write a similar letter to a penfriend in england

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Write a similar letter to a penfriend in england esl creative writing writers sites gb

Write a similar letter to a penfriend in england

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Dear Matilda, I hope all is well with you and we can meet each other one day. You expressed the desire to know about the major news items in my country. I chose the most important of them for you. The presidential election will be held on June 14 in my country. Almost every TV channel and radio station is talking about it these days. The competition is between six candidates. Current president actions have led the country into international economic sanctions and isolation, which cost us the value of our currency.

We have experienced the highest growth in inflation during his presidency since the beginning of the regime. So this is choosing between bad and worse. Let me know if you ever need to know about anything else. I am also interested about major news items in your country.

Best wishes, John Smith. Click here to add your own comments. Join in and write your own page! It's easy to do. This is my answer of the task 1. If anyone can tell me what I can do to improve my writing, it will help me a lot! Thank you everyone who spend time on my stuff!

One of your pen friends wants to improve their English at a language school. They have never studied at a language school before and have asked for your advice on how to choose a good one. Write a letter to your pen friend. Advise them about the following: - the teaching method - the number of students in a class - the number of hours a week Dear Sarah, Thank you for your letter. I think going to language school is an effective to improve your English.

Since I have done few courses, I believe that I could give you some advice to choose a right school. The first thing you should concern about is the methodology of teaching. There are some school only have you sit in front of the teachers and all they give is lectures but no no practice.

I would not enroll in that kind of school if I were you. Working with classmates would help you improve speaking as well as listening, so choose the school provides team work and practice. Than number of students is also important.

You'd better not go to the school with large group, because it tends to be mixed ability. You may find the pace of class is too fast or too slow. I think between 10 to 15 is a good number. Teachers are able to have enough time to take care of all the students and you are able to focus on the lecture. And other thing you should think about is the intensity of the course. I have had a course once with intensive schedule. It was not a good idea because you wouldn't have much time to study over.

I'd advise you take the course with longer period to allow you to understand everything. Hopefully it could helps. Important Questions For Board Exam Important Questions for Board Exam. Economics Important Questions for Board Exam Chemistry Important Question Bank for board exam Write a letter to your pen pal in England describing Shivaji Jayanti celebrations in your town.

I received your letter last week, but we were very busy with Shivaji Jayanti celebrations, and so I could not reply immediately. Shivaji Maharaj was a famous and popular king of India. Even today he is worshipped all over the country. Hence his birthday jayanti is celebrated with great enthusiasm. A life-size portrait of Shivaji Maharaj on horseback was placed on one of the walls. It was a day packed with varied programmes. Classical music resounded all around the area.

The Municipal Commissioner garlanded the portrait of Shivaji Maharaj at 9 a. There was a prayer ceremony pooja in the afternoon in which many leading personalities of the town participated. This was followed in the evening by songs and the narration of unforgettable incidents in the life of Shivaji Maharaj Shiva-kirtan. In many parts of the town there were songs powadas sung in praise of this great son of India.


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Write a similar letter to a penfriend in england We walked around and saw many animals. It's really funny to know about different cultures and languages. I usually arrive at school at 7. At the weekend, we usually go travel. Maths and Chemistry are my favoirte subjects. Do not write everything in the first letter.
Cover etter for resume What is a popular food? Should you visit me? We can to learn about other countries, culture and people from our friend. He works long hours and he is very tired when he comes home. I am talkative and my teacher often tells me to be quiet.
Write a similar letter to a penfriend in england Literature review green consumerism

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