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Proud usa essay internet assignment

Proud usa essay


It is all linked together and in the end, contributes to our greatness. Civil stability is also a very important factor. I can go to bed every night and wake up without danger waiting right outside my door.

In case civil stability is disturbed, our police force is there to take care of it soundly, as to continue protecting us. It makes America great. The economy of the United States is among the largest in the world. Our gross domestic product is the highest in the world, with a current measure of Part of what gives us the best economy in the world is how we have the freedoms to contribute to it. Starting your own business or finding a placement job has never been easier, and I am lucky to live in a time where economic activity is at its best.

Perhaps the best thing that defines America and makes it great are human rights. The bill of rights is a basic list rights given to citizens. We can protest against things we disagree. We can follow our own religions and ideologies. We can meet on our own terms to discuss any topic. Lucky for me, I live in a country that has such rights. There is also a military that protects all of these great things.

From the Coast Guard to the Marines, there are people out there that protect all of my freedoms and rights. They know that when they serve their country they help everyone in it, which makes them great people. America is very safe from international threats because of these great people. America is defined by its greatness.

With the balanced and ethical law system, civil stability, and a powerful economy, The United States of America certainly is the country to behold. I can observe the greatness of America through all of these facets. After all, greatness is a very broad term, but America does its best to fit in to the highest standards of life.

America is a great country. There is no other country where I would want to be. I have been growing up in a rural, small town in the great state of Minnesota. I live with my two siblings and my parents. And let me tell you, even with my generally small household, there are an infinite amount of differences between all of us. Another thing we all generally disagree on is, you guessed it, politics!

Politics take up a majority of our morning, afternoon, and evening conversations. We all get a chance to say our views and thoughts. That is what I truly think makes America great, not just because I love debates even though I do! I think America is great because of our differences. What if we all just conformed to one belief system? Would we be as advanced as we are as a society? Former President, John F. Acceptance is at an all-time-high for different religions, identities, and many other things.

How boring would our country be if we Americans all were the same, had the same ideals, and all agreed on every single topic? I think we would be a very bland country and probably not as accepting as we are today to others who may be from other regions of the world. Open dialogue opens us up to new ideas, such as learning about new religions, cultures, and ways of life.

In America, we are a literal melting pot. We have so many different lifestyles right here in our own country that it would be devastating to not learn about any of them. As a country, if we were to not have open dialogue we would literally be at war with ourselves.

Choosing what you want to be like, dress like, and act like are solely based on what you want to become and I think that is really amazing. So, next time you turn on the TV and you see people debating, just sit and listen. Maybe you will understand where both sides are coming from, and why they believe what they believe. Listening to both sides of an argument can open your eyes to a bunch of new opportunities.

Maybe you will be lucky enough to learn a new fact about another culture or religion! Overall, America is full of opportunity and diversity and that is what I think makes our country great. What makes America great is not only found in the development of our technology, but in the citizens who reside here, bound by the bond of passion for their country and a love for the people. Our country has endless opportunities, and it is home to many who find our country a sanctuary of peace and a new beginning.

The backbone of our country is the people. In school we learn about the people who came together in the s to support our country. We work together to learn new things, create solutions, and make a future for the children. We all play a part in our country, and we all have the power to impact a nation.

America is known as a land of new beginnings. While some dream of a new job and a nice house to raise a family, others hope for a safe home, free of war and fear. I am lucky to live in a land of peace and freedom! Our greatness lies in the knowledge of our teachers, the words of our parents, the simple song of a child.

Every day we work towards a better world. Every day we learn new things. Our country has new opportunities for everyone. You can feel our love for others in the aid we send to countries in need, in the money we donate for those facing poverty, in the help we bring to those in devastation. Remember: This is just a sample from a fellow student.

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Many call him rich but I call him dad. He is the man who has taught me to be the person I am today. My dad has been there for me every day since I was born, and what my family and I have put him through I probably would have gone crazy a long time ago.

My dad is literally the only man in our house. It is my dad, my mom, my older sister Olivia, me, and my younger sister Aliza. But the thing. My first name does not describe all that much, even though I am proud of being Muslim, but to be honest, I am not all that religious. My name came from all around the world. My three uncles came up with my full name.

Jarin coming from my uncle in America, Tasnim coming from my uncle in England, and lastly Nishat coming from my uncle in Bangladesh. My uncles weren't there with me when I was born, so when my parents described me to them, they all chose different names for. She was an amazing woman who helped to raise me as much as she could. As tragic as it may have been her passing actually helped me grow as a person and a student.

It helped give me perspective on what my priorities really are. The first thing I did to help me feel better was to think about what I could do with my life to make her proud. What I decided was, I was going to be the best person that I could be every single. Proud to be an American Is America really the country everyone fantasizes about?

I am proud to be an American because we are provided many opportunities such as having freedom and rights, free public education, and a numerous amount of government aid to help everyone. First of all, America is a place where everyone has inalienable rights, rights that cannot be taken away from law or. Questions: 1. What accomplishments are you most proud of? I am most proud of my growth after coming to UCI. I have been progressing a lot recently in the field of CS.

I am able to apply my knowledge by doing things like organizing workshops for students as a lead mentor at STEMbility. I am not only progressing as a CS student but also in the areas of my interest like writing by writing for the New U, and maintaining a personal blog. I have also been doing a lot of outreach programs to schools to. I also want to embark on this career and as a preliminary step I have used internet and books to gather details about the profession before making my serious decision of becoming an esthetician.

Esthetician is a profession for reliable, dedicated, and trusting people who are capable to develop cordial. Who am I? What makes me such a unique individual is my ability to identify with 5 strong strengths. I love the fact that I am futuristic and I have the ability to relate, I am responsible, I am a developer and last but not least I am disciplined. Each one these themes shape and generate my personality. While I have several goals there are a few that are imperative to reach.

Where did you get that little nugget George? FDR come back from the grave to let you in on it? Want to talk patriotic cloaks buddy? Too bad yours is tattered and worn. Again George give me a direct quote and the title of the book you read this rubbish in. See your last two posts show how incredibly naive and ignorant you really are.

All the USA did was ship arms? Yes because the Soviets grand strategy of throwing so many unarmed bodies at the Germans until they ran out of ammo was a brilliant plan and working perfectly up until then. As far as the USA promising to go to war….

That started January 29th, Yes I know you have never heard of that. That would require you to actually research something. I would say you have to remember that almost all of the Soviets manufacturing was wiped out by the Germans so the materials needed to build new factories came from the USA but I am sure you never knew that to begin with.

You are dangerously ignorant. How ignorant do you feel right now? Or you were born in the USSR so you were spoon fed the propaganda your whole life and just missed that the archives were opened for the truth to be seen. What is amusing is that you have fallen for the Soviet propaganda version of Lend-Lease.

Did you know that after the USSR fell in their archives were opened up? Coincidentally that is where the rest of the world, excusing you apparently, found out what the Soviets really thought of it and how good it really was. This entire statement is a flat-out lie.

Hostilities lasted for nearly two years, from April of to February of The war was started because the United States decided to annex Texas, which Mexico still considered part of their own country. Actually the USA did not decide to annex Texas. Nice try, but no. You are merging two related but completely different offensives into one war and confusing the results besides. Mexico invited colonists to come in and populate the area of Texas. Many of those colonists were from the US.

Those Texans did not like some of the rules Mexico made admittedly, there was nothing wrong with the rules Mexico made, like not allowing slavery and the like, but the colonists still disagreed. Texas fought and won its own independance, and then attempted to join the US, and was denied. Texas existed as its own country for some 12 years before it was finally admitted into the united states.

The war you are talking about was a boarder dispute one what was the actual border of Texas. In that war, it was Mexico who fired first, attacking troops who were sent to defend the border. Doubtful it was as much as it was worth, but conisdering it was at the negotiating table, it was still more generous then they could have gotten.

As for all of the anal Euro-trash that constantly complain on this site: kiss my red, white and blue butt hole. Jealous of what your GDP which I care little about, your military which I care little about or is it your high incarceration rate, non universal healthcare or is it your ineffectual police force.

You talk about jealousy when their is little to be jealous about the US is a dying country and it may have a large economy but its social problems are innumerable. Goldman Sachs argues that the economic potential of Brazil, Russia, India and China is such that they could become among the four most dominant economies by the year Its one of the less rich culture in comparison too its size. Never started a WAR?!!??!

Irak, Afganisthan, Vietnam, etc? Well i like USA, it has its good things, but this list is a Joke…. As much as i enjoy reading Top Tenz lists, this list in nonsence. Just to make myself clear i do not dislike the USA i have alot of respect for it and enjoy visiting and even enjoyed my few years living there.

Thouhg this list is completly bias. Than it gives some small justification which tries to convince us that the actions that the USA performed were justified and should not be considered harmful or agressive as we will call it. Though i do recall a couple of examples in history when the USA actaully tried taking over from nations who posed no threat. Though this was an agressive move by the USA, its was an attempt to conquest.

You may have never heard of the Manifest Destiny. The belief was that it was americas destiney to rule all of North America and Mexico. They believed they were destined to expand across the continent. This destiny played an important role in the expansion of Texas and American relationship with Mexico.

This destiny can also be linked to the expansion out West which led to the dispersion of natives. Its a good thing this destiny never accomplished its goal as otherwise the USA would own all the continent. Though from this we see the USA have tried to conquer, they are not innocent. I however read this list with great interest and while it is obviously pro American I liked it and found a lot to agree with. I particularly found the America is not perfect stance refreshing if not unique.

Inventing things and matters military I thought was a bit dressed up but a valient attempt. As with anything, arguements could be put any way. I would read with interest. That list has been done a hundred times over! Also I think you can read comments already posted at Toptenz from foreign readers and get a small book full of reasons why they think we are so terrible. Just try searching on this site for some of the commenter names on this very list to find many reasons people think America sucks.

Even where Roboman82 lives. I agree. My country has its flaws. Politicians mostly but I would never claim my country is the best in the world, like some if not most Americans do my earlier comment about us Irish being the best was of course a joke. Enjoy your country wherever you live. Technically the US is a conglomerate of countries rather then one country as it is a collection of states with a military and economic arrangement so we have 27 countries and the US have Our bad.

Sorry, guys. That is a wound which still bleeds. Well that war had more to do with The British taking our sailors off of our ships and impressing them into their navy as well as trade restrictions than the USA wanting to conquer upper Canada. The impressing of our sailors pissed off a lot of people especially considering a lot of those ships were owned by members of the USA government.

Yes, that is one of many reasons why the US began The War of , but they still began it and they still attempted to take and hold terretory as the primary movement of their plan of attack. They still tried to conquer. George, I honestly think you may be semi-retarded. S tried to take Canada because the British were busy fighting Napoleon. No other reason. The orders in council had already been repealed and the ambassadors were already settling the impressment of soldiers.

A few U. At the end of the war Britain was in fact in possession of a sizeable portion 10 million acres of American land that was politely returned as part of the peace treaty. At the end of the war there were 14, highly trained veterans of the war with Napoleon just off the shores of the U. The American ambassadors knew that the smart thing to do was to sign a treaty. The British public was tired of war but if the Americans persisted they were determined to teach her a lesson.

America is still there because they signed. End of story. If I am semi-retarded that would make you full blown retarded then? Have you ever actually read a history book? Perhaps seen one? Walked by one in a store even? I am guessing no. They also imposed trade restrictions and encouraged American Indians into harassing and fighting the USA. As far as your highly trained veterans, they had already landed a full 6 months before the war was over. They were the ones who burnt Washington in a surprise attack.

Those battles are what pushed the British into pushing to end the war. It was proving too costly. Almost all historians seen it as a stalemate. I am not even sure you have heard of the word history much less know anything about it. Full blown retard indeed. Treaty of Ghent was signed on December 24th and the battle of New Orleans was fought on January 8th so how exactly did that work George?

As for Baltimore all you guys did was hide in a fort. This is what happens when your entire knowledge of an event is gleamed from scanning the Cliff Notes version of it while stoned. Also you seem to have no comprehension skills. I was clearly listing battles that your highly touted veteran soldiers were getting their asses handed to them.

Those battlers happened starting before the negotiations started and before the treaty was ratified. The campaign that included the Battle of New Orleans was started before the treaty was signed and was going poorly. The Battle of New Orleans was just the final defeat in that campaign. They were getting their asses handed to them? Really George?

The sad part is there probably are no drugs just plain and simple genetics. So in Baltimore you were handing the British their asses? S territory that the British were in possession of is a figment of my imagination to right? Man, John Fogerty was right.

I am Canadian and proud of it but what makes me the proudest is not having to lie about my history. Get a life Yankee Doodle. See this is how ignorant you are. You make that sound like it was a lot of land. Did you really think because it had a lot of zeros in it that it was a lot compared to the size of the USA at the time? You poor ignorant fool.

God are you simple!!! No faxes or emails? Then how were the so called British defeats putting pressure on the U. K to end the war. Still no actual book titles forthcoming to educate me George? Maybe you should take your meds George. Or stop taking them however the case may be.

A campaign is a series of battles. You are pointing out the last battles and forgetting about all of them. How convenient for you. The campaign with those newly arrived veterans started 3 months before the negotiations started and with them still getting their asses handed to them all the way through the negotiations, the British saw the writing on the wall.

You realize these are facts right? Written in every single history book all across the world? The only ones who want to revise the history are the nationalistic ones like yourself who want to try to snatch a victory when in reality it was a draw. The British did not see the writing on the wall unless someone was texting them from their cellphone.

Oh wait. No cellphones. So how did they know the writing was on the wall George? Name me one book George. Just one. Stop relying on places that just worship America and read some real history for a change. Forget history. You need to study reading comprehension. Those highly touted veterans you speak of landed a full 6 months before the treaty was signed. It took a little over a month to cross the Atlantic back then. Plenty of time for word to get home about their asses getting handed to them before Christmas.

But yes let me look up a book by a neoconservative who talks about battles in one area for years and another by a French-Canadian. I prefer history books. Otherwise I could write a list of books a mile long about how Canada sucks. The American victory had a significant impact on the negotiations at Ghent to end the war, allowing the Americans to insist upon exclusive rights to Lake Champlain and to deny the British exclusive rights to the Great Lakes.

That is actual history. Those battles actually happened and the British actually got their asses handed to them. Compassion in War??? Nothing says compassion like killing over , mostly innocent people with atomic bombs. Sorry but most of the innocent people had been moved out of those cities long before the bombs were dropped.

The only ones left were the ones helping with the war effort in some way. That was the reason those cities were targeted. If we wanted to kill lots of innocent civilians we could have just as easily bombed Tokyo. If the US decided to invade Japan then they would have lost a bunch of their own troops.

They asked again. Japan refused. Good to see another brainwashed American believing everything they are told. Among the casualties were found many unintended victims, including Allied POWs,Korean and Chinese laborers, students from Malaya on scholarships, and some 3, Japanese American citizens.

So how many of them were helping the Japanese war effort? The Japanese themselves evacuated non-essential civilians out of those cities long before the bombs were dropped. This is info that is easily looked up. I suppose. Apparently your brainwashing is of the ignorance type. What a shame. So that leaves , people who had an atomic bomb dropped on them in just one city. Are you going to claim they were all soldiers or helping the Japanese war effort?

Estimates of total deaths by the end of from burns, radiation and related disease, the effects of which were aggravated by lack of medical resources, range from 90, to , Some estimates state up to , had died by , due to cancer and other long-term effects. At least eleven known prisoners of war died from the bombing. A real threat to the American way of life. They were the people who should have been there to help the countless people who were injured and burnt by your so call Great Country.

Obviously you do. Ford was making tanks. People were turning in their used pantyhose and aluminum. Bomb them too? Maybe you should have read the rest where they said the people who were left were helping with the war effort. That a lot of those deaths were from the huge bases around those cities.

Maybe you should have read where if an invasion were to happen that millions would have died. That up to 10 million Japanese would have died and up to a million of the Allies force. That they were being trained as suicide bombers and to rush allied soldiers with sharpened bamboo spears.

Also if we wanted to kill civilians, we would have bombed Tokyo. Sorry but the bombing of Japan could even be looked at as compassionate or even humanitarian even because of how many millions of lives it saved. Are you sure the US has never started a war? The war of , the America Indian wars. I have no doubt that you will claim the war was because we were forcing US sailors to join the royal navy however what people forget is that most of the time these people were those who had served in the royal navy and had defected.

That is an ignorant way of putting it magic carpet. They called them deserters. They were deserters they left the royal navy and merchant ships at a time when it was critical that the navy be as powerful as possible in order to protect Britain from invasion. The armies of napoleon would have crushed us had they reached the mainland so can you see the reason why the government were a little bit annoyed with people who were weakening the navy.

Also let us not forget that we asked for a peace treaty at the start of the war and the president refused to stop the war because he thought the US could take Canada while we were busy fighting the most powerful nation in Europe and possibly the world. As for your last statement do you honestly believe that the US could have won a war with the now most powerful nation on earth with the most powerful navy and army apart from possibly Prussia on earth and the resources of an empire at its disposal.

Ask yourself what would have happened had veteran soldiers from the peninsular campaign fought against poorly trained and equipped militia. The British were taking anyone and calling them deserters whether they were or not. The problem was Britain built more ships than it had people to run them.

Most of the sailors they impressed turned out to be Irish. You seem to be a little hazy on your history. Towards the end of the war those peninsular veterans did fight and were summarily embarrassed by Stonewall Jackson himself. But what would happen if the USA fought against the mighty empire? Why I do believe if they fought the Americans would gain their independence. You forget about that little war? The majority of those who where taken were merchant and military sailors who deserted and yes we had more ships than we had people to run them but this was not without good cause as the threat of invasion was a real threat so a strong navy was needed.

These deserters as a collective were basically the Benedict Arnold of the UK. The peninsular veterans did fight yes but terrain and leadership must also be taken into account also the condition of the soldiers as getting to the over side of the Atlantic was not exactly easy and these troops would not be fit for fighting straight off of the boat just about. The terrain was massively in the favor of the american forces and they also had artillery in place and were defending which is a huge advantage.

The British on the other hand were exposed and could not retreat as their officers were nearly all dead. Also how did stonewall Jackson who was at the time still a sperm command an army as that is quite a feat? I think you mean Andrew Jackson about that comment about me being a little hazy on my history. Now your final comments about the revolutionary war which was won by the french more than it was won by the US.

This is because the defining battle was supposedly Yorktown where there were more french regulars than american and the British were hopelessly outnumbered. Did you forget about those little facts? Seems to me that the bottom line is that the British Army was defeated in America.

Sure we had help, but that merely shows the diplomatic superiority of American statesmen. We had plenty of help from France, as well as Spain and Prussia, due in large part to our diplomatic skill. Perhaps if the British Empire had spent more time trying to make friends rather than force British culture down the throat of every country they landed in they might have been able to hang on to the colonies.

And quit trying to rain on our America parade. I get so sick of other countries getting pissed off at Americans for showing national pride. Give us break, dude. Oh, and, your damn culture is just as pervasive as ours. Royal Wedding? And what about the Beatles? Or Dr. Perhaps Cats or Phantom ring a bell. And that entire toilet flush of music from the eighties was mostly British.

And what about American Idol? Where do you think we Americans got our culture from? You guessed it — Mother England. The British army was not defeated in america in fact almost every single battle was won by the British army and it was only because of French and Spanish involvement that you won any battles.

The involvement was not due to your diplomatic skill it was due to France and Spain wanting to weaken our position on america and strengthen their colonies and their influence. I have no problem with American national pride however I do have a problem when that pride comes at the cost of truth and when it undermines the achievements of another country. S asked for a peace treaty as fast as they could with no special demands as soon as Britain defeated Napoleon.

Before that they were demanding huge territorial concessions. So what happened? If the U. S had sent all these invasion forces running with their tails between their legs then who burned the Capitol and the White House? Someone forget to turn off the stove? As soon as Britain defeated Napoleon and had thousands of battle hardened troops ready to deploy to Canada the U. S practically begged for an end to the war. I am all for pride in your country but lying about history to make your country look better is pathetic.

I hat this whole thing about the US being some great infallible power and country as it will fall as the same as any other power. Why do you care? What are you doing on this site? You understand that the United Kingdom is notorious for colonialism and imperialism? That they colonized more country than any other on the planet?

If you want to point fingers and blame all Americans for the indiscretions of our government, you better turn around and point that finger right back at yourself. Your country is no saint. Might do you some good to take a VERY careful look of murca of today and Britain of say, 70 years ago. Navy and British maritime imperialism. This is an American website. Plain and simple. Guess what?! Colonialism and imperialism did not start with America. Imagine how the world would look if USA did the same thing.

America has never started a war or engaged in a war of conquest? Wars of conquest: Indian Wars, et all. Read some history books. Complain about the way we treated the American Indians, blacks, etc. Agreed man. I used to be like that when I was like 15, but I grew up and realized no country is perfect not Japan not Sweden no one.

Look at how you treated blacks and Indians years ago try 40 or 50 years ago also comparing yourself to the crimes of another country is no excuse for your actions and it is in no way justification for war crimes or genocide. American has done nothing for my personal freedom in fact Russia has done more for more for my freedom also look at how those freedoms are been taken away from you with the patriot act which is being used to fight Al Qaeda which may I mention is just about finished as an organisation as it has been attacking Muslims.

So tell me, what has Putin and Medvedev done about the horrible violence in poorer sections of your country? You are acting the very way you are accusing Americans of behaving. There are some posts about Ireland we recently put up. You might want to start thinking about condemning some other nationalities. You are making that very same mistake of thinking that comparing two evils is a was of justifying the lesser evils because there is always someone who has done worse or there will be in the future.

As for your name one person who is as bad as those people do some reading on Andrew Jackson whose actions led to the deaths of thousands of native Americans. I have never treated blacks and natives with anything but respect. He never owned slaves. My grandmother is Native Hawaiian. My other grandparents are German, Irish, and English and they never owned slaves either. You logic is highly questionable. I hold the individual who committed the indiscretion accountable for their actions, not their descendents.

I have done nothing cruel. Get off your high horse. There are valid points here but this is so naive. Do you really think America or any country goes to war to defend a principle? America wants its military-industrial complex to have a foothold in other countries for its own benefit. Individual armed forces personnel may be idealistic — governments are not. As for culture, the spread of American culture is a question of degree regarding the benefits.

America has given great culture to the world. The problem is when it overwhelms another culture to the detriment of other countries. This is especially so at the lower end, shall we say. The Chinese are eating more bread — watch them getting fat. It all comes down to trade, business and money.

Enjoy 4th of July! Nobody is forcing the Japanese youth or anyone else to eat it to the point that they become overweight. It has more to do with the principles that this country was founded on than anything. America started a domino effect worldwide. It has raised the bar for freedom and democracy. Our recent involvement in the conflicts in the Middle East is morally questionable. However, these are not all America is about.

The importance of America cannot be denied. The same goes for many other countries. Nobody is saying that America is that best thing since sliced bread, but it is important. I hate when people belittle what America has accomplished. America is made up of the children of immigrants who were searching for freedom and a better life. They made it here and have spread it elsewhere, of course, not without pain and bloodshed. The accomplishments should be acknowledged and we should try to right the wrongs as well.

There are so many things wrong with this list that it would take a whole other list to put things right! No im saying put your meat away and stop spreading your red, white and blue love chowder everywhere. July 4th sucks: March 17th rules. Also, the 4th of July is extremely important because the United States and the revolution it fought became a model of freedom worldwide. You seriously need to learn your history. I laugh at all of these…except 1…many many places in the U.

This list is about the U. Why does that bother you so? I am American and I acknowledge that there is beauty in every country. This list is.. Why do you fail to reflect on country X, Y, and or Z, who have as equal a…a.. Dude, its our independence day.

So we celebrate our independence by looking at what our country has accomplished. Need I remind you we also celebrate blacks day? These are all things that celebrate other people and nations. Eh, a dozen easy. But out of the around we have, America cracking even the top 50 is good news in my book.

Each country has their own beneficial aspects, but overall America is the arguably the best nation on the planet. Although, Canada is a close second. You can argue otherwise, but if you stop supporting your home nation, and actually put the possibility into consideration, you will come to the realization as well as I have.

No your all wrong your all self centred and you only go into war at the end so it looks like you did something think a bout it ww1 you came at the end ww2 you came at the end England went through the hole think you about 2 days and you are not and your rubbisha ever sport except for one you made so no other countries play them because there all boring npand stupid…………..

Dude not even people from the UK like the UK. Crap weather. Crap food. Crap people and crap dentistry. However how does entering the war 2 years into a 6 year war constitute entering at the end? You like not being conquered by Germany?

Thank the United States for sending over all of that war material you used to stay afloat. Not to mention the billions of dollars in pretty damn close to interest free loans. Of course that would be fine with the queen because she is German. In the USA we also had to learn grammar and spelling in grade school. And you went through the hole think-haha-. S join them. Yea sure every other country is better HA!

Dream on kiddo. That may be so. However, the US is a imperialist state, like Rome, that goes around the world slaughtering innocent people for profit for the military industrial complex. In addition the US has always supported brutal dictatorships that do business with US corporations. In short it is, and always has been about money. The world would be a much more peaceful place if the US disappeared.

This list just proves that you are all selfish and no other country like u I mean you have to make a list to show how great and powerful u. Why do so many people flock to our country if they hate it so much? This list was made by this website. Some of the points listed can be disputed, but many are true. America is a beautiful country and is the beacon of freedom. Celebrating our independence is self centered in your opinion? The UK is ridiculously self centered.

Any time America is even mentioned, you will notice many commenters saying rude things about our nation, who later reveal to be British. That proves my statement. As to the World War 2 ordeal, the US is the largest factor that resulting in the end of the war. Although, I would like to add that we were the first nation to declare the end of the war.

K and others who fought and bled for a few years by themselves. I think as well that people get tired of hearing about all of the low interest loans that the U. S supplied. Think about how that looks. America has many things to be proud of so distorting history just makes those accomplishments seem worthless. I feel that America is soon to enter a state of anarchy, a anarchy that is facilitated by the government.

What has happened is the nation is splitting up ideologically into different factions. With the advent of new laws of Man, superseding laws of God if you will, the nation will become polarized by those that will obey their religious laws, and those who will choose to follow mans law. Can we all live together each with contradicting views on almost every subject? Sure it seems to be working now. Yet how far the rabbit hole will we go?

I think we all know that at some point we have passed the point of no return. What you need to do now is prepare to survive Gods judgment. He is the king not humanity. Share Pin Liked it? Take a second to support Toptenz. Guest on August 15, am. Nothing to be proud of.

Nigel Deans on July 3, pm. Susan Garcia on July 4, am. Nigel Deans on July 5, am. Zoe on July 4, pm. If you so hate us, change your language! You could start from that. We love you as a son but you MUST honour your parent-nation. But you have no choice but to honour us and our neighbours. George on June 13, am. Dennis S on June 12, pm. Respect your roots son!!!!!!!

No single nation not even Russia today can achieve such feat. You have States, we have a Kingdom! What does GOD have? A tiny Island nation!!! What is the size of America please? Please Mr America! Respect your Dad. Dennis S on March 27, pm. Dennis S on March 19, am. Dennis S on March 20, pm. Guilherme on March 7, am. Hector on March 8, pm. Dennis on November 9, pm. Peter on November 9, pm. MAtthew on October 18, pm. Aleksandar Miles on April 4, pm.

Never engaged in wars of conquest? Jedah on January 31, am. Dennis S on January 31, am. Archie Leach on January 31, pm. Dennis S on January 31, pm. Los Angeles Times January 31, Population projections released Thursday by the state Department of Finance show that Hispanics will become the dominant ethnic group in California for the first time. Jedah on February 1, pm. Dennis S on February 26, pm.

Jedah I woke up this morning after a restless night of wondering where you lived. Elias on March 21, am. George on January 31, pm. This list is a joke. Whatever, patriots are always idiots, whichever country they are from. Dennis on December 8, pm. George on August 19, am. Billy on July 15, pm. Archie Leach on July 15, pm. The international presence of mcPUKE goes to show the bounds of stupidity has no borders.

The part about the Mexican-American war is so hilarious.

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