essay on role of mass media in education

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Essay on role of mass media in education email message sending resume cover letter

Essay on role of mass media in education


This habit of checking weather conditions is an example of the impact of mass media. In the global youth culture, one finds young people around the world, displaying common interests in the field of music, movies and dressing styles. For instance, Television and newspaper often cover the lifestyle of celebrities and in the same way, youngsters try to act and dress up like them.

This shows how an individual is influenced by the mass media. The development of technology creates a new trend of enjoying the mass media on the internet. The Internet is easy to access, cost-effective and mobility that leads to increasing the number of people for obtaining information. Media refers to diverse ways of mass communication such as television, internet, newspaper, telephones, radio etc. The modern media provides visual representations in the form of images and videos which help the audience better understand the news and topic.

Media plays an important part in our lives as people can now get connected all across the globe and can see each other even if they are located at far off places. Also, television, internet, and social media increase our knowledge by giving us information about various things occurring in the world. It is with the help of media that this large world has shrunk into a village. Media offers various benefits to the world such as it promotes harmony among various countries and makes people aware of different cultures and religions.

Parth Sharma. Full Name Comment goes here. Are you sure you want to Yes No. Mahima Kumar. Joshua Daniel. Aisha Siddiqui. Show More. No Downloads. Views Total views. Actions Shares. No notes for slide. Role of Mass Media in Education 1. Television programme stimulate visits to the zoo, libraries, bookstores, museums and other active recreational settings, and educational videos can certainly serve as powerful teaching devices 9. Impact of Electronic Media in Education Radio Radio is a powerful mass medium used in education for disseminating information, imparting instruction and giving entertainment.

Radio has the power to bring the world to the classroom, and programme could be presented as textbooks on the air Impact of Electronic Media in Education Mobile Devices The advent of mobile devices have changed the learning methods of students.

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In this sense, we could hardly ignore the fact that media technologies have impacted education to such an extent that governments have decided to adapt to these important technological changes in order not to be left out. Developing countries in Asia as well as South America have also integrated the use of media technology in academic research and have made significant investments that aim for greater technological importance.

It remains to be seen that mass media-integrated education is beneficial across the board. But several factors have pointed out the supposed weaknesses of the mass media within the realm of education. The first of these weaknesses is validity. The convenience that mass media promises does not entirely entail higher quality education since not all content from television, radio, newspapers and the so-called new media can be relied upon.

Another weakness also takes the form of authority. The mass media which also operates under the influence of market forces only subscribe towards the transferring of the prevailing ideology. Any organization, no matter how dedicated towards the truth, is cast off since it lacks the needed authority in order for it to become credible. We can then say that education through the market-influenced mass media is only beneficial to the prevailing culture and thwarts any attempt to subdue the status quo.

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Media comes in different forms and each form affects the way students learn and interpret information. Media has brought the world closer globalization so that now students from different universities in different parts of the world are connected through a mere internet connection. Amidst the information revolution mass media has become such a massive part of our lives that it is impossible to ignore its effects.

The concept of democracy was based on the fact that if individuals are educated to a certain level then they can rule themselves effectively. The question that now arises is "are individuals here media literate?

Millions of messages are being sent each day through various media channels. The research will bring into light society's ability to critically analyse and interpret these messages. Here, positive impact of media will also be researched. Over a span of time development support programmes have been launched effectively by media organizations. An example can be the AIDS awareness campaign of Uganda, where media ran advertisements free of cost.

According to some media analysts in third world countries media should play a developmental role. The research will also try to explore this fact. Here mention should also be made of initiatives like virtual university and Allama Iqbal Open University, which have taken education across physical boundaries. Also the sindhi language channel KTN which hosted a similar programme for catering to the needs of school going children after the flood damaged schools across Sindh.

Also ideas about the insurmountable change media will bring in the education sector are in the air. The research will over all talk about media's role in education, and how effective it is.

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