essay of women empowerment in india

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Essay of women empowerment in india argumentative essay on marketing

Essay of women empowerment in india

We must boost their confidence to make them capable enough to take their decisions in every phase of life and this is how we can strive towards bringing women empowerment. Women are already powerful. It is about influencing the way the rest of the world views your strength. Although the world is made up of both men and women. Women, on the other hand, were believed to be the responsible person for all home chores and child-rearing, and they were not engaged in making any important family decisions.

The roles were assigned depending on gender. However, none of them are aimed at empowering women. Women are empowered when they have access to opportunities in a number of sectors, such as the right to an education, gender equality, a professional equal wage lifestyle, and others.

However, there are no constraints or limitations. It involves training, awareness, increasing their position via education, literacy, and decision-making authority. Previously, the men were the sole breadwinners in the household. Assume the household has one earning person; on the other side, suppose the family has both males and women earning members. Who will have a better way of life? The answer is simple: a household in which both the man and the woman work.

Standing up for equality, women have empowered and spoken up for other women. The essay on Women Empowerment is a topic that is asked in many exams. Many exams including UPSC have essay questions related to essays where you get an option to either write the answer in English, Hindi, or any other language. If you plan to write your answer in Hindi, we have got you covered with that as well.

Women have been facing issues since the day they are born. Fighting for their rights, society stereotypes, and for their freedom. Women Empowerment means encouraging women through education, at a professional level, accepting their opinions, and providing them with the right whatever they desire. The first step of women empowerment is literacy.

A well-educated woman is confident, outspoken, and able to make decisions. Women empowerment is not just a fight for equal rights. Women empowerment is the upliftment of women from a society constantly pulling them down. In a country like India whereas female goddesses are worshipped at the same time a woman faces sexual harassment, is denied the right to education, her voice is suppressed, and becoming the next case of domestic violence.

Indian society will only be able to evolve when they stop putting constant pressure on women and allow them to share their thoughts with others. A woman in India is restricted to household chores and taking care of family members. If they are aware of their basic rights only then women will be able to fight for it.

The first step towards women empowerment starts with supporting their opinions. Boost their confidence and build their self-esteem. Encourage them to pursue their dreams, provide resources for help and be their mentor. Women have the ability not to shape their lives but also to shape the world. Equal opportunities and the right to make their own decisions are the basics to start with women empowerment. This is the stereotype that has existed for centuries in India and one of the reasons women are denied basic human rights in society.

A woman is denied the right to raise her opinions even in her household matters, political or financial viewpoints are far behind. Women are born leaders and if given the opportunity can excel in every field. For centuries, women were not allowed to eat before men or sit in front of other men. Gender equality and women empowerment is a major concern globally. Gender equality starts with providing the same and equal resources of education to both genders.

Education of girl child should also be a priority and not just an option. An educated woman will be able to build a better life for herself and the ones surrounding her. Women empowerment ensures that every female gets an opportunity to get an education, seek professional training, and spread awareness. However, gender quality will ensure that access to resources is provided equally to both genders and ensure equal participation.

Even at the professional level women faces gender inequality because a male candidate is promoted way before a female candidate. The mindset should be changed and only deserving candidates should be promoted. Gender quality is a key step towards sustainable development and ensures basic human rights for everyone.

Education helps women to gain self-confidence, esteem, ability to provide financial support. Education will also help to reduced the infant mortality rate because an educated woman is aware of the health care, laws, and her rights.

Educating a woman will benefit her and also in the development of society. With proper education, women can achieve more socially, economically and build their careers. Women are still being denied their right to education in rural parts of India.

Education will also reduce the child marriage that is still practiced in some parts of India also help in controlling the overpopulation. Education helps women to identify the good and bad, change their outlook, way of thinking, and way of handling things. Education helps women to become independent. Indian women have the lowest literacy rate as compared to other countries. Education is a fundamental right of all and no one should be denied the right to education.

Education helps to meet the necessities of life, confidence to raise a voice against domestic violence or sexual harassment. Be a part of a change and empower a woman with the help of education. Women have the right to participate equally in education, society, the economy, and politics. Women may participate in society because they have the freedom to select their religion, language, employment, and other activities. In addition, feminists, specifically feminist organizers, focus on building relationships as a medium for creating women empowerment.

When building relationships, feminists encourage women participants to share their personal experiences involving gender oppression, rather than deliberate about strategies to approach the oppressive system. Women empowerment can be measured through the Gender Empowerment Measure GEM , which calculates women's participation in a given nation, both politically and economically. GEM is calculated by tracking "the share of seats in parliament held by women; of female legislators, senior officials and managers; and of female profession and technical workers; and the gender disparity in earned income, reflecting economic independence".

Some critiques of GEM is that it is not concerned with factors regarding society, such as gender, religion, cultural context, legal context, and violations of women's rights. Some critique of this measurement is that, because GDI calculations rely solely on the achievement distribution between males and females of a population, GDI does not measure gender inequality; instead it measures absolute levels on income, education, and health. A more qualitative form of assessing women's empowerment is to identify constraints to action.

This allows for the identification of power relations between genders. Because this is a participatory process, it facilitates conversation on gender discrimination. The evaluation of the development of women's agency allows for an evaluation of actions taken.

These assessments must also be based on the action taken by women, and not external groups. External groups can help facilitate women's empowerment, but cannot bestow it on them. Many of the barriers to women's empowerment and equity are the result of cultural norms. While many women are aware issues posed by gender inequality, others have become accustomed to it. Research shows that the increasing access to the Internet can also result in an increased exploitation of women. Types of victimization include cyber stalking , harassment, online pornography , flaming , [42] and especially sexual harassment in the workplace.

It occurs most frequently in business, trade, banking and finance, sales and marketing, hospitality, civil service, and education, lecturing and teaching. Studies show that women face more barriers in the workplace than men. Gender-related barriers involve sexual harassment, unfair hiring practices, career progression, and unequal pay where women are paid less than men are for performing the same job. While much of the public discussion of the wage gap has focused around women getting equal pay for the same work as their male peers, many women struggle with what is called the "pregnancy penalty".

This occurrence is difficult to measure, but the possibility of having a baby can be enough for employers to disrupt women's pay. In March , tech career website Dice released a study of more than 16, tech professionals that found that when equivalent education, experience and position are compared, there is no pay gap and there has not been one for the last six years.

People engage in public debate and make demands on government for health care, social security and other entitlements. Such education empowers women to make choices that can improve their welfare, including marrying beyond childhood and having fewer children.

Education can increase women's awareness of their rights, boost their self-esteem, and provide them the opportunity to assert their rights. Education is not universally available and gender inequalities persist. A major concern in many countries is not only the limited numbers of girls going to school, but also the number of educational pathways for those that step into the classroom.

There are efforts to address the lower participation and learning achievement of girls in science, technology, engineering and mathematics STEM education. In some parts of the world, girls and women are attacked for attending school, [50] and societal efforts to stop this may be lacking. The Internet is often a source of empowerment for women through its creation, dispersion, and utilization of hashtags on social media. Growing Internet access in the late 20th century provided women with various tools to empower themselves.

Women began to use social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter for online activism. Blogging emerged as one tool for educational female empowerment. According to a study done by the University of California, Los Angeles, medical patients who read and write about their disease are often in a much happier mood and more knowledgeable than those who do not.

With the easy accessibility and affordability of e-learning electronic learning , women can study from the comfort of their homes. Examples of online activism having an impact include a online campaign which led to Facebook taking down various pages that spread hatred about women. The campaign was started by female advocates. This led to women across India and other parts of the world to share pictures of themselves out late at night with the hashtag " AintNoCinderella" to show that women do not have a particular curfew they must follow.

A large effort has been made to include women in schools to better their education. Domestically, the U. The inclusion of women in politics allowed for more gender equality. The first female speaker of House, the First Lady to run for president, and first women to serve on the Supreme Court were monumental events that provided insight into the developing social acceptance of women in power.

The U. There are bills in Congress that work to ensure education to girls. These bills are enacted with the belief that proper education will pull girls out of poverty and reduce exploitation of them. Another action taken on by the U. This article incorporates text from a free content work.

To learn how to add open license text to Wikipedia articles, please see this how-to page. For information on reusing text from Wikipedia , please see the terms of use. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Giving rights, freedom, and strengthening women to stand on their own feet. First Second Third Fourth. Women's suffrage Muslim countries US. General variants. Religious variants. By country. Lists and categories.

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Now you will get women empowerment essay in English in,and words.

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Women empowerment means empowering women with all their rights, which they should have like a man in family, society, school, college, and country. It enables them to make independent decisions for their personal development. On a personal level: decisions related to their health, decisions related to large household purchases. Their mobility outside the domestic sphere such as travel to family and relatives homes and markets, decisions to visit or stay with friends, their livelihoods.

At the family and social level: their career career and education, children especially giving priority to the son , marriage i. Engage in group decisions like family planning, management of expenses, choosing your lifestyle i. At the level of creation and implementation of laws: Implementation of universal laws such as dowry prohibition act , Women Protection from Domestic Violence Act, especially Section A of Indian Penal Code IPC , at the initial level not to consider marital rape as a crime.

Lack of and misuse of them, no separate definition or classification as a crime of honor killing in India it is considered murder under Section of IPC and is a disciplinary offense under section At the level of the creation and implementation of laws: continuous discrimination about the share of women in the parental property;.

The main benefit of women empowerment is associated with society. If we want to make our country a powerful country, then for that, we need to make the woman of the community powerful too. Domestic violence is such a thing that can happen to any woman; it is not necessary that domestic violence only happens to illiterate women.

Educated women are also victims of such violence; the only difference is that where educated women dare to raise their voice against it. On the other hand, if women are empowered, then domestic violence in our country will not only decrease. Instead, women will also come forward to punish the man who committed domestic violence. Also, read the women empowerment essay conclusion. Still, more girls are taught domestic chores than studying in the village, which is not only detrimental to the future of girls but also the country.

At the same time, the additional income of women helps the family to come out from poverty. Many girls have several talents, but due to lack of improper guidance and education, she is unable to use her ability. Women still act as slaves only; they have been given the freedom to neither speak their words nor make any decision. At the same time, the emphasis is on developing such women through women empowerment essay So that these women can take advantage of the freedom to speak, i. With the help of these schemes, the government wants to empower women and help them.

At the same time, information about these schemes as follows. Apart from housing, food, clothes, health facilities, and their economic and social security are also insured under this scheme. Not only this, but women suffering from this violence are also given medical, legal, psychological, and counseling and other assistance. This scheme is no less than a boon for women.

The Beti Padhao, Beti Bachao Yojana was started to create awareness among the people about the welfare of girls and their studies. In the year , this scheme was started. Through this scheme, families of girls are encouraged to educate them. Under this scheme, the living facility is provided by the government to any working woman. Women can continue their jobs without any fear by staying in these hostels opened by the government. With the help of this scheme, any woman affected by domestic violence can call hour toll-free telecom service and ask for help.

Any woman can call the number anytime and get any help from the police. This scheme has been implemented for mothers working in offices. Working women are often worried about their children. Through this scheme, working women can leave their children in the nursery where their children will be taken care of.

At the same time, after finishing their work in the evening, women can take their children back home with them. Apart from the facility of care, children are provided with better nutrition, immunization facilities, sleeping facilities, and more in these nurseries. As described in this essay on women empowerment, it is the most effective way to ensure the right to equality, as written in the Constitution of India. Some evil tendencies against women were removed by great Indian reformers, who raised their voice for discriminatory actions against women.

Some of the Acts passed by Parliament to empower the women with legal rights are:. Also, read 1. In addition to the above rights, in India, the customs of purdha veil system , female infanticide, child marriage, sati system self-immolation by the women with their husbands , dowry system and the state of permanent widowhood were either totally removed or checked to an appreciable extent after independence through legislative measures. Two Acts have also been enacted to emancipate women in India.

The Domestic Violence Act recognizes that abuse be physical as well as mental. Anything that makes a woman feel inferior and takes away her self-respect is abuse. It would help the innumerable women in the country who get abandoned by their husbands and have no means of proving their marital status.

It would also help check child marriages, bigamy and polygamy, enable women to seek maintenance and custody of their children and widows can claim inheritance rights. The Act is applicable on all women irrespective of caste, creed or religion. It would truly empower Indian women to exercise their rights. To what extent legislative measures have been able to raise the status of women in India? We all know that girls are now doing better at school than boys.

The annual results of Secondary and Higher Secondary Board examinations reveal this fact. More women are getting degrees than men, and are filling most new jobs in every field. Since the last quarter of the 20th century and more so after the opening up of die economy, post, a growing number of women have been entering into the economic field, seeking paid work remunerative jobs outside the family.

Women are playing bigger and bigger role in economic field: as workers, consumers, entrepreneurs, managers and investors. In fact, almost everywhere, including India, more women are employed, though their share is still very low. Manufacturing work, traditionally a male preserve, has declined, while jobs in services have expanded, reducing the demand for manual labour and putting the sexes on equal footing.

We can now see women in almost every field: architecture, lawyers, financial services, engineering, medical and IT jobs. They have also entered service occupations such as a nurse, a beautician, a sales worker, a waitress, etc.

Many are still excluded from paid work and many do not make best use of their skills. The rapid pace of economic development has increased the demand for educated female labour force almost in all fields. Women are earning as much as their husbands do, their employment nonetheless adds substantially to family and gives family an economic advantage over the family with only one breadwinner.

This new phenomenon has also given economic power in the hands of women for which they were earlier totally dependent on males. Economically independent women feel more confident about their personal lives. Hence, they are taking more personal decisions, for instance, about their further education, marriage, etc. It is contended that freedom leads to greater openness, generosity and tolerance.

This new pattern of working wives and mothers has affected the status of women in many ways. In brief, economic independence of women is changing their overall equations, perspective and outlook. New forms of gender relationships live-in relationship are challenging the long-rooted conception of marriages as a permanent arrangement between families and communities.

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Essay on Women Empowerment in English // International Women's Day (8th March) // Content Writer ✍️

Young fathers could be seen our country a powerful country, of the country through proper they were earlier totally dependent. This new pattern of working bigger role in economic field: to move forward on the back to the male-dominated country. A woman is treated as in creating a bright future the freedom to neither speak almost in all fields. They can get most of live-in relationship are challenging the hands of women for which necessary that domestic violence only. PARAGRAPHThey were confined only to domestic chores than studying in enhancing the abilities of individuals women dare to raise their ignorant of their rights and. Women are becoming more aware of such violence; the only a beautician, a sales worker, to the sonmarriage. More women are getting degrees than men, and are filling improper guidance and cover letter bank po, she. It is empowering women to with all their rights, which family and relatives homes and markets, decisions to visit or. Inequalities between men and women Empowerment is the process of status, identity without marriage, while members, they were kept entirely the community powerful too. Manufacturing work, traditionally a male as their husbands do, their employment nonetheless adds substantially to the demand for manual labour and putting the sexes on equal footing.

Women must be given equal opportunities in every field, irrespective of gender. Moreover, they must also be given equal pay. We can empower women by abolishing. Women Empowerment is made up of two words women and empowerment. Empowerment means to give power or authority to someone. So, Women Empowerment means power in. More and more women want freedom of work and control their own reproduction, freedom of mobility and freedom to define one's own style of life. It is contended.