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Does racism still exist today essay write environmental studies thesis proposal

Does racism still exist today essay



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Discrimination is one of the biggest challenges affecting many people in every society. Although racism has been widely suppressed, the agreeable fact is that every minority race is unable to achieve its goals in our American society. Many social workers and scholars encourage people to embrace the power of diversity. This effort has reduced the number of cases associated with social discrimination.

However, many people have become victims of abuse and prejudice. It is appropriate for every person to analyze how different social groups struggle in order to achieve their goals Bobo and Fox The issue of racism threatens the lives of many Americans. The number of unemployed citizens in the United States explains how racial discrimination is prevalent in the country. Many individuals from different minority races work in inappropriate environments.

Statistics indicate that a white male will only have a 6 percent chance of going to jail. Many societies across the globe arrest and prosecute citizens from minority races. This fact explains why racism and discrimination are inseparable in many parts of the globe.

Lentin 48 explains how a criminal record makes it impossible for qualified individuals to get good jobs. Sex discrimination continues to affect the goals and expectations of many women in our society. The wage disparity between women and males continues to exist today. This disparity affects many Hispanic and African American women. Many women encounter numerous challenges such as abuse whenever working with men in different companies.

Some female workers are unable to get maternity leaves or compensations during pregnancy. This malpractice always affects these women thus making it impossible for them to achieve their objectives. Lentin 59 believes that glass ceiling is a major problem in almost every American company. American women cannot get promotions because of prejudice.

Sexual abuse and harassment is a common issue in every firm. For instance, several nurses have abandoned their jobs because of harassment and abuse. Most of the culprits go unpunished thus making the behavior a common practice in many companies. This situation explains why every company should be ready to address these behaviors. The approach will deal with the problem of discrimination Bobo and Fox Age discrimination is also evident in every society.

Senior citizens face numerous abuses. They have also been unable to exercise their rights. Such individuals cannot get quality health services and support. They also encounter numerous abuses from their caregivers and employers. Some companies do not employ older workers because they might not offer the required services. Such companies hire younger individuals who do not possess the required skills. This malpractice makes it impossible for these elderly citizens to take care of themselves Bobo and Fox Most of these elderly citizens do not have the required medical covers and insurances.

Individuals from minority backgrounds face various challenges whenever looking for public services. The society usually neglects and harasses the disabled whenever they are looking for such public services. Many governments have been working hard to safeguard the rights of such individuals. Racism is common when individuals from a particular community decide to avoid their counterparts from another society.

These discriminatory practices occur naturally in many societies. This behavior explains why inequality is one of the major issues affecting different countries across the world. Racism in the United States is illegal. The law prohibits any activity or exercise that will result in discrimination.

However, the undeniable fact is that enmity and racism are strong forces in the hearts of many citizens. The law has played a significant role towards reducing these behaviors. Such prejudices have not reduced because many individuals are still unable to achieve their potentials. Racism and discrimination have also been used as powerful weapons encouraging fear or hatred of others in times of conflict and war, and even during economic downturns.

To understand why does this social problem still exists is the history that acts as guidance, which determines our future course of action. Hence, if history itself is misinterpreted and if we are not taught to learn a lesson from our mistakes, history shall repeat itself in its most retrogressive forms. I believe that we should learn how to love and support others in order to help stop racism from spreading.

The history of racism in the United States started out when the New World was discovered. It has been part of the European colonization of North America at the beginning of the 17th century. The Europeans plan was to overcome and conquer the land, along with that came racism against Native Americans. On the other hand, Native Americans did not mind the Europeans arriving on their shore, all they care about was getting free land and cheap labor, but what really happened was that the Europeans brought diseases that have killed many of them and were tortured.

During the time of the New World, many of the Africans brought to America starting in the 17th century arrived as slaves and were kidnapped from their homelands in various parts of Africa. African men, women, and children were beaten, tortured, and forced to convert to Christianity as well. A large number of African Americans were slaves in the southern states. For those Africans in America who were free, there were discriminatory laws that forbid them from owning property and voting.

Another historical event that occurred was the Civil Rights movement during the s and s. However, this only ended slavery and to this day colored people, there is still some discrimination. This pattern repeated a generation later when soldiers returned from World War II. Many black men were injured are provided with lower healthcare support than whites, which is unfair because of their race.

The social media has a negative framing towards black. The media points out many stereotypes about African Americans such as viewing them as a threat, might have a weapon or having drugs. Many black people deal with policing, education, and their workplace, and even healthcare every day. Researchers revealed that people associate weapons with black people more than whites and are mistaken to see a gun when a black person holds an object.

Black people also receive poorer healthcare than white people do even though their health is at greater risk more than white. Martin was shot and killed Feb. Martin called and the operator told Zimmerman not to follow him and yet he did it anyway. Zimmerman said that Martin was attacking him and punched him on the nose. Zimmerman then pulled out his gun and shot Martin in the chest. Zimmerman got arrested however he got away with the murder. After his death, three black women posted a hashtag Black Lives Matter on social media to express their rage and intolerance of the taking of innocent black life.

Intersectionality is a framework for conceptualizing a person, group of people, or social problem as affected by a number of discriminations and disadvantages based on their race, class, gender, and religion. Inequality also is a major in distributing wealth among racea snd gender. According to What is intersectionality, and what does it have to do with me? Understanding intersectionality is essential to combatting the interwoven prejudices people face in their daily lives. Many black women found it difficult to identify with the issues of the white feminist movement, issues such as the pressure to be a homemaker.

Black women, who often had to work in order to keep their family out of debt and therefore did not have the luxury of being homemakers, did not feel as though these issues pertaining to their experiences. This intersectional experience of facing racism in the feminist movement and in civil rights encouraged black women to call for a feminist practice that centralized their lived experiences.

Institutional racism can be seen in areas of wealth and income, criminal justice, employment, health care, housing, education, and politics, among others. Institutional racism is defined as racism perpetrated by social and political institutions, such as schools, the courts, or the military.

Unlike the racism perpetrated by individuals, institutional racism, also referred to as systemic racism, has the power to negatively affect people belonging to a racial group. Before the legislation was passed to end slavery, slaves across the world fought for freedom by organizing slave rebellions. In addition, the descendants of slaves fought against attempts to perpetuate racism after slavery during the civil rights movement.

The holiday Juneteenth was established to celebrate the abolition of slavery in Texas, and it is now considered to be a day for celebrating the emancipation of all slaves. Religious institutions have not been untouched by racism. There were several Christian denominations have apologized for discriminating against people of color by supporting Jim Crow and backing slavery.

My frame towards this social movement is that I believe that racism still exists everywhere in the world. The history of racism has a huge role in many races and gender. Racism did not just happen one day, but it all started when the Europeans came to the New World and colonialism happened.

The media gives negative stereotypes about African Americans including criminal justice. The interpersonal is what people assume racism looks like on the individual level as prejudice or bigotry. This is the smallest and most vital level that racism exists because, without the interpersonal, institutional and systemic racism cannot exist.

Studies have shown that people are not born to be racists, but it is a practice that they have observed and taught from their families.

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