literary analysis essay on the red convertible

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Literary analysis essay on the red convertible pay to write geology book review

Literary analysis essay on the red convertible


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Please click this link to view samples of our professional work witten by our professional essay writers. Any opinions, findings, conclusions or recommendations expressed in this material are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the views of EssayCompany. The power of relationships is a very powerful force. It can change the course of one person's life or the lives of many people in a positive or negative manner.

The connection between family members is especially strong and it is believed that it can stand the test of almost anything that is thrown towards the family members. However, this is not always true. There are many things that can tear apart relationships and ties within a family, such as war and death.

Death simply severs the relationship very bluntly and devastates a family. War can cause a soldier to act differently towards their relationships and to never be able to become their old selves again. Henry's appearance, the photograph of the brothers, and convertible symbolize the change in their relationship from the time before and after Henry goes to war.

Henry's physical appearance has changed since coming home from war, as well as how he acts around his family. After coming home from war, Henry wore the same outfit everyday. He wore his army jacket and his army boots, and he never took them off. This unwillingness to change out of his army clothes shows that Henry feels that he is permanently connected to the war.

Generally when soldiers wear their army clothes, even after they arrived home, it signifies their need to go back into combat because it is all that they had come to know and that they do not know anything outside of combat. It is often thought that soldiers feel the need to go back to combat so that they can die within a situation that they had come to know.

Additionally, the soldiers that are able to return back home feel guilty for living and want to go back to war to die so that they can get rid of the guilt they feel. The boots also symbolize the war and since the boots filled up with water and caused the death of Henry, the war itself drowned Henry. Henry was not able, or rather was unwilling to save himself from drowning, the weight of the horrors of wars.

Henry's personality changed since coming home from war. He used to be a carefree young man that would joke around with his brother, such as when he went to Alaska and joked, "'I always wondered what it was like to have long pretty hair. Henry also could not sit still after coming home from war, probably fearing that if he sat still for too long then the images of war would creep back into his head.

The photograph that is taken by their younger sister Bonita indicates the change that Henry underwent prior to the war and after coming home from the war. The picture shows the contrast in their personalities after Henry returns. This photography also introduces the first time that Henry smiles since coming home.

The convertible epitomizes the freedom that Henry and Lyman experienced and their relationship between each other. The freedom they experience is shown by the road trip they had the summer before Henry was drafted to war. This freedom that they had before the war is destroyed by the war. Henry's refusal to do anything with the car shows his feeling of losing his freedom and that he feels that he is a slave to the war.

Both brothers were untroubled by the worries of the world and traveled around the United States together. Frank N. Englewood Cliffs: Salem Press, Mitchell, Sally. It is what makes writing fascinating and the critiquing of writing something more than an intellectual exercise.

When we interpret a text, we bring our own hopes, fears, joys and beliefs to the forefront, despite our claims of intellectual objectivity, and what is at stake is not just an evaluation of the work itself, but often an evaluation of our political, social, psychological and emotional identities. What we see or read into a text can become a kind of experiment, a literary depiction of the way we see, or would like to see, and interpret ourselves and our world.

Often, in the course of interpreting, we feel compelled to name and label both writer and text in order to talk about them in ways that make sense to us, and in order to pinpoint them in relation to ourselves. When we label anything, we attempt to control or own it; we assign values or a set of rules to that person or object. Therefore, elements of fiction influence the overall meaning of a work. In addition, Meyer says that first we need to distinguish the theme of a story and its subject since they are not the same.

For example, many stories share subjects such as death, loneliness, sin, poverty, and many more, but each story express a different view of life in each subject. In order to analyze the theme of a literary work, Meyer has illustrated pointers that readers should apply while reading. These pointers include: paying attention to the title of the s In some of the texts it is obvious which ways make the characters an outsider, in others there are more subtle ways that influence the reader into seeing the character as an outsider.

The authors combine their own writing techniques, the characteristics of the characters and the norms of the society to define the characters as outsiders. To compare the ways in which Mersault, Antigone and Gregor can be defined by the term, the outsider, we must first look at the writing techniques that their creators use, then the personal characteristics that define their personalities and actions and last of all the depiction of the societies in which they live and how they impact the reader's perception of characters.

The writing techniques differ throughout the texts especially since Sophocles's Antigone is a play. One of the common techniques that the authors use is contrasting their main characters with minor characters in Understanding these principles should be able to help a reader to distinguish between well-constructed literature and what tries to pass as literature.

Literature is a world where every character, every action, every element has meaning and purpose. This is what makes literature fundamentally different from life. Life offers facts that don't necessarily have a clear purpose, meaning or outcome; events that generate emotional states that have no clear purpose or fulfillment; or events that captivate the senses, but not in a meaningful, dramatic, or fulfilling way.

Real life, then, can be chaotic, or appear to lack a desirable purpose and meaning. During the reading of Renaissance era literature the impact of large cultural changes begin to be reflected in more vivid and less empirical ways. With these changes however, I found the Renaissance era to be very interested in this concept of value and existence, and how those forces interact with internal perception.

In this essay, I will look to explore how the prose artists as well as the poets explored the concepts of the inner mind in relation to the world. I hope in this paper to illustrate the differences in how perception and the subsequent memories affected the subjectivity of the works, as well as expressed how experience was valued by different writers in the period, contrasting the differences and also highlighting the similarities the come from the fact that this concept was newly explored and a result of a change in what society valued from an individual.

In The Stranger, Albert Camus allows the main character to tell the story in order to give the reader an experience of his own. Although the novel represents a postmodern setting, the author shifts the overall meaning. In The Stranger, Camus applies a unique literary style as a power that deflects blame from Meursault, the antiheroic character.

In order to disclaim the fault of Meursault, Camus incorporates several instances in which he leaves a greater sense of authority to nonliving objects, while further drawing attention away from the main character. Open Document. Essay Sample Check Writing Quality. When reading literature we often attempt to use particular threads of thought or lenses of critique to gain entry into the implied historic or legendary nature of literature. To accurately process a tale in the light in which it is presented, we have to consider the text from multiple viewpoints.

We also have to consider how our personal experience creates bias by placing the elements of the story into the web of relationships that we use to interpret the external world. There also is the need to factor in other external pressures, from societal norms, cultural ideals, and psychological themes, and how they impress themselves upon us from the outside in.

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The photograph of Lyman and Henry compares how the brothers differed after Henry's return from war. The convertible indicates the actual. The red convertible symbolizes the relationship status of the two brothers, and the struggles they face as Henry is drafted into the Vietnam War as well as when. Essay on Literary Analysis: "The Red Convertible". Words8 Pages. When reading literature we often attempt to use particular threads of thought or.