how to write mixed fractions as a percent

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How to write mixed fractions as a percent professional article review editing sites online

How to write mixed fractions as a percent



In any calculation, the percent value has to be changed by removing the percent symbol. Removing the percent symbol simply changes it into a fraction. This is the simple format of changing a percent into a fraction. Changing a percent into a fraction is a much-needed step in mathematical calculation.

A percentage has to be necessarily changed to a fraction to be used for further calculations. In this lesson you will learn how to convert percent to fraction, convert mixed fractions into a percentage, as well as decimals to fractions. Percent means per hundred or for every hundred. A percentage is simple to understand as it is on a scale of 1 to The percent to fraction is the conversion of percentage values to a fraction.

Any percent is easy to be converted to fraction and vice versa. Also, a fraction or a decimal can be converted into a percentage. Thus fraction, decimal and percent are related to each other. There are three simple steps to convert percent to fraction. Let us look at these three steps below. Example: Mira has 20 items on her shopping list. Can you say how many more items she has to buy? The conversion of a percent to a fraction is very simple and convenient.

Further, it depends on the numerical value of the percentage. The numeric value of the percentage could be a whole number, a fraction, or a decimal. In all the cases the percentage symbol is dropped and the numeric value is divided by the number Let us now look at the following conversions from one form to another form. To convert the whole number percent to a fraction, the following steps can be used:.

Let us look at a simple example to understand more. To convert mixed number percent to fraction, follow the steps given below. To convert decimal percent to fraction, follow the steps given below. Consider the percentage value 7. Given below is a simple percent conversion table for the most frequently used percent conversions. Percent to fraction conversion is very helpful in calculations.

The process to convert a percent to a fraction is to remove the percent symbol and divide the remaining value with The numerical value is in the numerator and the number is in the denominator and it forms the fraction. Further, reduce the fraction to obtain the simplest fraction value.

Also as per need some of the percentage values are also converted into decimals too. Here let us look at the converted values of percentage into fractions in the below table. Can you help him find the answers? Example 2: Steve has 4 shapes in his sheet. How will he come up with the correct answer? Example 3: A sugar solution of 1 liter contains 0. Ryan wants to know what fraction of sugar is in the solution. Convert 0. To move one decimal point, multiply both 0.

Further, the GCF of 8 and , is 8. Example 4: James gives Learn more An improper fraction is a fraction with a larger numerator than denominator. You can convert an improper fraction to a percent the same way that you would convert any fraction to a percent.

The simplest way is to divide the numerator by the denominator, then multiply by To convert an improper fraction to percent, start by dividing the numerator by the denominator. Then, multiply the decimal you get by Finally, add a percent sign to the end of your answer. You can also multiply the improper fraction by and then divide the numerator by the denominator. Then, add a percent sign and you're done! If you want to find the percentage by using an equivalent fraction, keep reading!

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Article Summary. Method 1 of Use a calculator to divide the numerator by the denominator. The numerator is the top number, and the denominator is the bottom number. It is best to use a calculator, because depending on the fraction, you might end up with a number that has many decimal places.

Completing this calculation converts the fraction to a decimal. Note that, because you have an improper fraction, the denominator will divide into the numerator at least 1 whole time. That means that your decimal will be greater than 1. Multiply the decimal by You can do this with a calculator, but an easy way to do this in your head is to simply move the decimal point two places to the right. Add a percent sign. Until you add a percent sign, your number still reads like a decimal, even though it no longer is.

So, add your percent sign to avoid confusion. The percent sign comes after the number. For example, Method 2 of Multiply the fraction by To multiply a fraction by , multiply the numerator by Keep the same denominator. Divide the numerator by the denominator.

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