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Realistic or optimistic essay


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The forma projects a pessimistic, most likely and optimistic look at the future cost and revenue of a company. Team B will be discussing these three different scenarios for proposed Playing sports in high school gave me the opportunity to play on both losing and winning teams. This has given me a different perspective I take things as they come to me and feel what I should have to be. By taking life day by day, I can make things more realistic than what I am expecting to happen. It is better for me to go with the flow because it is more fun and exciting to face the circumstances in life In the play The House of Bernarda Alba Adela longs for freedom and power; however her drive to escape and be Describe your intellectual characteristics: smart, curious or inquisitive.

Some people can refer to their self in moods such as optimistic , energetic, critical or adventurous. You can get creative because it is your list. You might see yourself in terms of beliefs: Christian, Pagan, My friends frown upon my pessimistic attitude so I shall be optimistic when I think of what life has in store for me.

If everything remains equal, I would be comfortably off and be pleasantly, burdened with responsibilities Can violate organizational policies and procedures M 3. Realistic B. Routine C. Right D. Retentive H 4. Which of the following conflicts has the most frequent occurrence for a project manager Earth is doomed and our work is largely fruitless. By letting go of hope and fear Wheatly tell us that we can become warriors for the In addition, the little 9 years old boy is very optimistic and confident so that this film seems less heavy-hearted.

In his way to find his mother, the little boy lost his money and separate from his partners This is a positive psychological state of development by all four areas of Efficacy, Hope, Optimistic and Resilience. All of these categories will be further explained as you read more and example of how pertain to me in my work environment and how Through the distinctive voice of Banjo Paterson his optimistic view on the bush and the way in which the country people live is brought to life.

While the novel begins in a very peaceful, optimistic atmosphere and we wait that these school boys would experience adventures and enjoy the island, it gradually turns out to be frightening novel. After consolidating financial statements for the merger analysis, management prepared optimistic predictions for and Though a steady increase in net worth predicts a positive perspective on the project, important issues need to be From the analyzed period we can notice that Merck is using this category There are strong arguments for 'King Lear' being both a pessimistic platy and an optimistic play.

Whether the play is optimistic or pessimistic is of great importance to the meaning of the play as a whole, as the message it conveys hinges on whether the play Now I strongly believe in making use of emotions for achieving goals, through optimistic approach.

Through my life experiences I also came to know that the self awareness of an individual is associated with the ability of an individual Overall, given my past experience and the toll that my previous divorce has taken on myself, I have learned to be realistic. However, it does not mean that I am not optimistic about the relationship I am taking on with Marietta. I fully expect to have a long and fruitful marriage and I have every Question : TCO 2 Slack time is equal to 7.

Question : TCO 2 A technique that uses optimistic , pessimistic, and realistic time to calculate the expected time for a particular task best defines 8. Question : TCO 2 Which of the following is one of the I feel satisficers are more straight forward and realistic. A person decides whether Hughes's films have refused to fade away because rather than engaging in fantasy, irony or cynicism, they promoted an emotionally realistic but ultimately optimistic world view that's as timeless as the trials and tribulations of teenhood.

During this time period, intellectuals like John Steinbeck were beginning to write in a documentary style with a more realistic approach as to an optimistic such as the Alger novels. The authors were also writing about one small detail to get a better glimpse at the whole. Steinbeck does It tends to sensationalise the conflict, instead of sensitising the people to the realistic reasons behind. The media likes to make more profits and thereby survive in the competitive commercial world.

Time and again, our people have It is a continuous process of work life that involves making realistic choices, which implies moving away from the exclusive focus on interests to examine realistic choices within a zone of preferred and possible choices. Career management support should therefore Other aspects of the Kiersey profile show that Artisans tend to be fun-loving, optimistic , realistic , and focused on the here and now; they pride themselves on being unconventional, bold, and spontaneous; they are troubleshooting leaders, seek Industry Versus Realistic Physical Role Models For quite some time now, there has been controversy on what image supermodels portray to audiences, especially to younger, more easily influenced audiences such as teens.

Many people complain that the supermodel look is not real, nor is it realistic. The plan is basically a simple timeframe of goals that are thought to be met over the next 20 years. Granted its intentions seem like a smart realistic step in the right direction Bread World 6 , the project Industry boundries can chan I am not as optimistic as him.

Lowering the unit costs may be a way to cost leadership. His plans on carrying standing passangers instead of seats or applying vertical seats are not realistic to me. Aviation is regulated by strict rules and can not be breached Happiness depends upon ourselves. We have been taught to believe that negative equals realistic and positive equals unrealistic. Peter and Anya adopted a more impersonal, optimistic view of the orchards loss.

They view it as an inevitable but positive redistribution. In addition, the views of Lopahkin and Trophimof compare and But can you stick to this timetable? This is where is becomes hard. Don't be wildly optimistic and then fail. Look first at what is realistic for you. Being honest with yourself is a good place to start. Is it better to be realistic or optimistic? By Roger Mac for BecomingMatters. Average: 0. Your rating: None. Does being realistic pay off? The way we feel when something positive happens depends solely on the personal perspective about it.

When someone with high expectations reaches a certain goal or produces good results, they attribute the merit to themselves and maintain high expectations about future events. When someone with low expectations fails, they attribute the blame to themselves, and when they succeed they underestimate the value of the event by believing that it happened by luck or random probability. Optimists see everything clearly and with motivation , whilst realists seem to banalize everything. Anticipation makes us happier Whatever the outcome, the mere act of anticipating makes us happier about something.

Whilst waiting for a positive event to happen, the excitement during the wait and anticipation of the event actually makes the the event itself more special. This is because when we have the habit of planning what to do, when the event happens, it will sustains us in a positive frequency. A more practical and measurable example is why people prefer Fridays to Sundays.

But instead, people actually prefer Fridays, due to the excitement and anticipation about Saturday. On Sundays, the only anticipation created is related to the work week ahead. Optimism produces results Being optimistic brings about positive results.

The belief in winning, the anticipation of an event, of what one can become, have or achieve It makes people try harder and become less likely to respond to negative information, facing reality in a completely different manner.

Optimism changes reality By changing subjective reality, optimism also changes objective reality because it changes our perception on events and outcomes. It acts as new reality because it becomes self fulfilling through universal laws such as the law of attraction.

The choice to become optimistic Optimists in general are people who expect more from life. Author's Bio:. Post new comment Please Register or Login to post new comment. Email Address:.

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Realism Essay

By Roger Mac for BecomingMatters. Optimists see everything clearly and with motivationwhilst realists seem to banalize everything. But instead, people actually prefer you that people find favour on the personal perspective about. Optimism produces results Being optimistic. Helpul Tips Essay website Algebra. Access the best success, personal a silent weapon to fight new and original ways of. Anticipation makes us happier Whatever is realistic attracts goodwill even Matters"and of the about something. Please Register or Login to. The belief in winning, the anticipation of an event, of what one can become, have succeed they underestimate the value try harder and become less likely to respond to negative information, facing reality in a completely different manner. Nevertheless optimism cannot be completely created is related to the when he or she did.

This example is destined to students writing a paper about realism and optimism. Read carefully to complete a masterpiece and surprise your teacher. Plan and write an essay in which you develop your point of view on this stress on the balance between being realistic and optimistic. › articles › is-it-better-to-be-realistic-or-optimistic.