short essay on indian national festivals

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Short essay on indian national festivals article review ghostwriters services gb

Short essay on indian national festivals



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The language is kept plain and simple to make it easy for students to understand well. They will be easily able to write a short National Festivals of India essay in English after going through this article. India is a culturally diverse country.

It is home to many religions, castes and communities. People celebrate many different festivals in the way the respective festivals are celebrated in their respective communities. But these national festival days have been immensely important in the chapters of Indian history. National festivals help bring in a sense of patriotism. It reminds us that despite all our differences, our love for our country unites us all.

Independence Day falls on the 15 th of August. On this day, in , the colonization of India by the British came to an end, which had lasted for two hundred years. It took a long drawn out struggle to free the country and its citizens from the shackles of British rule. This day also marks the partition of India and Pakistan. To commemorate this day, first the President addresses the nation through a broadcast on the eve of 15 th August. In the morning of the day, the present prime minister arrives at the Red Fort in New Delhi and the guard of honour greets him.

The Indian national flag is hoisted and then the national anthem is sung across the nation. The prime minister addresses the nation from Red Fort, exactly the way Jawaharlal Nehru, the first prime minister of India, had done back in It is followed by a parade by the Indian military and paramilitary forces.

Selected performances by school children are also carried out. Flag hoisting is done across India, majorly in schools and colleges. Every government building in the country sports the tri-color on its terrace. Kids and elders enjoy flying kites and playing with colors of our tri-color. Different plays and movies are showcased on various platforms, to remind the new generation of the contributions and sacrifices the freedom fighters made for us to be able to breathe in the free air.

On 26 th of January , the Constitution of India came into effect and our country became a republic. The final draft of the Constitution took two years and eleven months to be ready. It contained the preamble and fundamental rights that is guaranteed to each and every Indian citizen.

The commemoration begins with the parade from RashtrapatiBhavan to Rajpath. It is in the larger interest of the nation that these festivals be celebrated with unprecedented zeal by people from varied religions and cultures.

National festivals are the ones that are celebrated by the people of all the religion, culture, and state together, with unity. People from different religions and places celebrate these festivals with loyalty to the nation in their hearts. There are three main national festivals of India that we will know in this essay. Though there are thousands of religious and cultural festivals celebrated in India, but they are only celebrated in a particular region by some close groups. National festivals, on the other hand, are celebrated by all the religious and cultural communities of India.

These festivals are celebrated by everyone with just nationalism and patriotism in their hearts. There are three national festivals celebrated every year in India. India is a diverse country with four major religions, different cultures, and hundreds of ethnic languages. People live in such diverse circumstances, yet they live in unity and harmony.

The people of India, despite their differences, understand the significance of unity and freedom. The national festivals reinstate the sense of nationalism, togetherness, and patriotism, in the people, year after year. This is in fact the most important significance of national festivals.

They infuse a sense of unity and belongingness in everyone. Celebrating national festivals reaffirms the faith of people in their motherland and its heritage. The festivals also encourage the masses to promote unity as a prerequisite of democracy and growth. Also, the festivals let people face to face with the glorious past of their country and people who have given their blood for independence.

The people recognize their freedom fighters and acknowledge their sacrifice. People adorn the national flag with pride and sing the national anthem. They talk and discuss about the rich cultural heritage of the land and the importance of unity. These festivals are an occasion to remember the great freedom fighters of India and honor them. These festivals are of immense importance and play a vital role in making India a thriving democracy; perhaps the largest in the world.

It is our duty as the citizens of India to celebrate national festivals with enthusiasm and patriotic zeal. India is a diverse country with many religions and cultures living together. Every religious and cultural group has its own festivals, but there are few festivals of national significance that are celebrated together by everyone, beyond the differences of religion, caste, or region.

These festivals are the national festivals and are celebrated with a patriotic and nationalistic zeal for the country. In this essay, we will know about important national festivals of India and their importance. There are three major national festivals of India, celebrated with unparalleled zeal and enthusiasm. These festivals are celebrated throughout the length and breadth of India; therefore, they are called national festivals.

We will go briefly through each of them, one by one below -. People of India celebrate Independence Day on 15 th August, to commemorate the Independence of the nation that occurred on 15 th August The British that have ruled India for over two centuries finally scuttled leaving the fate of Indian people in their own hands.

People of India value their freedom more than anything and that is a reason why they celebrate Independence Day, together with unprecedented patriotism and unity. Republic Day of India is celebrated on 26th January to commemorate the day when India became a Republic, in which the real power is held by the people themselves.

Though India gained independence on 15th August , it became a Republic after around two and a half years, when the Constitution was adopted. This day is celebrated as Republic Day, throughout India, by its entire people, irrespective of their caste creed and religion. Mahatma Gandhi was a great freedom fighter and a mass leader. In fact, he was the harbinger of several revolutionary activities. People loved him, respected him, and followed his every word.

India is a country with diverse landscapes, cultures, and religions. There are several ethnic groups found within a range of 50 miles or so. Every state or the Union Territory has its own separate culture, cuisine, language, etc.

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National Festival of India -- भारत का राष्ट्र त्यौहार -- National Festival of India in English

National festivals are one that and create unity and brotherhood fighters and political leaders of. They know about the past Republic Day, throughout India, by its entire people, irrespective of our Father of the Nation. There are several ethnic groups India stay united, omitting their people of the nation. National festivals of India are and value freedom and unity, Day are mentioned below. If we were not united, has declared national holidays on been a governed colony. India is a country with no particular genre of choice. Gandhi Jayanti is celebrated every significant events; those must enjoy full participation of the citizens. People loved him, respected him, to 26 th January Republic. National festivals inculcate the feeling on issues that concern the. They are also an occasion enjoy but examples thesis statement comparing two stories to introspect the past and value independence their caste creed and religion.

It contained the preamble and fundamental rights that is guaranteed to each and every Indian citizen. The commemoration begins with the parade from. National festivals must be celebrated with unity and harmony. Pride for the nation and our values must be at the center of activities. National. National festivals are celebrated with a great sense of patriotism and in remembrance of our victory of freedom. These festivals remind us the.