essay on importance of friend in our life

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Essay on importance of friend in our life popular phd essay proofreading service online

Essay on importance of friend in our life

As a friend, the person should lead the other to success by being a motivation and criticize the person if they choose the wrong path. Friendship will give you sweet and happy memories that can be cherished for a lifetime and if you succeed in maintaining that precious relation, then you are the luckiest person in this world.

Love and care for each other will cherish the relationship and helps the person to appreciate each thing done without any fail. Of all the different relations which we indulge in, friendship is considered to be the purest of them all. Friendship is the true confluence of souls with like minded attitude that aids in seamless conversation and the best of times. There are several definitions of friendship and it is upon you as to how you believe your relation to be.

Friendship can happen when you are simply sharing a bowl of food with a person day after day. It can be expressed in the way you silently care for someone even when they may not be aware of your existence. It is giving up the little things you love dearly for the sake of someone you cherish a great deal. Friendship often refers to the little moments of senseless laugh you two share when the rest of the world starts to look bleak.

It is to know what your friend needs and being there for them even when the rest of the world has turned their back towards them. Friendship is the kind of relation which sometimes even exceeds the realms of love because it is all about giving without even once bothering to sense what you shall get back. Of course the definition of friendship is going to vary a great deal from one person to another. But, remember one thing, when you are friends with someone, be prepared to put your heart on the line for their happiness because friendship often manifests into love, even if it is not romantic, it always is true!

Friendship is the most valuable as well as precious gifts of life. Friendship is one of the most valued relationship. People who have good friends enjoy the most in their live. A good friend is a person who will stand with you when times are tough. A friend is someone special on whom you can rely on to celebrate a special moment.

Friendship is like a life asset and it can lead us to success. It all depends on our choice how we choose our friends. The quality of friendship is essential for happiness. The benefits of healthy friendship remains long-life. In addition, having a strong friend circle also improves our self-confidence.

Due to the strong relationship, we get much emotional support during our bad times. Real friendship cannot be built within limited boundaries like caste or creed. This is true that man cannot live alone. True friends are needed in every stage of life to survive. A true friend can be an old person or a child. But it is generally believed that we make friend with people who are of the same age as ours. Same age group can give you the freedom to share anything. The selection of a true friend is also a challenging task.

We have to carefully make our friend selection. Wrong selection can create various problems for you. In the modern world, many youngsters become a social nuisance. But if we successfully choose the right person as a friend then our life becomes easier. The most important thing is trust because the relation of friendship stands on the pillars of trust. Friendship is a relation which can make or break us in every stage of life.

But in other words, friendship is an asset which is really precious. Obviously, it is also not so easy to maintain friendships. It demands your time as well as efforts. Last but not the least, it is hard to find true friendship but once you succeed in this task you will have a wonderful time.

In exchange for that a friend will only need your valuable time and trust. The idea of friendship is either heartwarming or gives cold feet depending on individuals and the types of friendships. In the current world, friendships have had different definitions based on the morality and civilization of the society.

Ideally, friendship is defined as the state of mutual trust between individuals or parties. Trust is an important component of friendship because it determines the reliability and longevity of the friendship. Trust is built through honest communications between the individuals and interested parties. Once trust has been established, mutual understanding and support being to form the resulting in a friendship.

This friendship can be broken through lack of trust. There are people who will break friendships after only one episode of dishonesty whereas some people give second chances and even more chances. Friendship types determine the longevity and the causes of breakups.

The importance of friendship in the lives of individuals is the reason why friendships are formed in the first place. The friendships are based on three factors i. The first type of friendship is based on utility and has been described as a friendship whereby both parties gain from each other. This type of friendship is dependent on the benefits and that is what keeps the friendship going. This type of friendships do not last long because it dissolves as soon as the benefits are outsourced or when other sources are found outside the friendship.

The friendship was invented for trade purposes because when two people with opposite things that depend on each other re put together, trade is maximized. The second type of friendship is based on pleasure. This is described as friendship in which two individuals are drawn to each other based on desires of pleasure and is characterized by passionate feelings and feelings of belonging. This type of friendship can ether last long or is short-lived depending on the presence of the attraction between the two parties.

The third type of friendship is based on goodness. In this friendship, the goodness of people draw them to each other and they usually have the same virtues. The friendship involves loving each other and expecting goodness. It takes long to develop this kind of friendship but it usually lasts longest and is actually the best kind of friendship to be in. In conclusion, friendships are important in the lives of individuals. Trust builds and sustains friendships.

The different types of friendships are important because they provide benefits and social support. Friendships provide a feeling of belonging and dependence. The durability of friendships is dependent on the basis of its formation and the intention during the formation. Friendships that last long are not based on materialistic gain, instead, they are based on pure emotion.

Friendship is an emotion of care, mutual trust, and fondness among two persons. A friend might be a work-mate, buddy, fellow student or any individual with whom we feel an attachment. In friendship, people have a mutual exchange of sentiments and faith too.

Usually, the friendship nurtures more amongst those people who belong to a similar age as they possess the same passions, interests, sentiments, and opinions. During the school days, kids who belong to the similar age group have a common dream about their future and this makes them all of them get closer in friendship. In the same way, employees working in business organizations also make friends as they are working together for attaining the organizational objectives.

It does not matter that to which age group you belong, friendship can happen at any time of your life. You can easily pass the rigidities of life with the friendship as in your distress period your friends are always there to help you.

In case of any confusion or problem, your friendship will always benefit you with good opinions. There are so many persons who support only those people who are in power so that they can fulfil their selfish motives below the name of friendship. They stay with friends till the time their selfish requirements are achieved. Dishonest friends leave people as soon as their power gets vanished. You can find these types of self-seeking friends all around the world who are quite hurtful than enemies.

Finding a true friendship is very difficult. A true friend helps the other friend who is in need. It does not matter to him that his friend is right or wrong but he will always support his friend at the time of his difficulty. You must be very careful while choosing friends. You should nurture your friendship with that person who does not leave you in your bad times easily.

Once you get emotionally attached to the wrong person you cannot finish your friendship so soon. True friendship continues till the time of your last breaths and does not change with the passing time. Friendship with a bad person also affects your own thoughts and habits.

Therefore, a bad person should not be chosen in any type of circumstances. We must do friendship with full attention and carefulness. Persons quickly forget and let off the mistakes of the other friend. In fact, they accept their friend in the way they are actually. People always share their joyful times with their good friends and also stay ready to help their friends in the time of need. True friends also support others in their professional as well as personal life.

They encourage their friends in the area of their interest. Friendship is established over the sacrifice, love, faith, and concern of mutual benefit. True Friendship is a support and a blessing for everybody. All those males and females who have true and genuine friends are very lucky really. Friendship can simply be defined as a form of mutual relationship or understanding between two people or more who interact and are attached to one another in a manner that is friendly.

A friendship is a serious relationship of devotion between two or more people where people involved have a true and sincere feeling of affection, care and love towards each other devoid of any misunderstanding and without demands. Primarily friendship happens between people that have the same sentiments, feelings and tastes. It is believed that there is no limit or criteria for friendship.

All of the different creed, religion, caste, position, sex and age do not matter when it comes to friendship even though friendships can sometimes be damaged by economic disparity and other forms of differentiation. From all of these, it can be concluded that real and true friendship is very possible between people that have a uniform status and are like-minded. A lot of friends we have in the world today only remain together in times of prosperity and absence of problems but only the faithful, sincere and true friends remain all through the troubles, times of hardships and our bad times.

A lot of friendships have been jeopardised because of money and the absence or presence of it. The people we bring into our lives as friends will show us how to forgive, laugh, and make conversation. The basic components of any relationship, from lovers to coworkers, are all founded in friendship. We learn how to interact with people because of our friends, even the ones that are opposite from us or share different views.

One of the most overlooked benefits of friendship is that it helps keep our minds and bodies strong. A recent Harvard study concluded that having solid friendships in our life even helps promote brain health. Friends also help us handle stress, make better lifestyle choices that keep us strong, and allow us to rebound from health issues and disease more quickly.

Friendship is also important to our mental health. One study even suggested spending time with positive friends actually changes our outlook for the better. We learn how to accept kindness and also to reach out when we need help. Those painful times when we might be without friends also help us to appreciate the friendships that come in and out of our lives. Good friendships help to overcome this.


Small kids develop friendship faster and enjoy the company of their friends. They play and learn together. Friends are important for their proper growth and development. As teenagers, friends become all the more important for us.

We go through numerous emotional, physical and mental changes during our teenage. Many of the problems faced during this age cannot be discussed with our parents and other family members. However, we are quite comfortable sharing these with our friends. Having good friends who can listen to our issues and provide us support and guidance are indeed a blessing during this age. We have all heard about mid-life crisis. More and more people these days are suffering from this problem.

Their family, job, kids and almost everyone and everything around begins to appear as a burden to them at this age. Having good friends around at this time can help in bringing about positivity amid this emotional upheaval. Friends are equally important during old age. With the growing nuclear family system couples are left alone during their old age. If they have friends around, their life remains joyful and interesting instead of becoming dull.

Friends form an essential part of our lives. Life becomes more enjoyable and bearable when we have good friends around. Even one real friend can bring about a positive change in our life. Here is why friends are important:. True friends are extremely supportive of each other.

They support one another at various levels. They help in bringing out the best in each other by extending help when it comes to studies and other activities. My friends are always ready to share their notes with me whenever I miss out any class. This is a great help for me. They also act as an emotional support.

Whenever I am down emotionally, I turn to my best friend. She knows how to calm me and support me at such a time. Good friends are also our best guides. They are there to guide us at every step. Whenever I need advice regarding handling my relationships, managing my studies or participating in other activities my friends are there to guide me. They are also there to guide me whenever I break down emotionally.

They help me look at the positives in life and shun the negativity. There is no denying the fact that having friends makes life more fun and enjoyable. Being around friends is extremely fun and exciting. I love going out on trips with friends. While I enjoy family trips too however the enjoyment on trips planned with friends is simply unmatched. Partying with friends, gossiping with them for hours, going for shopping and movies with them and indulging in crazy activities that only your group can understand is all extremely fun.

I am lucky to have a crazy bunch of friends whose level of craziness matches mine all the way. They make my life amazing and so full of life. Friendship is known to be the most beautiful relationship in the world. We choose our friends on our own unlike our family members and relatives who form a part of our lives whether or not we want them to. If you have even one good friend in life, you will know what I mean. Among other things, I cherish my friends for extending emotional support.

There are numerous instances in life when we get emotional and just want to talk our heart out to somebody. There are many things that we cannot share with our parents and siblings for the fear of hurting them or invoking their anger. This is when we can turn to our friends. Good friends are always there to listen to you endlessly. They are there for you during your difficult times when you have an emotional outburst. Sometimes, all we need is someone who can listen to us without passing any judgement and forming any opinions about us.

This type of comfort level is only found in friends. They listen to us and help us get over that emotional phase. I remember the times when I have an argument with my mother or sister or get a scolding from my father or teacher for some reason, it becomes very difficult for me to concentrate on my studies until the things resolve. All I keep thinking about is that I should not have said or done things that led to such a situation. I almost break emotionally and go on a guilt trip. These are the times when I need my friends the most.

I turn to them for advice to get things sorted. However, just venting out my feelings in front of them can make me feel much better. I know that I have someone whom I can fall back on whenever I am faced with an emotional situation. They may or may not be able to alter the situation however at least they help me overcome that guilty feeling by reminding me that I am just a human being and that I do not have to be too harsh on myself.

I am lucky I have some really amazing friends around. They are my pillar of strength and as important to me as my family. Without them my life would have been extremely dull. Friendship is indeed very important in our lives. True friends are blessings from God. They make our life worth living.

It has been observed that when there are two children of the same age group in a house, they grow and develop faster at various levels as compared to single child in a family. This is because they share similar interests, indulge in similar activities, play, enjoy and learn from each other.

Most kids are left alone with maids or with their mother who are already loaded with numerous other responsibilities that they are unable to give enough attention to their kids. This hampers their physical as well as mental growth.

While the nuclear family system has become the need of the hour, we can ensure proper growth of the toddlers by helping them build friendships. Parents must take their toddlers to parks where they can find kids of the same age. Being around kids of their own age is a delightful experience for them.

They play, learn and grow the right way when they are surrounded with friends. This is also one of the main reasons for the establishment of so many play schools these days. Kids who are sent to play schools learn to share and care and grow better. They are better prepared to take on the regular school as compared to those who do not attend play school.

We have seen friendships going on for several years and sometimes even for a lifetime with people constantly taking care of each other and maintaining a bond based on trust and care. Friendship is considered to be a true blessing for everyone and a person with good friends will have a support system for sharing each and every moment of their life whether it is happy or sad. Friends are an extremely important part of our life and everyone feels the need for a companion at some point or the other in their life.

Especially for people living away from their homes, friends are nothing short of their family. They are the ones you can run up to in times of any crisis as well as during the happy moments of your life. Friends are our secret keepers with whom we can share everything without the fear of being judged. The world might go through a tremendous change but friends are the people we can rely on no matter what.

Also read: Importance of reading books. At times, we may come across situations where we doubt our decisions as well as capabilities. In situations like these, friends help us by providing us with a reality check. They never let us down and stand besides us like a rock while we are in the midst of tackling the most drastic adversaries in our lives.

True friends show faith in us and also make us believe in our capabilities keeping aside all negative feelings of jealousy, agony and hatred.

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Friendship requires more than love. There are many valuable things in life but friendship is one of those things. Friendship is necessary for the successful well being of every person. Because we are not self-sufficient ourselves. There exist many important things in life but friendship is the most important among them. Every friend is important and we realize their importance when we face a specific situation.

In that situation, only a real friend can help us. Friendship is a divine relationship that is determined by neither blood nor any other relationship. While spending time with friends, we can fill up our lives with great communication, deep caring and comfort. It is essential to be selective when choosing friends but that is not so easy. There should be some inherent elements in perfect friendship.

Four important qualities of a friend are understanding, empathy, honesty and above all loyalty. The word understanding and loyalty are very important in any relationship. In fact, the relationship between friends is totally based on understanding and loyalty. Understanding and loyalty make friendship stronger. Empathy and honesty are also needed.

If one person in trouble then the other should be empathetic. People should be honest in every sector. But in friendship, it is very important. Because nothing can be done with unbelief. People who have good friends are happier than those who do not have good friends. If you have a good friend in your life, then you will know what I mean.

Among other things I give passionate support to my friends. There are many examples in life when we get emotional or want to speak our heart to someone. There are many things that we cannot share with our parents and siblings because we are afraid that they might get pushed or angry. This happens when we move closer to our friends.

Good friends are always ready to listen to you. Whenever you are emotionally disturbed or go through a difficult phase, they are there to support you. Sometimes we need people who can listen to us without coming to any decision and making an opinion about us. This type of comfort level is found only in friends.

They listen to us and help us achieve the same kind of emotional pleasure. I still remember the time when I used to have a nudge with my mother or sister or for some reason scolded me from daddy or teachers and I have to concentrate on my studies till things are resolved.

It used to be difficult. At that time, I used to think that I should not have said or done anything that caused such a situation. At that time I almost broke down emotionally and felt like a criminal myself. This is a time when I need my friends the most. I consult them to sort things out. Sometimes their advice works but sometimes it does not happen. However, I feel better by just expressing my feelings to them. I know that I have someone I can tell about my emotional state. They are not able to change the situation but at least they can help me feel free by reminding me that I am just a human being and I do not have to put too much pressure on myself.

I am lucky that my friends are truly amazing. They are my pillars of strength and are very important to me as a family. Without them my life was very sad. Friendships are indeed very important in our lives. They make our life worth living. It has been observed that when there are two children of the same age in the household, they develop at different levels and grow faster than the child alone in the family. The reason for this is that they share similar interests, engage in similar activities, play with each other, enjoy and learn a lot.

Unfortunately, in most families today, children are single. Most of the children are left alone in the trust of the maids or their mother who already have many other responsibilities and are unable to pay enough attention to their children. This condition inhibits their physical as well as mental development.

Where single family system has become the need of the hour, we can ensure proper growth of children by forming friendships with them. Parents should take their children to the park where they can meet children of the same age. Being around children of his age is a delightful experience for him. When they are surrounded with friends, they play, learn and develop properly. Nowadays this is the main reason behind the establishment of so many schools.

Children who go to play school learn to care and grow better. They are better prepared to attend school regularly than those who do not attend play schools. The first was the joint family system. People lived with their extended families and enjoyed every opportunity with them. They helped and helped each other in various tasks. Friends were also important and their presence added to the overall mood of every occasion.

Also there are many things that a person cannot share with his family members but can easily share with friends. However, the increasing family system has made people realize the importance of their friends. Not only young couples and children, older men and women also feel the need for a good friend circle. Older people are left alone these days as their children move out of the country for professional and personal reasons. Those who have a good friend circle can survive well even after their children are busy in their lives but those who do not have friends often feel lonely and are prone to depression or other such illnesses.

So these days people of old generation seriously need some good friends. A number of clubs and social groups have been formed to help older and older people connect with each other. While friends are very important for children in their growing age and for the older generation, people of other age groups also need the gift of friendship. Friends teach us a lot in life and make us stronger. They are as important as our family.

Friends make our life special. If you do not have friends, you are carrying the burden of life and you are not living life in the true sense. The importance of friendship has been repeatedly emphasized and its concept ignored. Nowadays there is a lot of competition in the corporate office.

People need to work long hours. Needs to go out on weekends and regularly for official work. In such a situation, there is a lot of work pressure and life can be very stressful. However, this does not happen when there are friends at work. When you find friends among your colleagues, your office becomes an interesting place and you are ready to go to your office.

You know that there are many people who are going through work pressure and stress. Interacting with them, exposing your feelings about the work environment and giving them tips on how to handle work pressure can make you feel better. You need emotional support when your officers shout at you for some reason or condone you being discharged or set unrealistic goals for you. Having friends in the office can help reduce stress due to such reasons as they understand your situation best.

The office is not just a place to be busy with your work or to take instructions from your boss. It has also been observed that those who have friends in the office tend to stay in the office longer and take fewer holidays. However in the corporate world people often make friends with a selfish nature. Imagine the kind of person you would become if you only had to go to school and come back home in your life. If you continued to study in school and would be confined to your own home by at least interacting with the outside world, then your life would become very dull and boring.

Many people lead similar lives these days as they get older. This is especially the case with housewives who are unable to be friends with anyone most of the time, being confined to their homes. In this way she loses her confidence.

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People become friends from primary human trusts, feelings, support, care, and understanding. Real friends are God's blessings, and as someone. Friendship is a lovely relation without which life seems dull. It is the relationship with our friends that teaches us to share, love, care and most importantly. During childhood, friendship helps in making us understand and develop the habit of sharing and caring. Small kids develop friendship faster and enjoy the.