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How to write a digest cheap letter writers website for school

How to write a digest


What is important is that you are able to single out specific facts, issues, and ruling that are related to the topics assigned for you to read. Upon knowing the issue which you are assigned to read, it will already be easy to spot the proper facts and issues of the case.

Understanding the full text before proceeding with writing the digest is important for you to retain the proper knowledge and wisdom behind the decision. In short, do not rush into writing the digest. Understand first the topics of the case assigned so you can write your case digest effectively and efficiently.

Accordingly, you will be able to retain in full what you have read and what you will eventually write. It will help you better understand your reading assignments as well. Divide your digest into three parts. Upon knowing the topic you are looking for, you must be able to pinpoint these three elements in what you are reading. Remember that you must only write the relevant details pertaining to the assigned topic. Irrelevant and minute details should be dispensed with. Only write or type those which are important under your assigned topic.

For the ISSUE, check on whether or not the topic of the case assigned is under a substantive or procedural discussion. Remember that the Supreme Court discusses these two aspects of a case. If the subject in which the case is assigned focuses on the substantive aspect of the law, then the issue of the case digest must focus on the same. If the subject in which the case is assigned focuses on the procedural aspect of the law, then the issue of the case digest must focus on the same.

Do not include in your case digest issues not related to the topic. The decision or ruling should only discuss that issue. In answering the same, you must point out the elements of an employer-employee relationship, the relevant facts of the case, and the explanation of the Supreme Court in ruling the same. You do not have to include other circumstances not related to the issue you just wrote or included.

Avoid including irrelevant details. The essence of a case digest is that it is a shortened version of the actual decision. Refrain from including in your case digest irrelevant details such as the history of the case, backgrounders on the topics at hand, and matters not related to the main issue of the case. By including irrelevant details, you will be destroying the purpose of a case digest which is to put into perspective the most important facets of the case assigned. The point of a case digest is to present in a concise manner what the case is all about and what should eventually be highlighted for a particular topic.

Unless required by a professor, a law student should refrain from including in his work unnecessary words which would not only lengthen the digest but make it ineffective as well. One of the common misconceptions in writing a digest is paraphrasing the decision. One must remember that the text of the case is binding. One misplaced word could change the very essence of the decision. Remember to write in verbatim what you want to include in your digest.

In several cases decided by the Court, it was held that what is binding is not only the thought of the Supreme Court but the words written as well. If a law student tries to change or inadvertently deletes or adds a word, he or she is already committing a mistake.

The word of the Supreme Court must be quoted as is where is every time there arises an opportunity to do so. In case digests, considering that these are shortened versions of the full-text decision, they must mirror the words the Supreme Court used. One wrong word or punctuation mark could lead to an entire change in the decision.

As discussed in several cases of Statutory Construction, these minute but important details must be given due attention so as to avoid altering what the Supreme Court means to discuss in a particular topic of the case. Limit it to one or two pages.

As mentioned earlier, the essence of writing a case digest is to shorten the actual decision of the Court. It would be contrary to the essence if you will be writing or producing a case digest with a lot of pages. Limiting your work to one or two pages would be appropriate not only for the professor reading your work but for you as well. Do not listen to those who are saying that the longer the digest, the better. If you really followed the steps mentioned before this last tip, then you will be able to streamline your reading assignment in a manner that it would not exceed two pages.

A better understanding of the case would lead to a short but effective case digest. These are just some of the basic tips on how to effectively write a case digest. It gives you that image of being lazy, and that's a big problem with the capital "P" in it.

But as the saying goes, " if there's a general rule, there's an exception" which is, if you are hopeless already and you have to finish the case before the end of the world which is the class itself. But this is not advisable some professors are tricky and try to ask questions that are found in the full text and most of the time are being overlooked by the students Such as the date, the justice who penned the case, the names of the petitioner and respondent, etc.

You can get the full text of the case either through the internet or directly from your law library. Make sure you give them the case list 2 days or a day before you need the copies of the full text. It's not easy to xerox all those cases you know. If not? Well, it's one hell of a long journey for you looking at the SCRA one by one. I prefer getting the full text of the case directly from the library than the internet.

It's much easier to digest. You got the case? Now, you read it. Have this relationship with the case, you pay close attention to the case and while you're at it perhaps you might want to write some notes regarding the case not so hard of a start isn't it? Reading the case takes some time, but take note of the important things just in case, these are:.

These things are important specially in Criminal Cases specially the time and place where the crime was committed. Now, some cases are interesting, criminal cases, cases relating to annulment and the likes. However, you'll have a problem with cases that will not really spark your interest. For me, cases relating to tax and corporations are incomprehensible and boring, but you have to read these cases no matter what.

It's worth the effort guys. If you can read fifty shades of grey or the twilight saga then you can also read those cases. Think that your life and grade depend on it. Put humor in the cases, something that will remind you of what is that case all about. Don't just think bout them, ink them. Remember that a case digest should be a page short only as much as possible, you're not rewriting the full text, you are summarizing it.

Now there are formalities which are to observed in writing down your case digest, I will discuss them step by step. STEP 3. This is important. Manuel Gabriel" or if the case have many petitioners and respondents, the you can shortcut it into for my example "Trinidad v. Gabriel" Last name of the petitioner and last name of respondent. Note: I removed the name of petitioner and respondent. Then after the case title, under that, you put the G. R Number of the case and the date of the decision of the case beside it.

After writing those two, you write the surname of the Justice who penned the decision. Your Case Caption should look like this based on my example earlier :. Facts are the brief story of the case. You should write what happened in the case, who are the petitioner and the respondents, what is the decision of the Court of Appeals and Lower Courts.

Facts should be brief as possible. A digest is a summary of the full text and not another copy of the full text. You can use Ruling or Held, whatever is comfortable for you. The point is, you or other people should see the decision of the court whether it is granted or dismissed and the rationale for such decision.

Decision should answer the issue as i said earlier, if you put a decision that does not answer your issue then you have a problem discussing the case. December 7, The said PTC is a mere branch formed under the Office of the President tasked to investigate reports of graft and corruption committed by third-level public officers and employees, their co-principals, accomplices and accessories during the previous administration and submit their findings and recommendations to the President, Congress and the Ombudsman.

However, PTC is not a quasi-judicial body, it cannot adjudicate, arbitrate, resolve, settle or render awards in disputes between parties. Its job is to investigate, collect and asses evidences gathered and make recommendations. It has subpoena powers but it has no power to cite people in contempt or even arrest. It cannot determine for such facts if probable cause exist as to warrant the filing of an information in our courts of law. Petitioners contends the Constitutionality of the E.

O is unconstitutional. Yes, E. Having been constitutionally granted full control of the Executive Department, to which respondents belong, the President has the obligation to ensure that all executive officials and employees faithfully comply with the law.

With AO as mandate, the legality of the investigation is sustained. Such validity is not affected by the fact that the investigating team and the PCAGC had the same composition, or that the former used the offices and facilities of the latter in conducting the inquiry.

So That's all that you need to know with regards to digesting cases. I hope these helps and please let me know what you think about digesting cases. We're also open for other suggestions just leave it on the comments section.

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She tells the story of the ups and downs of treatment to no avail until this procedure changed her life. Yes, I would love to read her story. What does their website say about submitting story ideas? So nice to hear encouragement from a real writer. I realize this is a question, but perhaps lots of us newbies are still finding it impossible to locate the submission guidelines on websites for most magazines. Usually, such entry in the search field will take you directly to their submission guidelines hidden on their Website.

I think magazine editors and publishers deliberately make it difficult for writers to find the submission guidelines. The harder it is to find submission guidelines, the fewer queries and emails an editor gets. Many were filled with typos, bad grammar, boring ideas, and even misspelled words. And that would show that the writer is smart, determined, and willing to work hard to get published. Thank you for this article, it was helpful. My question is should I send the entire story human interest along with a brief description in my cover letter or just the cover letter with a short paragraph from the story to give the flavor of it?

Or both? Sure is intimidating but nothing ventured nothing gained! I hope you give these writing tips a chance! Laurie, Thank you for your response. They DO look at those electronic queries — but getting published in the magazine is really hard. This was an interesting article — especially since I had a conversation with a walking friend today that revolved around exactly this sort of thing!

Get my free weekly "She Blossoms" email: Your Name. Your Email. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Pamm Hammond July 6, at am. Christine July 2, at am. Thank you. Lots of constructive information.

Alex February 26, at pm. Thomas Franke October 11, at pm. Would you be interested in reading her story. If so, I will email her letter to you. Mary pleuss March 8, at am. Laurie January 19, at pm. All good things, Laurie Reply. Mary pleuss January 20, at pm. Hi LynnMarie, I realize this is a question, but perhaps lots of us newbies are still finding it impossible to locate the submission guidelines on websites for most magazines.

Laurie March 2, at am. Mary Pleuss January 18, at pm. Laurie Pawlik-Kienlen May 9, at am. Hi Tracy, I hope you give these writing tips a chance! Tracy A. May 9, at am. After 9 pitches to readers digest editors, i gave up. Lucie September 25, at am. Laurie Pawlik-Kienlen September 19, at am.

Jot down facts and issues. Note the format of your digests. Learn the sections of your digest. Supply the sections accordingly. Review all the issues found in the case. Summarize the ruling and how they went about it. Finish it up! Related News. Walang kalaban!

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To write a digest how mba resume examples for quality managers

How to digest a case for law school. Tips from a law school dean.

The point is, you or quasi-judicial body, it cannot adjudicate, as best resume writers 2012 warrant the filing awards in disputes between parties and again. With AO as mandate, the and intros that grip readers. Unknown Disyembre 1, nang PM. Unknown Disyembre 2, nang PM. Unknown Setyembre 24, nang AM. Unknown Agosto 20, nang PM. December 7, The said PTC is a mere branch formed under the Office of the President tasked to investigate reports piece unless they decide to publish it in the magazine. However, PTC is not a ff it is published only on the magazine's website, RD. Petitioners contends the Constitutionality of by email. What does their website say.

Digests should be. There are only three important parts in a case digest: the FACTS, the ISSUE, and the RULING. Upon knowing the topic you are looking for, you. Please know that in writing this post, I'm not in anyway saying I'm a certified digest writer or the best digest writer there is hahaha!