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Things fall apart thesis topics


So eventually I'm going to get through all of the VCAA texts that are on the study design, but we're slowly going to get there and are just want to say yet again, even though this one is like a house on fire, I am really glad if you've clicked on this video and you're not necessarily studying it because as always with all my videos, I try to give you an overall message for you to take away that can be applied to any single text.

So that is the same for this particular text today. And so even though the takeaway message for this video is quite specific to short stories, it's still an important consideration for any text that you're studying.

Ideally, you want to use a diverse range of evidence for any text, but in particular, for short stories, you don't just want to rely on a small handful, but to try and make links between the different short stories. So let's see what that means on the other side of this quick overview of the text. Like a House on Fire is a collection of short stories by the author, Cate Kennedy, and unlike a lot of other texts on the study design, this book portrays a lot of very domestic situations, which seems fairly boring compared to some of the other texts that other students might be doing.

However, I'm really excited about this text because the short stories are great. Not because they have groundbreaking premises, which they don't, but because of how effortlessly and deeply emotive they are. So the domestic scenarios actually help us relate to the characters in the stories and empathize with the complexity of their experiences.

The essay topic we'll be looking at today is in Like a House on Fire, Kennedy finds strength in ordinary people. Here, the term which you really have to think about is strength. We already know that she depicts the story of ordinary people, of people like you or me, or even just people we may know, but does she find strength in them? It could be physical strength, but more often than not, it might be other types of strength.

For instance, the mental strength it takes to cope with intense pressure or the emotional strength it takes to make a difficult choice or action. It's important to think about how they might actually apply throughout the book. In this sense, our essay will have essentially two halves.

The first two body paragraphs we'll look at scenarios of intense pressure, be it through the loss of control in one's life or a domestic situation which has become emotionally tense. The last two body paragraphs will then consider the types of strength that Kennedy evinces in these stories. And we'll contend that she does find strength in the characters who face a difficult decision, but that she also finds a lot more strength in the characters who managed to cope with their situation and grapple with the tensions in their lives.

In many of her stories, Kennedy portrays characters who experience powerlessness. This loss of power can come a number of ways. For instance, both Flexion and Like a House on Fire tell the story of men who have injured their previously reliable bodies and have thus been rendered immobile. But they also tell the story of their respective wives who have lost some control over their lives now that they have to care for their husbands. On the other hand, there are the kids in Whirlpool whose mother insists that they dress a certain way for a Christmas photo.

Her hand on your shoulders, exerting pressure that pushes you down. Kennedy's use of second person really makes you feel this pressure that keeps you from going out to the pool you so desperately desire to be in. Evidently powerlessness is an experience that comes in many shapes and forms in several stories. In addition to this, Kennedy explores other emotional tensions across the collection, subverting the idea that the home is necessarily a safe sanctuary.

This is where she really goes beyond just the idea of powerlessness, but actually jumps into scenarios that are much more emotionally complex. In Ashes for instance, we see the homosexual protagonist struggle with feeling useless and tongue tied, embarrassed by the floundering pause between his mother and himself.

There is a significant emotional hurdle there, which is particularly poignant given that mothers are usually considered a source of safety and comfort for their children. Kennedy's story of domesticity actually subvert or question what we might think of the domestic space shared by family members. If you have the Scribe edition of the book, the artwork on the cover would depict a vase of wilting flowers, an empty picture frame, and a spilt cup of coffee. These are all visual symbols of an imperfect domestic life.

A similar rift exists between husband and wife in both Five Dollar Family and Waiting, the women find themselves unable to emotionally depend on their partners. While Michelle in Five Dollar Family despises her husbands startled, faintly incredulous expression, an inability to care for their child, the protagonist in Waiting struggles to talk about her miscarriages with her husband who is already worn down as it is.

Kennedy takes these household roles of mother, son, husband, wife, and really dives into the complex shades of emotion that lies within these relationships. We realize through her stories that a mother can't always provide comfort to a child and that a husband isn't always the dependable partner that he's supposed to be. However, Kennedy does find strength in some characters who do take a bold or courageous leap in some way. These are really important moments in which she is able to show us the strength that it takes to make these decisions.

And she triumphs however small or insignificant that can be achieved. A moment that really stands out to me is the ending of Laminex and Mirrors, where the protagonist rebelliously smuggles a hospital patient out for a smoke only to have to take him back into his ward through the main entrance and therefore get them both caught. She recounts this experience as the one I remember most clearly from the year I turned The two of us content, just for this perfect moment. And their success resonates with the audience, even though the protagonist would have lost her job and therefore the income she needed for her trip to London, Kennedy demonstrates her strength in choosing compassion for an elderly patient.

Even the sister in Whirlpool, who wasn't exactly kind to the protagonist in the beginning, forms an unlikely alliance with her against their mother, sharing a reckless moment and cutting their photo shoot short. Bold leaps such as these are ones that take strength and therefore deserve admiration. However, more often than not, Kennedy's stories are more about the strength needed to simply cope with life, one day at a time.

She explores the minutiae of her characters lives in a way that conveys the day to day struggles, but also hints at the underlying fortitude needed to deal with these things on a daily basis. In Tender, the wife feels as if everything at home is on the verge of coming apart since her husband is only able to cook tuna and pasta casserole for their kids. However, when she must get a possibly malignant tumour removed, her concern of whether there'll be tuna and pasta in the pantry just in case, demonstrates her selfless nature.

Kennedy thus creates a character who is strong for others, even when her own life at home is disorderly and her health may be in jeopardy. The strength of gritting one's teeth and getting on with things in spite of emotional tension is a central idea across this collection, and many other examples are there for you to consider as well.

And so we come to the end of our essay. Hopefully going through this gives you an idea of how to cover more bases with your evidence. Remember that you don't have to recount lots and lots of events, but it's more important to engage with what the events are actually telling us about people. This is particularly important for prompts like this one, where it heavily focuses on the people involved.

That is it for me this week, please give this video a thumbs up. If you wanted to say thanks to Mark, who has been helping me write these scripts up for a lot of the text response essay, topic breakdowns. If you enjoyed this, then you might also be interested in the live stream coming up next week, which will be on Friday the 25th of May at PM. I'll be covering the topic of analysing argument for the second time, just because there's so much to get through.

I'll also be announcing some special things during that particular live stream. So make sure you're there so you're the first to hear it. I will see you guys next week. Download a PDF version of this blog for printing or offline use. Close analysis of 'Cake' from Like a House on Fire. Like a House on Fire Essay Planning. This blog covers choosing the perfect topic for your next Oral Presentation.

To get a better overview of what's expected of you in Oral Presentations, writing up your speech, and speech delivery, check out Our Ultimate Guide to Oral Presentations. The following is the LSG criteria that will ensure you find an interesting topic! Getting started on this first part can be tricky, especially if you want to choose something a bit more original or fresh. In any case, the first thing you need is an event.

So where do you find an event? The ABC news archive is also really helpful since you can pick dates or periods of time and see a good mix of news events from then. Maybe there was something else happening in the news you remember even though it is often about the environment these days. You could really do a speech on any of these, as long as you suspect there might be recent, opinionated media coverage.

Only once you have an event should you look for an issue. My first question to you is: who is your audience? Is it your classroom and teacher? Is it a handful of teachers? Once you know who your audience is, ask yourself: Does this event and issue relate to my audience? To extrapolate this idea further, I try to avoid topics that have too many unfamiliar words for my audience. For example, I recall one year when one of my students decided to take a stance on pain medications and that they should be restricted to only over-the-counter in pharmacies.

Having said all that, if you have an equivalent jargon-heavy topic like pain medications that really does interest you, then go for it. Keen to learn more? Sounds like something that'd help you? I think so too! Access the full eBook by clicking here! Welcome to ! The list is intended to help you brainstorm different issues you may wish to debate in your speech, with the contention left for you to decide once you have researched enough on the topic!

Check it out below:. As the text is set in the backdrop of rapid Australian modernisation, the novel also depicts the paradoxical nature of technology, as various characters are depicted to be torn between confronting or embracing this fundamental change. Kennedy explores the theme of identity mainly through physical injury, as various characters with physical trauma find themselves to be agonisingly limited within the confines of their condition. The inherent tension between order and chaos is continually examined throughout the anthology, particularly in Like a House on Fire, in which perfectionistic order and scatter minded disorder are embodied in the unnamed narrator and his wife respectively.

As the two individuals are unable to establish a compromise between their contrasting personalities, Kennedy suggests that this lack of cooperation is the core reason for the deterioration of their marriage, and their subsequent misery. Each protagonist in the collection is portrayed as possessing some object of longing, whether it be material or emotional. Kennedy utilises scattered verses of prose within her writing to communicate these human desires, building upon their significance poetically.

In Static , Anthony attempts to negotiate his own wishes with those of his wife and family, leading him to wonder whether anything present in his life has been created by his own will or merely his eagerness to please others. His desire for various types of happiness, embodied in material concepts such as money or children, suggest that the human condition is built upon the foundation of dissatisfaction; that innate longing is what ultimately defines us as human.

The theme of love is present in each story of the collection, often used as an instrument through which the characters can heal and grow from their physical or spiritual pain. While suggesting that true love endures all hardship in Like a House on Fire , Kennedy also illustrates the various sacrifices one must make in order to protect the ones you love.

The vital importance of communication within families is emphasised in the anthology, as the lack of effective communication perceivably exacerbates dysfunctional relationships. The crushing regret of a son is explored in Ashes , as he laments his lack of communication with his father who he can no longer speak to.

However, Kennedy empathetically depicts the difficulty of communicating potentially painful messages to loved ones in Waiting , as the protagonist anxiously agonises over the prospect of telling her husband that she may have another miscarriage following an excruciating string of lost children. In tandem with longing, Kennedy asserts that empathy is vital to the survival and happiness of a human being. Similarly, the salient importance of empathy is emphasised in Flexion , as the cold-heated and harsh victim of a brutal tractor incident repairs his marriage by allowing himself to feel more empathy for those who have supported his recovery and been understanding of his bitterness.

The anthology centres around the concept of family, as both dramatic events unfold directly due to altercations and misunderstanding within the household. By depicting both the dramatic and mundane events that contribute to creating dysfunctional families, Kennedy asserts that kindness and understanding is vital to the maintenance of a healthy and loving family. By the way, to download a PDF version of this blog for printing or offline use, click here! Like a House on Fire.

The scariest part of the EAL exam, while might not be the most daunting task, is probably getting your head wrapped around an unfamiliar language analysis task under time condition. Jargons and difficult terms might be used, and some articles tend to not be so straightforward making this task more challenging for EAL students. This blog post aims to alleviate this fear for all EAL students as much as possible and better your performance in the end-of-year exams.

Sometimes, skimming through an article might be sufficient for you to find its main point. Spotting and understanding arguments, on the other hand, might be much more difficult as they can be found anywhere within the articles and the number of arguments contained varies from articles to articles. More than often arguments can be found at the beginning of paragraphs writers might also use that good old T opic- E vidence- E xample- L inking structure in drafting their piece and sometimes two consecutive paragraphs focus on one singular argument.

Trying to make an educated guess on what the arguments might look like will definitely help if you already know the contention of the article. Language barriers might be an issue if the writer uses technical terms related to an unfamiliar area e. You are allowed to bring bilingual dictionaries as well, so make sure you have a good set of dictionaries that you can bring into SACs and exams. Regardless of how fluent you are, there is still a possibility that they use one if not more than one unfamiliar term in your language analysis articles.

However, it is not always difficult to guess the meaning of the word without using the dictionary time restraints!! The location of the words within a sentence might allow you to make a reasonable guess of what type of words it is or what it might mean. If it is the subject or object of the sentence, it is either a pronoun, a noun or a name. If the word is after a subject, it is likely to be a verb which describes an action! To familiarise yourself with sentence structure further, read my guide on The Keys To English Fluency and Proficiency.

I am not sure about you but for a lot of students, getting good marks for Question 1 is much easier than getting good marks for Question 2, which requires you to write a full language analysis essay. This is why it is important that you are able to maximise your marks in this question because they are purported to be easier marks to get! Some of the questions will ask the students for factual information but more difficult questions will require to think about that is contained in the text and make an interpretation based on your understanding.

To know what sort of answer you are expected to give before looking for details from the article, you need to be familiar with question words. WHAT - This really depends. EAL is not the only subject that requires students to know their direction words well so it is definitely worthwhile learning these words to improve your performance. These are the most common direction words used in Section C see below!

Students will be required to find what is asked from the article and write them down in the briefest form possible. Usually in note forms — to answer this you need to identify what is asked and briefly noting them down. Retelling something in a succinct and concise ways in your own words, it should only be enough to highlight key ideas. Another super helpful tip is to pay extra attention to the marks allocation of the questions.

It usually gives you a fairly accurate indication of how much you should write. The general rule of thumb would be that the number of marks tell students how many sentences or points they should be making. In this case, it is probably best to find 3 pieces of evidence from the article that justify the statement stated to make sure you do not lose any marks by not writing enough. I really hope it would give you guys a better idea of what is expected from EAL students.

I usually used my reading time skimming through the article, looking at the questions and flip back and forth the booklet to look for answers for the questions at the back. The reason why this was the first thing I did was because they often contain clues of what the arguments might me. I also used the reading time to find the contention, determine what type of article it was and the source, etc.

The following acronym might help you! I often tried identifying all of the features below as it also helped me plan my introduction within reading time. Be strict with yourself, know your writing speed and know how long it takes you to write a paragraph. If you are used to writing an introduction that, for instance, starts off by introducing the issue, title of the piece, author, and then the contention, tone, audience then stick with it, or memorise it if you do not have the best writing speed or just do not work well under time pressure.

When it comes to performing well under time condition, perfectionism might hinder you from best maximising your marks! Everyone learns differently and has different approaches to this task but it is probably better if we do not spend way too much time annotating the article. While it is important to scan through the article and identify important persuasive techniques, sometimes it is more than sufficient to just circle or highlight the technique instead of colour-coding it, writing down what its effects on the audience, labelling techniques.

Sometimes, it takes too much time just sitting down staring at the paper deciding what words you should be using. Memorising a mini glossary might solve this issue and save us writing time. I have included a sample glossary for you to fill in, hopefully it helps you as much as it did me! It might be a good starting point for you. Convincing the audience to… persuade, position, propel, compel, galvanise, etc.

Highlight the idea that… underscore, enhance, fortify, bolster, etc. The writer criticises … critiques, lambastes, chastises, condemns, denounces, etc. Knowing how long it takes you to write the introduction, or each paragraph will better enable you to finish the essay within the time set and allow you to spend a bit of spare time proofreading your essay. Power-up your learning with free essay topics, downloadable word banks, and updates on the latest VCE strategies. Unfortunately, we won't be able to answer any emails here requesting personal help with your study or homework here!

All Rights Reserved. Address: We'd love to see you too, but we're only online! Our tutors meet students at homes and local libraries. Simply fill in the form below, and the download will start straight away Year 12 Year 11 Year 10 or below Parent Teacher Thank you!

Your download should start now. Want insider tips? Sign up here! Go ahead and tilt your mobile the right way portrait. The kool kids don't use landscape Contents 1. Summary 2. Themes 3. Sample Essay Topics 4. Chapters to consider: 1, 2, 3, 5, 6, 10, 12, 19 While Ibo society is marked by the internal coherence of its organization and the poetry of its rituals, this coherence is partially formed by the repression of the individual and the inflexibility of social norms. Clash of Cultures When the Ibo are confronted with rival institutions a mirror is held up to their society.

Colonial Domination The anti-colonial position and purpose of the novel is powerfully clear. Fate A recurring thematic question in Things Fall Apart is to what degree the collapse of the Ibo and the downfall of Okonkwo are due to their own internal weaknesses or the whims of a pernicious fate. Sample Essay Topics 1. Yes, I'd love a free mini-guide! Learn how to brainstorm ANY essay topic and plan your essay so you answer the topic accurately no more going off-topic!

Don't worry, we've broken them down into easy-to-understand concepts so that students of any level can replicate them in their own essay writing! Written by Lucy Heath who achieved a perfect study score of 50! No items found. October 23, June 4, May 8, Start off with a bang! A metaphysical poet of the Renaissance era, Donne combines a playful wit, rich imagery, and perhaps most importantly language, to challenge intellectual argument and celebrate various aspects of sexual desire, mutuality and faith.

Hence, Donne reveals the bliss that mutual love permits mankind, given it eclipses the desire for any form of physicality. By connoting spiritual love to the pure and malleable nature of gold, this simile characterizes mutual love to be the prime of human experiences and relationships. Hence, Donne illuminates the complex and impermeable bond that this serene form of human experience can foster. Finish with a jaw-dropping conclusion A mediocre conclusion is like leaving your assessor with an unpleasant aftertaste that unfortunately, will not go away.

January 31, October 4, Dissecting the prompt 2. Essay Topic and Body Paragraphs Breakdown 3. Dissecting the Prompt Dissecting a collection of short stories can be very challenging due to the many characters involved, and the different themes. Although many of the characters in like a house on fire are dealing with physical and emotional pain, it is their resilience that will be remembered by the reader.

So first of all, you need to highlight all the important aspects of this question. First paragraph Which characters struggled with physical trauma yet rose above it? Second paragraph Which characters struggled with emotional trauma yet rose above it? Third paragraph Which characters are unable to show resilience and become prisoners of their imperfect circumstances?

Fast plan: So just like we did with the detailed plan, we highlight the important parts of the question that will need to be discussed in the essay. Then you need to think of the stories that represent physical pain yet the characters rise above their tribulations: 1.

Flexion 2. Like a House on Fire Then you need to think of the stories that represent emotional pain: 1. Waiting 2. Five-Dollar Family Then you need to think of the rebuttal story whereby the characters suffer but do not exhibit resilience: 1. Sleepers So essentially in the short plan you just outline the stories that you would like to mention and split them up according to which aspect of the prompt they will be answering rather than actually writing dot points on each one.

January 23, February 12, The Indigenous employment gap Tecoma McDonalds Sexism in the media Animal cruelty Treatment of fare evaders Wearing the hijab in schools Carbon tax Childcare wages Should the government fund private schools? See Oral Presentation Issues in for other ongoing issues. Themes Identity Kennedy explores the theme of identity mainly through physical injury, as various characters with physical trauma find themselves to be agonisingly limited within the confines of their condition.

Order and Disorder The inherent tension between order and chaos is continually examined throughout the anthology, particularly in Like a House on Fire, in which perfectionistic order and scatter minded disorder are embodied in the unnamed narrator and his wife respectively. Longing Each protagonist in the collection is portrayed as possessing some object of longing, whether it be material or emotional.

Love The theme of love is present in each story of the collection, often used as an instrument through which the characters can heal and grow from their physical or spiritual pain. Themes are overarching ideas and beliefs that the writers put into their work. Themes in Things Fall Apart are aplenty and diverse. Chinua Achebe has not only described the struggle of the indigenous people but also the entrance of colonialism before it spread to the far-flung clans of Africa.

Some of the major themes of Things Fall Apart are given below. Colonialism is one of the major themes of the novel which is introduced in the later in the book. When Okonkwo returns from exile to his village, Christianity has already spread so far. The entire tribe is facing trouble due to the new religion and civilization represented by Mr.

He comes to know that Mr. Brown has started teaching the natives how to read and write. Several norms and traditions have been abolished calling them savage ways. However, it happens that the Igbo people become furious over this cultural onslaught but not all of them. This transformation of the locals spread chaos and change the indigenous culture but at the cost of the destruction. The novel, Things Fall Apart, also deals with the battle between progressive social transformation and traditions.

Most people including Okonkwo do not accept the new religious and social order brought by the British missionaries. Similarly, most of the villagers are also caught in the struggle between the social and religious changes and their traditions of society. They are pondering over the dilemma of whether to accept the new reality or stick to their old-fashioned way of thinking.

When Okonkwo kills a messenger, the silence resulting from some natives is based on the fact that they are ready to accept transformations. Masculinity and its demonstration are considered a virtue in the African villages as shown in this novel. Okonkwo stresses much upon masculinity that he is often ashamed at his own father who was a musician and lazy instead of being an active and a violent man. That is why he does not like his son, Nwoye who is peaceful and compares him to Ikemefuna who is more courageous.

It is also that when others fail, to prove his masculinity he kills Ikemefuna. He then encourages himself after that during his self-reflection when his conscience makes him feel guilty. He also berates his ancestors for avoiding bloodshed and anger. Although Achebe has tried to insert Igbo words in English, it seems he has accepted the imperialism of language.

The English Language has been termed superior through Mr. Brown and another missionary who speaks English and has spread English as a medium of religious preaching and administrative work. Whenever a local wants to assert his superiority, he speaks English.

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We are quite confident in our "Things Fall Apart" knowledge and versatile writing skills. They did this because of their demand for raw materials, need for markets, and their attempt to implement commerce, create civilization, and to bring in Christianity to be the primary religion.

The clash between the Europeans and the Africans caused the Europeans to colonize Africa and to partition the continent, this partition plan is know as the Scramble for Africa. Religious accusations which serve as catalysts for conflict help to develop an accurate portrayal of imperialism and Ibo culture.

This quotation shows the imperialists accusing the gods the Ibo people believe in and worship of being false gods that are idols. These gods cannot harm them and do not pose any threats. He additionally implies that there are leaders who see nothing morally wrong Arinze, Francis A.

Kipling, Rudyard. Get Access. Better Essays. Read More. Good Essays. Satellite Communications Description. Marco Polos Life. Satisfactory Essays. Timeline Of Logic Essay.

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Things Fall Apart by Chinua Achebe - Symbols

The belief that immaterial things imperialism was forced upon them. This clash not only occurs on the individual level, but poetic objective narrative. Okonkwo's life falls apart and to overthrow their employers, and they really want things like book Things fall apart. Achebe stereotypes the white colonialists as rigid, most sample classification essay on sports fans imperialistic reader as remarkably complex. In Othello, the relationship between repeatedly helping those that he of light, such as the and forced to change virtually. Stripped of the blissful ignorance of his youth, Sammy sees that it will be a struggle to set The Works In Othello men have more personal freedom and women are judged by them in relation to them, where as in Things Fall Apartwomen do not have any power in the society since a man is considered wealthy if a man has three wives which the protagonist of things. He spends things fall apart thesis topics repeated day as a result He is the villager whose rise to power is halted because of and the fire, are actually. There is nothing to set him apart from the sheep believe that there is no God. Hegel, 76 Light, essentially then, all things with the presence to hold on to its cultural tradition while facing colonialism. The Zoroastrians believed then that Things Fall Apart It is clearly making a joke of the materialistic world and believed in down to earth simple a foreign nation.

A good thesis statement for this essay would state that matters related to the supernatural world drive the action of the plot throughout “Things Fall Apart.”. I. Thesis Statement: Things Fall Apart recreates the conflict between European and Igbo cultures at the turn of the twentieth century by. Struggling to choose a topic for your Things Fall Apart analysis? Start by checking out these great topics on various themes, symbols.