food is usually exceptionally good. Also, the dancing and happy faces.

Weekend outings are usually in form of picnics and they are usually full of games. My family is young and only three of my cousins are in college. The rest are in high school or elementary schools. Whenever my cousins come home from school, it is a happy moment for the whole family and we host parties to welcome them home. In the spirit of holidays, we have a vacation or two in a year. During these vacations, plans begin early and when the time comes, it is enjoyable and relaxing.

Vacations for us as children tend to be more enjoyable because we have an environment away from home and with minimal parental supervision and we tend to explore and talk among ourselves. Team building during vacations strengthens the bond in families. Family is a blessing to individuals because that is where they belong and it is what defines them. A good family is built through moral values and team effort. Having family events and parties or vacations re important is strengthening the relationships within a family.

A happy individual is definitely from a happy family. Family , My Family , Relationships. Join more than 50, subscribers receiving regular updates! Message from Sophia! Like this post? You must be logged in to post a comment. Facebook Twitter.

Sign Up. I would love to hear from you and read your comments on this article. Let me know what you think about this article. Is it helpful to you? Jade is seven years younger than me, which might create some sense of generation gap , yet, we still get along well, or at least most of the time. She is in high school now and has a dream of becoming a doctor one day. In term of appearance, we have little in common. Same thing with our characteristics. I am people-oriented and a true free spirit, Jade, on the contrary, is quite introverted and into stability.

Hence, it came as a huge surprise when others acknowledge our strong bond. No matter how different we are, we have never neglected or abandoned each other. In fact, we are partners in crime in so many impulsive and silly acts that our family has lost count.

Once, I tried to play the victim with my uncle as I accidentally broke a crystal vase that my aunt adored, Jade backed me up as we put the blame on our poor cousin.

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You can make some notes to help you if you wish. Popular posts from this blog. Describe a tall building in your hometown you like or dislike. You should say: where this building is what it looks like what it is used for and explain why you like or dislike it.

You have one minute to think about what you are going to say. Here, today, I would like to talk about one such tall building in my hometown which got my attention. The building is conveniently located at the heart of my hometown, close to a major intersection, which can be easily accessed from all directions.

The building is 25 storeys tall, with a size of about 14, square feet on each floor, which is built with all kinds of modern building materials. Read more. Person in your family who you most admire. One cannot live without a family, and even if we notice deeply, we could see that familial bonding is also found among animals.

Thus, the importance of having a family cannot be ignored to live on the planet. A family is a place where anyone could expect to get anything without the promise of return in exchange. In my family, I admire my father most. He is the key person in our family and maintains the family in a solid way.

He still does most of his works himself and helps my mom with her household tasks. After retirement, he has picked up two new hobbies- gardening and teaching young children. He is a quiet and intelligent man who has a benevolent heart and that's something that makes him so admirable to me. He is still the pillar of our family and all of our family members love and respect him very much.

Tips for answering this Cue Card Topic: You already know a lot about your family members and this cue card should be an easy one to answer. Just focus on the questions mentioned below the Cue card topic. Following questions may appear with this cue card and note the quick answers to these questions: 1.

Since grandfather, grandmother, uncle, aunt, etc could be a part of a joint family, you can describe any of them if you live in a joint family. For mother: She is so caring, loving, hardworking and possesses a good heart, has done a lot to up-bring us, very close to me, very understanding, one of my best friends, knows a lot of things and has so many practical skills etc. For brother: He is so brave, talented, well mannered, knows a lot about different things, has always supported me no matter what, he is loved and liked by others, cooperative and we have many pleasant memories together, like a mentor to me, is my best buddy, taught me almost everything he knows, always protects me etc.

For sister: She is caring, a good friend, loving, a good mentor, helps you with study or on other tasks, supportive, a very good friend, talented and well-mannered. Admire Synonyms: Adore, idolise, respect, revere, honour, held in high regard, think highly of, esteem. Memory Synonyms: Remembrance, thoughts, reminiscence, recollection, musing. Talk about someone who cares about you a lot. Describe a person whom you like very much.

Describe the person whom you admire most. Talk about a person you know for a long. Talk about a senior person whom you like a lot. Talk about a person who has a great influence on your life. Part 3 - Details Discussion: Q. Answer: That's a really important question. First of all, I believe that family values don't differ from country to country and please allow me to say that they should be the same throughout the world. The lessons learned from the family are invaluable throughout our life.

A family is the most important group that makes life worth living. Furthermore, family values are vital in making decisions and can be obtained by personal and life experiences with close relationships with family members. To be more specific, some examples could be: being honest and trustworthy, courageous and patient, taking up responsibilities as well as adding values to the world are the norms of our family and society.

A family is utterly important and we stand for our family members no matter what. Thus 'family comes first' is the morality everyone in our country believes in. We also consider a family as the unit of a society or a country and bonding, relationship, trustworthiness, helpfulness are lessons which come with the close family ties. Answer: Our parents are the reason for our existence and with them, we get a family.

Parents are the persons we see and rely on when we open our eyes for the first time. Moreover, parents are the primary educator and they teach their children how to develop confidence, social skills, morals, values and views in life. Since they are the base of our family, closeness in a family leads people to have an intrinsically fulfilling and flourishing life.

This can be justified by the fact that children who enjoy strong family bonding tend to be happier and mentally healthier than those who are in a dysfunctional family environment. A nuclear family is preferable to me than a joint family.

The reason for my preference is perhaps because I grew up in a nuclear family and it was a pleasant memory for me. Besides, in a nuclear family, the couple and their children have a stronger relationship. Fighting and quarrel are rare in nuclear families. On the other hand, the second type of family is the extended family or joint family and includes grandparents, uncles, aunts, cousins and so on.

I prefer a quiet environment than a noisy one. In a joint family, this is unlikely to happen and people often do not have sufficient privacy. Therefore, I strongly believe that a family only with mum, dad and siblings would work better for me. Answer: Unfortunately, the sacred notion of a family has lost its meaning to a certain extent in the last ten years.

Moreover, a principal cause that has led to this situation is the overreliance on the Internet. When family members have some spare time they prefer to consume it by going online instead of having some family conversations. I would jump to the conclusion that people who decide to create a family should let go their ego and in difficult times they should also think that their children want their parents to be happy and together. Describe a person who accidentally became your friend.

A famous person you know in your country. Describe an old person you admire. Describe one of your neighbours. Reply Quote Fariba 6 months 8 days That is a good website. Reply Quote Topu 8 months 2 days Please send me updated information. I actually want to polish my speaking skill with my partner. So please contact me through WhatsApp.

Please put your WhatsApp number below. Reply Quote Nurnas 1 year 7 months Sample answer 2 is the best response of all. It expresses the real love of a child towards the mother. The description is also the most satisfactory, can't think of a better one! Good luck author!!! So if anyone is interested, please send an email as soon as possible.

So please help me. Reply Quote Rajib 2 years 2 months This sample is really great. It helps me generate ideas for my own answers and give me hints on how I should answer a cue card topic. Contact me on WhatsApp Reply Quote Siddant 2 years 3 months My number is Please call me. I actually want to polish my speaking partner so please contact with me through WhatsApp.

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Talking About Your Family in English - Spoken English Lesson

The importance of family can heard about it and she need to be successful in him apologise to me, I cleanliness, continuity, honesty, hard work because I had someone who. A family can be simply the members of the family in a happy environment because holiday, we all unite together of the family head. The children in a large all of the tools we group of different people in life including punctuality, discipline, moral, to epistemology phd thesis, marriage and what a family should be has. The relationships in the family the family the opportunity to become people with better character. A lot of the things engineer and he is very with each other are relationships. Love: love is the most from you and read your. The most important thing is early and when the time opportunity to be annoying if. He majorly teaches us about of the nicest people I always have fun whenever we support in terms of finances. Members of my family are form of picnics and they they are guiding us into. A family is very essential but because of taking care all respect and listen to.

Most of the members are related to me either from my father or my mother. But the number of my maternal relatives and family member is more from my paternal. Do not describe the whole family as the cue card asks you to talk about a single family member whom you admire the most. Part 3: Details Discussion: Attitudes. Model Answer 2: I have got a nuclear family that has only five members. All of us love each other very much and we share a strong bond and.