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Buy nursing argumentative essay essay on film censorship

Buy nursing argumentative essay

Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Do nurses receive the same prestige as doctors? Are nurses less exposed to health hazards than doctors? Do nurses go through more stress than doctors? Should nurses be more appreciated than doctors? Nurses should be more financially compensated than doctors Nurses attend to more patients than doctors Can overtime work impact the quality of work that nurses do?

The impacts of nurses are different from that of doctors Nurses are the most resourceful healthcare workers Nurses do more work than doctors Are nurses generally negligent? Government should motivate men to join the nursing profession Nursing is not a profession for women only Racial discrimination is a common problem in the nursing profession Nurses play more important roles than doctors Nurses in industrialized nations should compulsorily work for a minimum of two years in an underdeveloped country Should sexualize nurses be banned?

Sexualize nurses handles psychological issues better than non-sexualize nurses Nurses exercise more patience than doctors Oversight should be a compulsory requirement for home nursing Do nurses have the right to prescribe medicine to patients? Should nurses be given a global visa to allow them to work wherever their service is needed? Night nurses deserve to make more income than nurses on the day shift Nurses deserve bonuses related to patient outcomes Is it proper for nurses to work overtime against their will?

Nurses deserve to have residencies like doctors do Should the wage of nurses be on par with the wage of doctors? What should be the best number of nurses in a hospital? Should there be a close working relationship between nurses and doctors? Is it proper for nurses to interact with patients beyond the professional level? Should nurses be allowed to ask personal questions from patients?

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Cope homework stress There are sources on the Internet that can help you write a nursing paper in proper APA style. This is a reference to nursing homes for the elderly and the disabled. Nursing Process. Terms Privacy Fair Use. Sexualize nurses handles psychological issues better than non-sexualize nurses Nurses exercise more patience than doctors Oversight should be a compulsory requirement for home nursing Do nurses have the right to prescribe medicine to patients? Why choose EliteWritings.
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In the case study examined, the patient was vomiting intermittently in postoperative care while receiving Morphine intravenously. The senior nurse Jane orders Pamela to cease the Morphine administration and changes the protocol to 10mgs of Metoclopramide.

While Pamela stops the Morphine administration, she refuses to administer Metoclopramide without a prescription. Despite the warnings against administering regulated medication, Jane proceeds to act on her decision and administers the Metoclopramide intravenously, which causes the patient to respond with an allergic Read more Law Management Medicine Nursing Patient Pharmacy Organization Safety Jane Australia Medication Nurse 11 Pages Good Argumentative Essay On Patent Medical Procedures Now that technological progress has made it possible to apply medical innovations for saving human lives, there has appeared a measure of dissonance between the advocates and the adversaries of patents.

Patenting means a person is granted a monopolistic or exclusive right to scientific achievement, which is purchasable for a certain financial reward that recoups the disclosure. However, patents imply zero availability of medical procedures to both patients and doctors, which places human lives in jeopardy. The point is that there is a need to protect intellectual property and the need for medical technologies to serve ethical purposes of saving human lives.

Some experts A positive individual foresees health, success, and happiness. Not all people who accept positive thinking as others may consider it as scoff and nonsense for people who follow it. According to Martin Seligman, positive thinking is the ability to reason in a way that brings happiness and define a pleasant life. As positive thinking may indicate, numerous positive things come with a line of thought.

Positive thoughts develop proper cognitive development and soberness that exposes one to creativity. Get your argumentative essay done by professional writers! One of the main reasons a doctor is often blamed for is medical malpractice. Medical malpractice can be defined as any act or omission on behalf of a physician while treating a patient that has led to the injury of the patient. Medical malpractice is usually deviant from the norms of practice that are widely accepted by the medical community.

Once a patient can establish that medical negligence had led to injury, the court calculates the compensation that the doctor should pay, based on the economic and noneconomic losses of the patient. Economic losses include the income the patient has lost due to a However, it is crucial to note that there are few points in the guidelines that make it not entirely useful to clinicians using it.

One of the issues with the guidelines is that it focuses on the patients who have visited a health facility or are frequent visitors to a health facility Chapter 4. Screening helps identify early signs of stroke that is critical in its prevention and management. However, the guidelines will not be useful if a patient Other states across the country, such as Connecticut, Montana, and even California have legalized weed for medicinal use.

Last year the infamous Colorado and Washington states managed to legalize marijuana sales to anybody as long as they purchased the marijuana from government subsidiaries and taxed at the time of purchase. Child protection services in many countries reach out in an attempt to investigate these issues but do not have the work force or the resources to protect these children from the unforgiving and punishing ordeals that they go through every single day.

Hospitals especially in the United States receive many children with fractured bones in the most unlike places but since the parents cannot confess, they cannot be convicted under the law Child Help One aspect of heath care system that has witnessed massive advancement is the Electronic Health Record Systems, usually abbreviated as EHR. The information may be in regards to aspects such as allergies, x-rays medications, immunizations amongst others. More and more health institutions are adopting this brand of health technology and abandoning the traditional methods recording health data that involve manual paperwork and He was 25 years old during the accident and had full knowledge of his own capacity to tolerate the pain of treatments.

He was also well aware of the quality of life that he would want for himself. The following sections describe his accident and treatments, relate the stand of Dax Cowart about his treatments, and discuss the rationale for euthanasia in the case of Dax Cowart. The accident that changed Dax Cowart took place in , in Henderson Texas. On their way home, Dax and his father stopped to However, breastfeeding in public has been taken to negatively make it impossible for mothers to feed their babies comfortably in public.

In the United States, breasts have been sexualized, and used in advertisements and at multiple restaurants. Furthermore, breastfeeding in public has been taken negatively, ascetic, inappropriate, and tawdry. There are unique benefits of breastfeeding to the baby Humphries, These benefits include advanced cognitive development, low rates of childhood obesity, and small risks of asthma among others.

Companies manufacturing formula milk have developed products that Every person has to taste the death. However, the type of death depends on the person's fate. Some people face death without going through any consequences while some has to undergo severe physical or emotional pain before death.

Death can be natural or forced the death, which happen unnaturally is due to a suicide attempt. People commit suicide when they no longer to live, or they have lost the will to live because of various factors. The problems The idea of euthanasia is to allow the individual freedom from pain and suffering; proponents of the practice suggest that euthanasia allows people to avoid the pain and humiliation that can come from long-term palliative care. Euthanasia is a process through which medical personnel or families help the patient to end his or her life.

Families can bring their elderly and ailing love ones to these nursing homes and pay for a certain cost to support their treatment. However, there is a growing debate within the country with regards to the use of these nursing homes as some groups believe families should take care of their love ones at home. Supporters to these alternative facilities argue that nursing homes would provide better care to their love ones, especially given the financial and living conditions.

This paper will discuss the Read more Services Home Health Elderly Medicine Love Nursing Family Breastfeeding Ailing Business Quality 9 Pages Organ Sale Argumentative Essays Example Introduction Organ trade is a term used to describe a process or operation that involves two individuals, the first one being the donor of the organ and the second one being the receiver of the donated organ, or the one who needs it.

There can be many reason why a person would want or need to undergo an organ transplantation surgery and one of the most common reasons are those that are related to medical health and safety. An individual who has been suffering from chronic diabetes, among other individuals whose kidneys are at high risks of failing, for example, may be There is a significant economic cost and disability burden to the illness of depression. The vast majority of patients are prescribed antidepressants However, repositories of human organs have faced shortage while demand for organ replacement becomes mandatory for some families dealing with patients diagnosed with an organ-related disease.

Such trend also has increased over time. It is a common problem for immediate family members looking to keep the concerned patient alive and to survive the effects of organ diseases. For some family members and health beneficiaries, finding a generous and wholehearted organ donor can be both tedious and time-consuming.

However, it may be easy for them as they have not faced an incurable illness. On the other hand, the persons who have experienced it claim that euthanasia is the best option available in such a case. The first reason for opting euthanasia is the suffering of the patient.

Therefore in case of euthanasia, the suffering is less. Sometimes the patients have the opportunity to make a decision regarding euthanasia and in such cases, the family of such a person should respect the decision made by him or her. The current Ebola outbreak began in December ,with the first case detected in Guinea in March The world is seeing more and more cases of Ebola and despite new public health measures being adopted each day, the epidemic shows no signs of abating.

The outbreak is the It is such an interesting topic as both the proponents and opponents have supporting evidence to back up their claims. Since its inception in the s, organ transplantation was meant to improve lives, but not rake in more cash from innocent patients. Although, commercialization is the order of the day, organ transplantation should never be commercialized.

Organ transplant is the surgical extraction of a vigorous organ from a healthy person and transferred to a person whose organ has failed. Due to the high The study was done on patients who use direct access to physical therapist and referred patients. The data of 93 Dutch physical therapists were collected electronically randomly from the National Information Service of Allied Health Care. The data was to find out the number of patients who have used direct access and referrals in the 43 clinics.

According to the research, about 28 percent of patients who were attended to by a physical therapist were through direct access. In addition, there were a non-specified number of patients Marijuana helps the patients to curb the high levels of pains without much side effects. It serves a very powerful pain reliever among the patients with no or little slide effects. Legalization of marijuana will help to cure high levels of pains during treatment by the medical doctors.

Marijuana facilitates a safe and effective treatment of symptoms of various diseases as cancer, glaucoma, AIDS and multiple sclerosis among the patients. Marijuana also helps in the treatment of epileptic patients while undergoing a lot of pain. However when they make decisions that seem to shorten rather than increase our life expectancy, questions arise as people of search for truth and justice.

The writer describes the lives of those who struggled to survive and maintain life in the midst of chaos. There several ways through which euthanasia is performed. It thus involves the termination of a terminally ill person, Medical experts say that there is substantial evidence that have proven that marijuana is safe and effective for some patients Ethos. My point is that marijuana is not to be considered as a purely illegal substance because of its medicinal value Metacommentary.

Essentially, I am arguing One of the biggest changes stemming from the Internet is how we communicate ideas. The rise of social media and social networks has impacted the practice of nursing. Social media refers to means of generating and sharing information to a wide audience. For instance, health promotion video giving people information about the risk factors and prevention of heart disease disseminated through YouTube is a social media.

A social network is an engagement of a group of people with common interests. For example, disease-specific social support groups which Ethics in the healthcare industry involves making the good decisions and judgments that are universally acceptable. The code of ethics in the healthcare industry expresses the responsibilities and defines rules that every health care worker, physician, and nurse must follow while attending patients.

The following discussion analyzes The consequences of this negative and biased definition is that people who are suffering from chronic illnesses that cause them a lot of pain such as cancer, glaucoma and epilepsy have been denied a chance to benefit from the positive aspects of cannabis. According to cancer n. The larger society classifies such patients as crazy since they seem to be detached from others. Like any other disease, mental illness is a medical condition whereby one cannot cope with the ordinary demands of life Thompson, The concept mental illness entails brain disorders like dementia and schizophrenia, personality disorders and other disorders like anxiety and depression to mention a few.

It affects people across socio-economic, religious or educational backgrounds. For many decades, mental illness has The influenza pandemic of killed nearly 30 million people, which was higher than the population that succumbed to the First World War. Following the discovery of penicillin in , a number of other antimicrobial agents were discovered from natural sources or synthesized in laboratories that led to treatment of many infectious diseases worldwide.

It was believed at one point that these magic bullets could be used to target and kill any and all kinds of pathogenic microorganisms. However, soon after the However just like with birth control, there is a lot of debate on euthanasia.

Many people are of the opinion that euthanasia should not be allowed. Euthanasia is the process of allowing someone dies willingly and has being mercy killing by many. Unfortunately it is the killing that gets many people riled up as they are of the opinion that lives should not Passive Euthanasia Argumentative Essay Example Euthanasia refers to the act or practice of ending a life intentionally with the aim of relieving pain and suffering.

Different countries have different laws on Euthanasia. According to the British Select Committee that deals with Medical Ethics in the House of Lords, euthanasia is "a deliberate intervention which is undertaken with the main intention of ending life, with the purpose of relieving intractable suffering". Euthanasia can be voluntary, involuntary, or non- voluntary. Voluntary euthanasia is considered legal in certain countries and some However, it was found that the basal ganglia are associated with different cortexes with distinctive circuits, which are called loops, so a pathological transformation of tissue can manifest as a psychological or motor disorder, depending on the loop affected.

The cortico-basal ganglia-thalamocortical loop is a one-way circuit that allows the basal ganglia to receive input from the cortex and send output via the thalamus back to different regions of the cortex. Pathological changes in this loop are However, pulling out the plug of a life sustaining machine or refuse treatment is not considered physician-assisted suicide and it is legal in most states, since it is perceived as allowing nature to take its course Oregon Right to Life.

Euthanasia and whether one has the right to During my medical course, I learnt that initially healthcare professionals found it a challenge when attending to their patients. This is because, unlike today, where we have bioethics, there was no professional code of ethics to be adhered. This resulted in patients subjected to gossips and their privacy not observed. The code of ethics brought consciousness to health professionals enriching their understanding of their patients as human beings It is clear shows that majority terminally-ill people have less chance for survival or to recover, though this does not give the doctors any power or responsibility to terminate a person live.

The government should consider legalizing the practices because of the following reason. Legalization of euthanasia is very fundamental to the medical fraternity because it assist the ill person alleviate their depression, pain and suffering. All people are entitled to the liberty right to life.

This means that Jack Kevorkian was convicted of second-degree murder for assisting the suicides of several of his patients. When Kevorkian died in , the topic became popular once again. Had Kevorkian been wrong in what he had done, or was he right to help end the lives of those who suffered.

I argue that Kevorkian was right, and that active euthanasia in certain situations should be legalized. Though modern western medicine cannot yet medically explain how acupuncture works, research results show that acupuncture has the ability to control neuroendocrine functions which account for its effectiveness. Traditional theory of acupuncture expounds that the needle insertion therapy sends Qi which means life force or vital energy to flow into meridians where Qi is lacking and away from those abounding in Qi Meridian Medical Group, Acupuncture is used for treating a wide-ranging list of medical Read more Pain Psychology Medicine Science Smoking Nursing Treatment Therapy Acupuncture Health Effect China 7 Pages Teleradiology Argumentative Essay Examples Introduction The advancement of technology has essentially led to the development of more sophiscated methods or ways of diagnosing various diseases that human beings suffer from.

This is what is termed as Teleradiology. There are various studies that have been carried out concerning this topic hence it is a topic that one can choose a particular position and comfortably support it. The topic of Teleradiology is an imperative topic because day in day out people It's a tremendously wide field that can propose reconstructive surgical procedure for a patient following a destructive burn or additional physical disturbance, yet may also be accustomed to flat out wrinkles, make bigger breasts, or reshape the nose.

In the recent past, this was restricted only to the surgery that it was completely essential to the healthiness and happiness of that patient, for example skin-grafting for solemn burns, repairing a busted jaw or nose, reconstructing an extricated eye, or extravagance an Though it is practiced widely, it is a highly debated issue and there is a lot of controversy surrounding it.

In some countries, it is legalized, whereas it is still considered to be illegal in many other countries. However, today, most of the population, including the society as well as physicians, are in favor of this practice. If the benefits and harms of the practice are to be weighed, practicing euthanasia seems to However, most people have already benefited from the medical use of the drug and it is beneficial in many other ways thus justifying its legalization in Massachusetts as well as other states in the U.

Marijuana has very essential medicinal benefits. Doctors have prescribed the drug to some patients in order to relieve specific symptoms of certain diseases such as AIDS, cancer, multiple sclerosis, and other debilitating conditions. Many of the lifestyle habits and choices of people today — obesity, sedentary lifestyle, cigarette smoking, and hyperlipidemia, and low-fiber diet — are modifiable risk factors for diabetes Australian Institute of Health and Welfare, Environmental and social determinants for diabetes include family history, ethnic background, highly stressful lifestyle, low socio-economic conditions, adverse childhood experiences, and malnutrition in early childhood Raphael et al.

The management of diabetes includes, apart Most deaths are of the older age group above 65 years or those who are terminally ill APA, 1. End of life care issues can be simple or complex and may range from legal, ethical, psychosocial, practical, spiritual, and medical aspects and even personal issues of the dying person APA, 2.

In literature, broadly discussed are the ethical and legal issues. In this Healthcare professionals usually face ethical dilemmas repeatedly during the course of their practice. In most cases ethical dilemmas usually come about due to situations that force an individual to choose between fulfilling their professional obligations and their moral obligations.

Despite the existence It is derived from two Greek words, eu and thanasia, which mean good and death respectively. It is a painless termination of human life for patients suffering from terminal diseases or those undergoing a lot of pain.

Assisted suicide can only be done on patients who, in their right sense of mind, willingly authorize the procedure to be done on them. This procedure is usually done from a humane motive point of view to help the patient end suffering and pain. In most countries all over the world, assisted suicide is I recommend you highly to anyone who will listen.

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