essay on love is precious or poisonous

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Essay on love is precious or poisonous how to make a resume for welders

Essay on love is precious or poisonous

Because love is everywhere in the world and everyone has definitely had a love on something. In olden days they using this word only for a particular relationship, But not now. Love has the power to make one rich as well as poor. Here I mean rich and poor was about our mental condition. Today's world all people are running behind the money. No one have the time to spend even their family.

There is no boundary in love. Even you are a millionaire, money will not come to your funeral for crying. Human, animals only have the feelings. Love is most purest one in the world. So be lovable with your family. Never miss those people who are all showing you the love. Tinku Paul said: Jun 29, Hi friends, According to me, sometimes love is precious and sometimes it is poisonous.

Mothers love always precious, there is no question of poisonous. But someone loves somebody for opposite sex sometimes even husband and wife it gets poisonous. People cheat, dupe, harass and sometimes they are so furious even they can murder each other. According to me nowadays peoples are very selfish they always think for their profit there is no question of love only wants to show they are very much concern for each other I e problem happens when they cannot control they take drastic action.

Yes, somebody loves God it is precious. Praveen said: Jun 16, Hello all, According to me as many, I will say love is the most precious thing in the world. It is the word of caring, understanding etc between souls. It is not only between a boy and a girl, it can be between a mother and child or between father and sister. True love can never be poisonous. It will always be fruitful. Actually, the saying "lover never fails" never fails, but people fails in their love. Love is a beautiful feeling.

True love is Precious and fake love is poisonous. We can never leave that person who love us very truly. In my final words, Loves is precious because we can achieve anything with them. Thank you. Rohith said: Jan 30, In my point of view, love is a precious understanding between two persons and they should be interaction and state the group of feelings they can carry emotions, happiness, Sadness, etc.

Love is must be sacrifice and understanding the situation of the person both of must try to solve the problem and in case we think love is poisonous that must not understand between two persons they should be fake loves the universal truth mother love Is not must be better than brother' s love, father's love, I must conclude. The love should have the responsibility of the which people are should be liking mostly so those people must be careful and must be a proper bonding them.

But fake love is poisonous. Love never separate persons. For instance if you hate somebody you will LOVE the same person some day but if you LOVE somebody and you want to left him because of several reasons but you will want to live with him for a single reason. If you truly love somebody you can't hate him in any situation, this is the power of love. Love stands for honesty, kindness and the beauty of the soul and heart. But if the love is fake, it is just selfishness, jealousy and the desire of money that takes place in the heart.

If you have thousands reason to let them but there will be a single reason that you like to stay with them. Finally I will like to say that love is precious to good people or precious and is poisonous to poisonous. Pranay Masurkar said: Dec 19, According to me, Love is precious. Loving any person makes one's responsible person as everyone wants a good life with a good life partner and by considering this motive every lover is responsible accordingly situations.

So according to my point of view love is precious because it makes us responsible and matures which is the need to live in a society with proud and honor. Siva said: Oct 11, In my opinion, love is both precious and poisonous and every coin has two sides. True love never fails it is dependent on choosing your partner if he or she suitable for you. True Love makes a person happy that same time if you choose the wrong person with your partner your life will be collapsed.

Mahima Kumawat said: Aug 25, In my views, love is damn precious. Love is the interconnection of two souls. Love emerges when you develop a certain kind of affection and respect for someone and its very precious as it can change your life in a far better way.

Pallavi Rajput said: Jun 27, Love is either precious or poisonous it depends on person's mindset and way of approach. According to me, Love is very precious whether its between couples, parents, friend and anyone else and its very much depends how to take care of this bond. It can be poisonous when it goes beyond to limits of selfishness. Love gives many beautiful memories which makes life beautiful. Sharmila said: May 10, Hi! Love should be what we can see.

Somebody think love is only created between the boys and girls interaction. That is nothing at all. Love can be approached by parents, friends, relation and husband. In that way, love is precious. I conclude my point that there is a difference between love and like. For example, "when you like a flower, you can pluck it, but when you love a flower, you can water it daily - By, Buddha".

Nitesh said: Apr 25, From my point of view, love is either precious or poisonous. Love is precious for the one's who gets the partner or the one who they met is caring and understanding, then the love is precious and everything is going well in this case l. And secondly love is poisonous for the ones who don't get the right person its just a formally maintained relationship.

So it totally depends on the person whom you are met. Adi said: Feb 28, Hello guys, according to me, love is poisonous strictly speaking if we are talking about love relationship of boy and girl. This love takes all the freedom of them both and it puts a border for everything which includes friendship with other friends.

Fear will be developed in both mind that they should not a breakup, and this makes them to strictly agree whatever they say even if they are not interested, I personally experienced many such cases. So, I have a strict opposition for love. So in my view love is poisonous. Yamini said: Jan 25, Love is beautiful if there is trust and understanding. Tanya B. Let me explain. Love is the most dangerous weapon. Love can make even the most sensible person blind; you would do anything for the sake of love.

It is a double-edged knife. Love can ruin a person's life, as well as change it for the better. It is up to us what we want to use this 'knife' for. But definitely, without love, humans could not exist in this world. Love can also change a person. We see many cases where mental disorders and other psychological disorders are cured by loving and caring.

Love is the most basic and powerful emotion in this world. So, the final statement is that love can both benefit as well as ruin a person's life. Life is both poisonous and precious. Shubhangi Sahrma said: Dec 10, Love is a precious gift when two souls really love each other but when somebody is just acting in love, you can get into trouble.

Meezan Ahmad said: Nov 6, I also agreed that love is precious and poisonous. But there is a condition that love is true or false if love is true so it will definitely precious for us if love is false it will definitely become poisonous for us. No matter that love in between girls and boys it may be between human and animals, this is also true that "too much any thing is bad for us". Surya said: Oct 2, Hi friends, Good morning. In my point of view, love is a precious one.

Because without love anybody can't live. Every parents whose live only for an son's love. Generally we see, whose parents give too much love our children those are go to pieces its not love fault it is the fault of accompanist and don't care our children. In the love between girl and boy, it's also good but only one thing to pervert which is more expectation between them.

Love is a feeling it's not a learning process that is learnt. Conclusion : Love is a precious thing in our life without it there is no advantage of leaving. Bea Santos said: Oct 2, In my opinion, for me love can be both precious and poisonous. Bea Santos said: Oct 2, For my basis, for me love can be both precious and poisonous.

Ryan Chrysler Mendoza said: Oct 2, Love is the unconditional state of "loving someone" either your friends, family, and the people you surround with. We all have different definitions of how love looks like and how it's expressed looking at the world in two different ways. A poisoned realtionship is like a boat on a dock. A boat is designed to withstand waves and love can be posionous duing conflict. Shaira Villa said: Oct 2, For me Yes, It is precious and poisonous because in everything we do, there's always a love.

For those who failed in love for them it will be poisonous. For some oneside lover, love will be precious as they can leave there life with the memory. For some it will be poisonous as they might do something with themself or someone else. That's why love is precious and poisonous because you need to be hurt to know if its love. You need to experience all the challenges to know if this is it. The true love you are waiting for. Rbl said: Sep 4, Love is one of the most beautiful feeling.

It is human tendency to give and get loved. But anything that is in excess has always been proved fatal. Love in excess or rather expressed irresponsible or selfish way has proved to be poisonous. For example people's blind love for one's own religion, caste, gender etc has given rise to terrorism, attacks, and so may life threatening events.

Love in its own is beautiful, precious but I feel its up to us how we express it. Harini said: Jul 24, Hello friends, Love is precious! It cannot be poisonous because it is feeling. From my point of view, there is no measure for love. Respect, Care is the way of expressing Love. So the only expectation we all have in our life is LOVE. So, what you give is what you get! Deepu said: Jul 14, Love is good but only as a concept. Relationships exits only when people are committed to stay together, caring each other and making memories.

When it comes to parents love, obviously love is precious because they are the one who tolerate us even if we are the worst. That doesn't happen in all the cases. Every thing depends on the person's thinking. For example, some people pretend to act good to us when they are not and we shouldn't judge them on that basis. What all matter is choosing the right person even in the worse situations and accordingly.

Kalyani Deshpande said: May 28, Love is a feeling based on emotions is dependent on the person for which we have feeling it may be about anyone animal or human. I think love can measure in terms of respect, care, how happy you are by living. With the person and feeling as a person, we are growing day by day emotionally, mentally and intellectually. If there is no respect and care then love can become poisonous. If there is respect for each other's ideas or dreams, care, believe then love become precious.

Uday said: May 11, Love can be precious as well as poisonous. Famna said: Apr 30, Sometimes love can be precious but sometimes it can be poisonous if we choose to stay with the wrong person who doesn't know to appreciate our love. Love can be precious when someone was very sincere love and be loyal to one and only his sweetheart. Another person with a different opinion. Everybody has their own expectations on how they evaluate for love. Bipasha Ghosh said: Apr 25, A Good morning to everyone on the other side.

As anything, let it be good or bad, it is in excess, will destroy its essence. It happens in the case of love too. Love, if anyone near to or far from us shows to us, it depends upon the situation where love is being 'showered' or 'forced' upon us. Love is something which should be expressed in a proper amount but this situation is truly ideal. Parents, relatives, friends who are true 'friends' not 'enemies in disguise' shower excess of their love on us which makes us feel worthy but sometimes this excess love takes the form of poison when this love takes the form of obsession or over-possessiveness.

Also, many times, it happens that whenever we need excess love, the shower is reduced to a drizzle of love which is mistaken by us as 'poison'. So, it is important for the people to realise that though love is beautiful and such a feeling which can only be experienced and further expressed, it also should be kept in mind that only expressing love doesn't end the duty of showing themselves as responsible and sensible.

The true responsibility will be fulfilled by people when they shower same love on all aspects on everyone whenever and wherever possible, thus taking a step to stop making love take the form of poison and to bridge the gaps! Akshita said: Apr 12, Today, I am here to discuss on the topic of Love is precious or poisonous. Good evening to all of you. According to me, love is both it is precious and poisonous also. You all are right that love is affection.

But this affection becomes dangerous then what will you do? If people is good then life becomes beautiful, happy, everything will be good but people is not good then life becomes worst, unhappy, everything will be too bad. Thank you for giving me your precious time. Akshita said: Apr 10, Good evening to all of you. But this affection becomes dangerous than what will you do? Akanksha said: Mar 21, Obviously true, love is precious as there are no expectations.

Parents sacrifice their happiness and working for hours and hours for their little ones is just because of love. Even in our pledge, we use the word love I love my country , so in my view, love is always precious. Arindam said: Mar 11, In my opinion, love is completely precise. No one can live without love.

Love means affection. Where there is love there is no war. D V D S Harshitha said: Feb 18, Love is not just a caring about someone it means respecting them and their feelings, because in love feelings are very important in the way it can build more love or it can destroy current love so don't try to hurt the person feelings by fake. Be honest with the people that will build your character. Love is important for everyone's life. Without love, we cannot live. Everyone should provide love to all.

That has sweet one. Then life will be very sweet. If everyone shares our love to all, life will be to come best and stress less one. Nowadays many of the people have stress and tension. They do not talk to anyone else. So please share your love to everyone and then be always happy in our life.

Thanking You. Love is important in everyone's life. If everyone shares our love to all, life will be to come best and stressless one. Byera said: Jan 4, Love is always precious to those who cherish it but as always what goes around comes back around that is how love may treat you once you have backfired it.

So let us all try to live in peace and harmony and learn how to love someone or something even though it may seem impossible. Nikhil Dioohaan said: Dec 22, If everything is sorted in your life and you have overall control of your life than love is precious only if your better half is truly your soulmate else it is poisonous. Shruthi Bahavathi said: Dec 17, In my perspective, Love is a pleasure which can be felt and understood only by those who are in the track of that.

Love even makes a mountain to melt. Love is a blessing and only few can get it properly. At the same time, love can be also called as poisonous because when you keep your whole life and trust over someone and if that person fails to do, then for sure that feeling will be a damp hell. So it can't be judged whether it is precious or poisonous. Its by the people and how they take it. Stephen said: Nov 23, In my point of view, love is both.

For who enjoying it is precious and the people who hate it is poisonous. For eg moms love towards his son, the teachers love towards his student, the almighty God loves the people on the earth. But in case, those who get drawback will show hatred on those who love them and it becomes poisonous. So we must get back fall in love is always precious. So love is always precious. But animals only don't show love. Humans show love and affection. So we as a human should decide whether we should show love or not.

Priyank said: Nov 18, Love is poisonous only if we start expecting things from others, there is no loyalty no honesty, if you are competing with other for your love, you no longer care about other things. Other people even we don't think about our beloved ones. We start spoiling our life out of our obstinacy. And if we aren't doing these things then love is divinest. Shahid Khan said: Oct 22, Hi everyone, Love is a precious also and it is poison also, we love someone to do marriage only.

Because people treat physical attraction as love. In my perspective, for any kind of marriage to be successful, we need commitment and compromise. Vasanth said: Sep 15, As according to me, love is both precious and poisonous it is on the way how we take that. The precious love in world is one which is between parents and their children.

Daenerys said: Sep 4, Hi guys! Today we are going to discuss about "Is Love precious or poisonous". There's no precious thing in the world which we can get without giving a price. Love is the most precious thing in the nature. Sometimes, this price may be poison. The concentration of poison is defined by the person who wants to drink it and to what extent one can drink the poison is the matter here. So, choose wisely the person you want to love.

Yukti said: Aug 28, According to me, there is nothing so fake and unreal in the world than' love'. Uttara said: Aug 23, Love and affection are the most precious thing in the world. Love cannot be substituted by any other mean. But this love should be unconditional and there should not be any restriction to the other person.

We seldom witness news relating to over possessiveness. Love when becomes obsession it is poisonous. It not only destroys the relationship but also harms people. Many a time being over emotional people kill the most precious person to them. Betrayal in love relations drives some people crazy and imbalanced for rest of their lives. So this is poisonous. Love is a feeling and man should not get controlled by feelings rather they should control the feelings so when to keep going and when to leave something and when to accept rejection this are the things to learn before falling prey of the emotion called love.

Shaikh Chand S. C said: Aug 23, As per my thinking, love is precious. If the bonding between two lovers is pure and they sacrifice and care for each other then are truly a great couples and as per my thinking it is not necessary that every relation gets completed or they always live together happily sometimes they also have to sacrifice their love but the small time which they spend together is like heaven to them and they spend their whole life missing the time spend with their lover.

Chen said: Aug 13, Love suffers long and is kind; love does not envy; love does not parade itself, is not puffed up, does not behave rudely, does not seek its own, is not provoked, thinks no evil, does not rejoice in iniquity, but rejoices in the truth, bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things.

Nandhu said: Aug 13, Love is precious or poisonous all are dependent on the partner that we choose. If our partner is well matured, broad minded, lovely, caring, understanding then it's is a presious one. Poisonous when we choose a wrong person. Only the trust decide that the relationship is precious are poisonous.

Love is a kind of feeling. All human need it. All are slave for love. But making it as a poison are presious is based on our behaviour. Remember one thing love is sweet poison. But don't forget it is poison. Too much of anything is good for nothing. Mayank said: Jun 21, As far as, I am concerned if there is expectations then the love will become poisonous. If you want to do a precious love then you have to get your expectations rid because expectation always hurts.

If someone came to you and you got attract with that person then you would fall in love with him or her. Soon you started demanding to that person this creates expectation and everyone knows that expectation always hurts. So if there is expectations then there is a poisonous love if there is caring, understanding, believe and intruptions in bad habbits of that person then there would be a precious love.

Love is precious because the true love was identified by one was very difficult to find but for someone the love comes quickly and goes quickly this type of love is poisonous and dangerous for the someone love comes late on his life for that person love is precious. At the sametime love is precious or poisonous are depends upon that the two persons if both loves truly it will be precious but it is fake it is poisonous.

Thank you friends for giving this wonderful opportunity. Have a wonderful day. But Fake love is Poisonous. Love never try to separate persons it always try to connect the bridge between one to another, think it if you hate a person but you can love that same person at someday.

But if you love some person you can't hate him at any situation that is the power of LOVE. Love is precious when its stand for honest, truth, understand, good caring heart but love is poisonous when it stands for the only external Outside Beauty of person or Money. Love just need a good heart to understand our feelings without saying by us.

If you love a person truly you have many thousands of reasons to let them but you find a single reason to stay with them that is really precious love. Thank for everyone. Have a great day. Priyanka said: May 18, Every coin has two sides. So according to me, love is precious as it consists of care, trust, honesty, loyalty, expectations and possessiveness etc. So it must be filled with pure loyalty and should not exceed the possessive.

But every love must be having some possessive nature and nothing wrong in that. The only thing is it should not exceed its limit. Kalpana Behera said: May 17, Hello, myself Kalpana. My own views love is precious it is spiritual, natural and blessing of god. But today's love is poisonous because teenage boys and girls take it time pass. So love is turned into poisonous. Love is the divinity of god. Love is two sides of a coin, one is truth and another is believe.

Love is beautiful, spontaneous and amazing. Love is not any gift or expectations, love is a both sides of understanding. Love is precious. Love is purity. Love is life. Love is truth. Love is the world. Love is God. Hina Mahajan said: May 5, Hello, According to my opinion, a coin has two sides, same as in the case of love i.

Precious as well as poisonous. It all depends on the situation as well as on the nature of the persons. I have more positive belief about love. Love is strong magical intangible feeling comprises of care, understanding, trust, respect and zero expectations. It exists everywhere and eternal. It doesn't want gifts, it just requires time, compromisation, understanding.

Our reason of happiness is love. Love takes the poisonous form when it takes as granted, expectations raise and self-competitiveness. In end, I conclude that love is a strong feeling where universe runs and an eternal truth of life. Urmi said: Apr 14, Love is not poison. If someone hate the love that means they are not aware well about the love. That means they don't love ownself. Everyone loves own and after love own parents. Everyone live in society with love.

They love together like love of brother and sister, love of sons and parents, love of husband and wife, and also love animals. We also love our things. There is not any kind of things in the world whom people don't love it. Myself Champat Garasiya. I want to draw your attention on love is precious. When you love someone you accept their weakness too and love them for whatever they are.

Love has no specific meaning. Love is the most important aspect of an individual's life. Love also carries harsh feelings sometimes but still, it is considered as one of the best feelings in the world. Lack of love in relationships may result in aggression, quarrels, war, divorce among husband and wife. Anjali Kumari said: Apr 4, I appreciate all thought, I think that love is not a single word it's a whole sentence, it depend upon the vantage of our mind and our society.

It's like a 2 side of a coin. According to me, love is simply oneness, it also determine the ones nature as in love one should be very polite, forgiveness and should not be amok, love of mother and child is very precious, or love towards the other teenage is also very precious but those love in which people feel suffocated or they feel like a prisoners that love is poisonous, so curbing must be there in love.

Ajay Deshpande said: Mar 18, Everything has both sides good as well as bad. Nothing is good or bad its state of our mind. Love is precious in only 2 conditions first our parents we called true love, other part is uncondtional love which hardly we see. Nowadays love is nothing but practical thinking nothing more than that. Sansita said: Mar 11, Love is always the precious one.

Love makes one's life beautiful with various colours. Life without love is like a body without soul. In one's life, a man comes across various types of love. As the proverb is "everyone is unique" in the same way love is unique to everyone. Everyone get this precious love according to their age. Love makes one live long with a cute smile. It gives us wings and makes us fly comfortably. It even provides us the freedom to express ourselves and think good about others.

Love towards god is divinity and love towards object is infatuation. There is no love that is poisonous. If it is so then its not the love. It may be divinity, infactation, etc that are short lived. Love is not the short-lived but lasts ever with us in our heart even though the person we love dies.

Even other creatures love. They never even think that the love is poisonous. As there is no harm from love. True love is that precious thing which is hard to cut relations, prettiest, and shines like the northern star -so firm and with happiness of love.

Happiness is the one that is expected by everyone. This precious love provides the natural contentment. So, we shall stop hating and try loving everyone. As life is short and enjoys our life with this love. Deepak Raj said: Mar 3, Man is a social animal. He lives in society where several relations are fulfilled to each other. Love in one of them. It depends ourselves that we make love either a poison or precious. If there is not love in a life then that life will become a draw straw and this does not mean a real life.

So love is a meditable thing between a man and his relations. Sowmiya said: Mar 2, Hi good noon. According to me, love is precious. Everyone falls in love with their parents, neighbors, friends, relation. Love has both sides precious and poisonous. But if we love someone truly it is precious. If we won't love truly just for timepass it becomes poisonous.

Love the one truly as you can. Don't cheat the loved ones. It becomes hurting. Deepak Singh said: Feb 28, Hello guys, I am Deepak Singh, according to our topic, first the fall, I would like to say LOVE is precious and poisonous also, but it totally depends that the kind of person. Taher Alhossamy said: Feb 24, In point of view Love is the key which opens the gate of happyness.

Also love is all thing we need. Rama Krishna said: Feb 23, In my point of view, love is precious but, it becomes poisonous when some persons are going to take suicide, those who don't know the real meaning of love. Dhakshayini Raghavan. G said: Feb 18, I don't mean that love is poisonous all the time. But nowadays its leading to that way. It hurts people. It leads to wrong decisions. There are so many live examples we will be seeing in our day to day life.

Finally, it kills people. Another love will not be a solution of a love failure. But we have to come out of it. It's the ugly truth that we all has to admit. Uma said: Feb 17, In my aspect of view, love is poisonous. We are spoiling our life with the name of love.

Our parents became very sad because of our attitude only. Love become precious only when we get married with our parent's permission otherwise it never become precious. We can't able to succeed without their blessing.

In my point of view, love is never poisonous, it is always precious. There is only need to understand the facts. And because love is second name of God. It is spiritual, you need not show it. You need not to. Prove it. You will get success definitely if.

Your love is true because love has a great power. Abhishek Kumar K said: Feb 11, Love is a variety of states, feelings and attitudes ranging from person to person. Love is an emotion of a strong attraction, personal attachment sometimes jealousy. According to me, love is a strong form of like. There are two types of love one is impersonal and the other one is interpersonal.

Impersonally refers to loving a thing, foods etc. Interpersonally refers to love between human beings which is referred as mom's love, dad's love, siblings love and many. Love is a divine form like a god which can't be seen but can be felt.

It's easy to be loved but true love is very rare. Nowadays love has just become a joke. But somewhere true love also exists. If love is good and right it is indeed precious. If love is wronged or spent jealously, the poison does out. Try to show your love in a good way. It will come back to you that way too. Love is precious to those who treasures and nurtures them. Love is precious if its also returned or if not its still alright because love is understanding. Love only becomes poisonous if one is being possessive of the other one or one is trying to look for something that can't be returned and does things to be returned it in the wrong way.

But there's a few percent that things like this happens because people who are in-love always treasures the love they shared. Love is precious in so many ways as long as the person your sharing it with is right for you. Love is indeed precious. For me, it's what gives meaning to life. And it's not only love for others that's important. It's also important to love life itself and to love yourself. Love is precious to me. It makes me happy and contented with my life. It's really precious that all of us must enjoyed and treasured.

People who succeeds in finding love its really a precious one, those who doesn't finds love or suffering from a broken heart finds it poisonous.


To learn more about the cookies we use, check out our Cookies policy. Share your opinion and get rewarded just like shiba.. Sign up to start earning now! I think Love is life. It remains with us before we are born and after we are dead. It is eternal, love has many forms like parents, brothers, sisters, relatives, lover, friends etc. In every form we feel love in different ways.

Love can't be poisonous if its poisonous we can't say its love. Because love is always selfless, not boastful, faithful, kind, everything. Love teaches us how to survive at times of adversity. Its the basic need of a human being beside oxygen.

What do you think..? Please share. ShankGS 82 months ago You said "the basic need of a human being beside oxygen" is love, right, I'm going to the next level of oxygen, that is ozone O Krzysztof 82 months ago Of course love is precious. ShankGS 82 months ago Oh, I got it Ozone, better than oxygen.. Psanasangma 82 months ago It is precious and is like a pleasant breeze you feel which goes to you and makes you feel comfortable.

You can do without a lot of things in your life. But you definitely cant live without any type of love. Chris 82 months ago I agree with what you say there is many forms of love for different people and animals. Imhappy 82 months ago Depends.. If we choose a snake the unfaithful or fake people as our love buddy surely we get posion only but if we choose a gem of heart or a genuine one which is quite a difficult one to get nowadays : then we can say its precious Show more opinions.

Copied to clipboard. Even I feel love is really precious, not every one is lucky to have the person in their life whom they love the most.. In fact one of my friends is still waiting for her love since 4 years So i feel if u have the person u love, then life is blessed There is a saying too much of anything is never good What I feel is..

Love is a very precious thing.. Dont ever let it go. We are all lucky to have it.. LOVE is precious for sure. Pl go thro the following story. Really Heart Touching Daniel : I guess we are the left overs in this world. Jasmine : I think so.. Daniel: Yup! I don't know what to do. Jasmine: I know! We'll play a game.

Daniel: What game? Daniel: That's a great plan in fact, I don't have anything to do for the following weeks.. Jasmine was scared and she tried to touch Daniel's hand but by accident she touched someone else's and they both laughed.. DAY They saw a fortune teller down the road and asked for their future. The fortune teller said: "My darlings, please don't waste the time of your lives DAY Jasmine invited Daniel to go to the hill and they saw a meteor Jasmine mumbled something.

DAY They rode on a bus and because of the bumpy road, Jasmine gave her first kiss to Daniel by accident. Daniel: I'm tired Jasmine I'll buy you one.. I'll just go down the road..

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If we are immersed in a situation of this kind, we have the power to say not more and when we decide, we can put an end to suffering and we will be able to open the door and see a different reality, to a future full of concretions, optimism and good treatment. As shown above talk about a toxic relationship includes many important aspects such as what are the characteristics that help us to recognize if we are in a unhealthy relation and being verbally abused and how this situation can affect in a negative way the personality and we develop health issues.

Definitely it is important to analyze ourselves and establish a good communication with our partner, to prevent a toxic relation and be sure about what we feel, because at the beginning our relation could be amazing, but with the time it get worse, atttitudes change, excesive control, we suffer of blackmail. Remember it does not matter if we are in love , what matters is to be happy and avoid people who can damage ourselves.

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If love is good and right it is indeed precious. If love is wronged or spent jealously, the poison does out. Try to show your love in a good way. It will come back to you that way too. Love is precious to those who treasures and nurtures them. Love is precious if its also returned or if not its still alright because love is understanding. Love only becomes poisonous if one is being possessive of the other one or one is trying to look for something that can't be returned and does things to be returned it in the wrong way.

But there's a few percent that things like this happens because people who are in-love always treasures the love they shared. Love is precious in so many ways as long as the person your sharing it with is right for you. Love is indeed precious. For me, it's what gives meaning to life. And it's not only love for others that's important.

It's also important to love life itself and to love yourself. Love is precious to me. It makes me happy and contented with my life. It's really precious that all of us must enjoyed and treasured.

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Is Love Precious or Poisonous?!

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Mothers love always precious, there is no question of poisonous. But someone loves somebody for opposite sex sometimes even husband and wife it gets poisonous. Love is precious. It never ever one has its own love whether it is in the form of mother,father,sister,brother,lover,friends. Wasn t package wasn t meant for literacy or lack of certification weakens curricularists role in the case of this journal from your resear.