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Theatre dissertation titles ideas for a2 english language coursework

Theatre dissertation titles

The Arts, film and theatre, combined with media studies, is a popular area for study for many who wish to be more attuned with political and social events, enjoy looking at the history of the development of the arts and who wish to gain a better understanding of people.

Should you be considering a dissertation on the theme of theatre and film studies then it is important to connect to a topic that is contemporary, engaging and with enough scope for you to engage with the literature available. The following sections will highlight some of the key issues and debates concurrent within the field of theatre and film studies, including issues related to COVID, and digital innovation. Is this a positive step for theatre?

This is a controversial area, and recent casting decisions such as black actress Jodie Turner Smith playing Anne Boleyn for Channel 5 has opened up a race debate in the media. Does this actually matter, or is it an issue worthy of academic debate? Entering these zones are interesting for debate, and there has been much media attention to both of these areas in the Arts.

Theatre sometimes struggles with an elitist brush applied to it, with Panto and West End Musicals seen as more for the masses. Getting the public into theatre became impossible as they were closed during the pandemic and the future is uncertain. Likewise, the closure of cinemas has seen the likes of Amazon and Netflix fill the void with their own productions; further down the chain, fan-made films on outlets such as YouTube have shown new avenues for film, outside of the main cinema and producers.

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Example gender theatre dissertation topic 1: · Bala, J. (). A dead baby and a scar, but no genitalia in sight. · Houchin, J. (). Bodily fear: Recent. Theatre Arts Theses and Dissertations. Browse by. By Issue Date · Authors · Titles · Subjects. Search within this collection. Theses/Dissertations from PDF. Celestine, Akeem Amire (), From head to toe creating the look ·