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Cheap school thesis proposal ideas gaussian mutual information homework

Cheap school thesis proposal ideas


College education has faced a failure to make students job-ready after graduation, and they need to make changes in preparing their students for future careers. What subjects do colleges need to provide to make their graduates ready for future careers? You can analyze one of the existing programs in your university.

What disciplines are the least important in the program? What improvements should be made to the program? The problem of improving assessments in many subjects is urgent, as it takes too much time for the teacher. Also, teachers strive to make their lessons more productive and interactive. What possibilities does this system give both to the teacher and student?

How are tests evaluated? Evaluate its effectiveness. This topic is one of the most discussed topics in education. One of the tasks of the school uniform is to unite children of different social statuses. On the other hand, it has a list of negative sides. Evaluate the cost of implementation of uniforms in a particular public school. You can consider the following criteria or find your own: quality, cost, type of uniform, influence on the discipline, individuality, etc.

For this topic you will need to use your analytical skills and gather enough data for this research. For this topic you will need to explore the correlation between student graduation SAT rates from a particular school and student level data from first year classes. The received data should show the existence of the bridge between SAT and college retention.

Also, you will need to analyze previously conducted research in a similar topic. This research should be aimed to find the core points that can help students to find out that teaching is their future career. You can build questionnaires and conduct interviews to find the necessary data. Find questions that will help you discover what makes students think of teaching as their career choice. Have teachers influenced their choice?

What classroom experiences have lead to this decision? The aim of this research will be the investigation of the difference between parenting styles of men and women. You can view this topic from the feminist perspective and define what role feminism has played in the psychology of women. Also, consider how feminist movements have changed the frame of understanding about women. The overarching goal of this assignment is to allow you to familiarize yourself, in some depth, with relevant literature that will allow you to generate your own questions and analysis of the issue, area, or problem you have elected to focus on.

PTSD develops if a person has experienced a real or potential threat to life. Also, there is a risk to witnesses of shocking events and people who have dealt with its consequences e. It happens that PTSD is felt by close friends and relatives of people who have suffered an injury. What is the difference between PTSD and a normal reaction to a traumatic event?

What are the diagnostic criteria for PTSD? What factors can provoke PTSD? What should relatives do? How can they help a person with PTSD? Modern researchers give different definitions that can conclude that abuse is a different kind of behavior — from verbal and emotional insults to the use of physical force to murder and rape.

In this particular research we suggest you to make research about how emotional abuse influences psychological development of adolescents. It includes conflicts, insults, humiliations, intimidation, excessive control, indifference towards the child, and many other aspects. What are the most common reactions of children on such a negative attitude? How does it influence their adulthood? What physiological reactions can emotional abuse create? According to some studies, support for the LGBT movement in modern society has significantly strengthened in recent years.

However, it is still too early to talk about full acceptance of the rights and freedoms of sexual minorities. The situation of homosexual and bisexual people in the world vary from one country to another. In the countries where homosexuality is not accepted or is not supported on a high level, people with homosexual orientation experience high levels of pressure.

In many countries homosexuals are subjected to verbal abuse, threats, and subjected to homophobic violence. Conduct the research and define how a negative attitude to gays and lesbians influences their psychological well being. Technologies in the modern world shape our lives. We need to keep them under control so that their benefits help us grow in virtue. Children quickly learn how to use the internet, social networks, and games.

Parents should learn how to use technologies to build positive relationships with children and help them explore the world. Review the existing literature about how technology impacts parent-child relationships. What points should parents consider to build strong relationships with their children through technologies?

How have technologies changed the approach to upbringing? Also, you may need to conduct field research on the experience of real families. We think that everyone knows that alcohol is harmful to all human beings. Here we pr opose you to research the consequences of alcohol consumption during pregnancy. A woman who consumes alcohol harms her unborn child. Alcohol affects the development of the embryo throughout the entire period of formation.

Alcohol enters the blood of the fetus from the mother, disrupting cell division. The most vulnerable parts are brain cells and the spinal cord. How does alcohol affect the fetus? What is a safe dose of alcohol? What are the signs of fetal alcohol spectrum disorders? How can it be diagnosed? How can fetal alcohol spectrum disorders be prevented?

Explore the factors that influence active family involvement with patients in the intensive care unit ICU. Nowadays, it is important to involve the family in the care of the patient in the intensive care unit. For this topic you can explore local instructions, recommendations from the US and foreign hospitals and clinics, publications in PubMed, Medline, and other resources.

What are the main benefits of involving the family in medical care? How can a critical care nurse involve family members to participate in patient care? What are the most common approaches? What are the barriers for caregivers in intensive care?

What instructions should be given to the caregiver? Propose and provide a health promotion program for students from a particular college or course. Colleges and universities should pay great attention to providing health promotion to students in order to create a healthy learning environment. Explore the standard practice for health promotion in higher educational institutions. When describing the proposed program you can consider the following points: health problems and health habits of particular students, what the program should include information, health checks, services, supplemental training, etc.

Describe the implementation and evaluation of the proposed program. Compare and analyze anxiety levels among women who practice yoga and those who do not. Anxiety and stress are like salt in the dish — it helps people be energetic and focused. But when there is too much in our lives, it may lead to mental dysfunction that needs treatment.

Yoga is considered to be one of the effective non-traditional ways to reduce anxiety. We propose you to conduct a study that will be aimed at determining the anxiety levels in apparently healthy women of a certain age and to study the effects of Yoga on anxiety levels among them.

Choose the criteria you are going to evaluate: age, social status, regularity of exercises, health condition, etc. To conduct a study you can join one of the monthly yoga camps and gather the needed information about women who do yoga. The relationship between the high rate of stress and physical image in teenage girls. The functioning of the nervous system of a teenager has its own peculiarities. Increased excitability, hyperactivity, and emotional instability is caused by changing balance of cortical-subcortical relationships in the direction of subcortical activity at pubertal age.

What are the signs of teen stress? What are the main causes of stress? How does stress relate to the physical image of teenage girls? What are the ways to reduce stress? To write a research proposal you will need to make an argument about why there is a need for research in this area. Support your claim with evidence from the literature. Come up with methods that you will use for collecting data to test your hypothesis. Consider the limitations of your study. A research proposal is a paper that explains the details of your future research and is submitted to your instructor.

To pick a topic, you should clarify your intentions about the research and find the information about it. The following list of example topics may help you with this difficult task. It is important to choose an appropriate topic for a research proposal, as receiving good marks during postgraduate studies directly depends on your research project. In case you need some help, choose the topic you like from the category-list below.

We hope that this list will help you find a good topic for your research proposal and leave you and your tutor satisfied with the choice. As soon as you make the final choice, make sure that the topic is interesting for you, so you will be motivated to write it. Also, you need to have enough information from the internet and article databases for your research paper. Think what methods you will use for conducting the study and how you are going to collect the data.

Decide who you will need to interview, what you might create or observe, etc. Good luck! Latest orders. My account. Business Research Proposal Topics Evaluate the impact of leadership and culture on the sustainable development of 21st century organizations.

Compare cultural and organizational behavior between China and the US. Examples of Research Proposal Topics in Education What is the purpose of college: finding a job or knowledge? Discuss the pros and cons of uniforms in public high schools in the US. Analyze the relationship between SAT scores and college graduation rates. Explore how to inspire students to choose teaching as a future career.

Study the effects of PTSD on families after military leave. The impact of emotional abuse on the psychological development of adolescents. Define the effects of homophobia on men with a homosexual orientation. Find the effects of technologies on the parent-child relationship. Biology and Medical Research Proposal Topics Research the dangers and effects of alcohol abuse on the fetus and newborn.

Groups that support full, partial, or no privatization of social security Finding sponsorship, financial, and logistic support for a climb of the left peak of Kilimanjaro The program of gum recycling for a university campus How to build an effective social network marketing campaign Becoming technologically advanced or losing creativity?

The United States international finance system. Characteristics of entrepreneurs and their effect on entrepreneurial profitability. The market risk related to increasing gas prices. Entry-level job qualifications for business management positions. The effect of executive compensation on corporate performance. Determining the price of the television ads.

The variables that could have an effect on sales businesses. Environment vs. Drugs and Drug Abuse Approaches to correcting substance abuse. Substance abuse among the elderly. The relationship between substance abuse and domestic violence. Substance abuse on college campuses. Mental illness and substance abuse. Substance abuse and family therapy. HIV and substance abuse. The treatment of tobacco dependency. Developmental disabilities and substance abuse.

Applying evidence-based approaches to substance abuse. Economy Economics in an university cooperative. The impact of energy price liberalization on economic activity within the Commonwealth of Independent States. Employee benefits and their impacts on unemployment rates in Germany. Economic development and brownfield.

China: effect of communist party membership on wage rates. The demand for electric vehicles: a second chance for the 21st century. The effects of gender, income, race and religion on the amounts of donations to the charities. The impact of credit card incentive packages on consumer borrowing. Using macroeconomic indicators to estimate the number of undocumented Mexicans entering the United States.

Alternative factors to college success. The effect of family income on grade point averages for UCLA students. Factors that affect the grade a student receives in a class. Factors affecting freshman admissions to UCLA. Relatedness of work on the graduation rate. The amount of time students spend on commuting. Financial aid and its affect on grade point averages.

Understanding coach education. Environmental The pollution trend of industrialization. Analysis of a bell pepper crop: farmer vs. The working environment vs. Development of efficient survey designs for environmental monitoring. Incorporating information on spatial patterns into ecological models.

Monitoring of spatial and temporal variation in possum populations. The impact of European earthworm introduction on plant community dynamics. The impact of European earthworm introduction on soil productivity and plant growth in a northern hardwoods ecosystem. Green products vs. The impact of the green house effect on the environment. Health Care The risk factors of a heart attack. Health care in America. The driving forces of HMO health care premiums. Job lock and employment-linked health insurance.

A comparative look at levels of care between traditional insurance plans and health maintenance organizations. Smoking cessation policy evaluation. Fraud and abuse in a health care law. Homelessness among the chronically mentally ill in United States.

The factors that affect legal implications of private health care in Canada. Law and Crime Underlying problems of crime rates in the US. Are formerly abused children more likely to commit violent crimes? Violent crimes committed by the elderly: what should the punishment be? The benefits on inmates in regard to guide dog training programs in the prisons.

The pros and cons of prison nurseries. Is there a gender bias in our court system? What are the benefits of teen courts for young offenders? How can work release programs benefit inmates? What is post-incarceration syndrome? Religion What do Christians think is most important in human life? Christianity vs. Is proof for the existence of God necessary? Which argument for the existence of God is the strongest? What are the foundations of the Universe and from where did the Universe emerge?

Can God and real evil be reconciled? Are science and religion in conflict? Is there a rational argument for the atheism? Can one be moral and not believe in God? Social Issues The impact of a rising population on the global economy.

Factors that affect increased demand for television. An estimate on the chances affected by aids from the race. Salary discrimination in the National Basketball Association. An analysis of the increase in the number of single parent families. Determinants of the dollars spent on car insurance. Analysis of college undergraduate studying time. The effects of rap music on violent behavior among African American teenagers. Is it more effective for women to coach women than for men to coach women?

You can explore the issue of improving the political situation in your city; try to create a new revolutionary idea and get people interested in it. If you are looking for a quick topic— write an essay on art and music. When writing a proposal essay, your goal is to propose a few ideas regarding a certain topic, elaborate them, and convince readers to accept them. Picture yourself as a salesperson who has to convince the customer to make a purchase. Use the title ideas above to practice.

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You can come up with a standout idea if you follow the expert tips listed below. But before you glean on those hacks, you need to understand what a proposal essay means. A proposal essay is a written document that identifies an issue in society and proposes solutions to the problem.

This write-up is argumentative but takes a slightly different format than a typical essay. One of the distinguishing elements of a proposal is deep research. As such, it takes more time to formulate a thesis and generate supportive evidence. In essence, such an essay needs to persuade readers that the proposal is viable and worth pursuing. Good proposal essay topics convince the audience why specific ideas are good or bad. Generally, a proposal essay must have the following elements.

The best topics for a proposal essay involve serious research, planning, and enthusiasm. When narrowing down your ideas, it is essential for you to choose a subject of your interest. You will be writing and researching a lot, and so it is much more pleasant to write when you have enjoyable ideas. Instead, find a topic that has a significant influence on you or society.

Our proposal essay topics list has good examples you can expand on. Writing on a topic that cannot be supported by information resources is pointless. Your audience needs to see the evidence of your claims. From there, you can pick the side of the argument you think you can handle best. Never write opinionated content without facts. The most exciting topics for proposal essay are debatable.

Outsourcing as a solution for backup business activities. Corporate culture transformations needed for effective mergers. Training programs for effective assimilation of new employees. The benefits of implementing more foreign languages into the school curriculum.

The ways for parents to interest children in education in the area of science. The time students spend on physical activity at school and how to improve it? The reasons to limit the use of smartphones at schools and the ways to do it. Adaptation of standardized tests to the needs of ESL students and students with learning disabilities. Cleaning marathons as a way to engage citizens in keeping the neighborhoods clean. Installing book exchange boxes around the city to promote people reading more.

Support groups for teenagers to prevent depression due to issues with school peers. The ways to help your friend if you suspect they have alcohol or drug addiction. Choosing the right idols for teenagers to encourage positive lifestyle changes. How can people preserve national identity in the current situation of globalization?

An educational film for enhancing population awareness of the hazards of excessive television viewing. Propaganda of healthy eating habits for reducing obesity levels. Healthy alternatives to free beer parties to prevent the dangers of college drinking. The increasing speed of technological development and how to keep up with it? Having technological detox days as a preventive measure for depression and apathy.

Implementing more technologies into the educational process — is it good or bad? The optimal solution. Implementing more modern technologies in libraries to encourage people to use them. Cyber-bullying at schools: what are the most effective strategies to fight it? How can children with learning disabilities use the help of virtual reality?

Limiting the age of modern technology users for the sake of healthy child development. Implementing censorship in the media to stop the collapse of moral values. Do technologies help college students in their performance and how to boost it? Banning TV watching for children as the best solution for the development of inappropriate behavior patterns.

How to make the best out of technology in medicine for inheritance disease testing? Researching the issues of mechanical reproduction and finding the most appropriate ethical solutions. Technology and food industry: using GMO to help with the world hunger issue. Recommendations on how to use modern technologies and preserve mental health. Many processes that were once performed by people have been replaced by machines. Has this trend brought more benefits than disadvantages? Some people have been critical of the impact of technology, stating that computers and smartphones make younger generations less interactive.

What evidence is there to support or disprove such criticism? Develop a paper with solutions and recommendations for overcoming the gap between the rich and the poor that has been caused by technology. What problems do parents face when preventing their children from accessing the Internet unsupervised? Pharmaceutical companies should share their findings at pre-competitive stages to reduce research and development expenditures and improve the outcomes.

Solutions for overcoming prison overcrowding and prison violence. The most important and controversial issues that persist in courtrooms: false confessions, mistreatment of evidence, and witness framing. The duty of care for senior citizens: who should be held accountable for the mistreatment of residents and wrongful deaths in nursing homes? Arguments for and against police funding for improving neighborhood safety.

Business and law: how to manage sexual harassment lawsuits in the workplace. How to mitigate the negative impact of police violence on the reputation of law enforcement agencies. Programs targeted at encouraging children and teenagers to read classic literature. The definition of cultural awareness : when it is and is not relevant. Racism and reverse racism on college campuses: how students deal with the ongoing debate on race in light of recent cultural developments.

The impact of extreme patriotism on the reputation of Americans in the international arena. Good questions to ask a foreigner before resorting to cultural stereotyping. The long process of cultural accommodation: what you should do and avoid when in a foreign culture. Explain how the debate with social justice warriors regarding racial profiling should be managed. How to structure a research proposal, from the abstract to the list of references.

Specifics of technical writing : how to differentiate between specialized and non-specialized text. Coming up with memorable titles for articles and research papers: how to capture the attention of the audience. The easiest ways to develop a draft that will serve as the basis for your future paper. An introduction to the Paleolithic Age: the development of societies, fishing, hunting and gathering, and scavenging. A list of the most significant historical events that shaped modern society.

A short evaluation of the current issues prevailing in the Catholic Church: what has changed and what has not? A factual analysis of the Bible: comparing historical facts with the descriptions of events given in the religious text. The best solution for overcoming religious discrimination exploring the Christianity — Islam opposition.

Different views on the importance of religion, including how it helps people and how it harms them the ethical debate. Subjects to discuss with your local government : its role in the economy, social equity, and the well-being of neighborhoods. Should the government be involved in controlling the Internet and other forms of news media? What role should politicians play when providing formal support for underserved and underrepresented communities?

How harmful are various social media networks and the advertising industry to the development of a child? Discuss their impact on self-esteem. Develop a descriptive essay about the experiences that have shaped your personality and your sense of self-worth. Have you learned more from positive or negative experiences? What format should training courses and personal development sessions take when it comes to working with developmentally disabled individuals?

Is it true that nothing can be done to alter personal traits? Discuss the current theories about anxiety and the impact of this disorder on the development of individuals. Recommendations for managing posttraumatic stress disorder PTSD. Should the government invest in funding and grants for up-and-coming musicians and artists?

Which contemporary artists and musicians have had the most impact on you as a person? Explain their impact. Does rap music influence the behavior of modern teenagers? Is there a difference between the rap of the 70s and modern rap regarding their messages for society? While globalization has had some positive influences on societies , discuss the negative implications of this process.

Explain the correlation between global wealth and the transfer of knowledge between countries and culture. Has globalization affected you personally? What have you done to mitigate the impact of this process? Based on the example of developing economies, investigate the relationship between globalization and democratization. The scarcity of economic resources with regards to poverty, income gaps, and the distribution of wealth. The economics of death and disease: how industries impose unnecessary regulations to increase revenue.

Agree or disagree with the following statement: there should be a limit placed on the ownership of private property. Has the economic collapse ended? What has been the impact of this crisis on the modern economy?

Best Argumentative Research Paper Topics.


Someone may try and give more possibilities and chances to students; others focus on treating teachers well. With chain restaurants growing and teenagers starting to drink or smoke earlier, writing an essay about health is a powerful move. These topics may become the closest as you are a student. They will be the easiest to write and you might even use your personal experience in the process. Raise issues that your peers can relate to, and your proposal will be successful.

Environmental problems are discussed everywhere nowadays making this list the most interesting for the current audience. You can include a huge amount of recent research, creating a well-thought essay. The use of technology and the Internet has had a huge influence on society and the modern generation, making it the most progressive so far.

Topics regarding this matter can differ, giving a student a wide range to choose from. Sport is a huge part of modern life, controversies and drama nowadays provides a topic to discuss for every fan. You need to be careful, as all these topics are quite sensitive. We can for sure say that business culture is overtaking the world today, bringing lots of issues and concerns into everyday life as well as creating false expectations. Your exclusive point of view on historical background is something worth telling.

You can find something interesting in the list below or customize the topics for your own taste, making it about your country or city. You can explore the issue of improving the political situation in your city; try to create a new revolutionary idea and get people interested in it.

If you are looking for a quick topic— write an essay on art and music. When writing a proposal essay, your goal is to propose a few ideas regarding a certain topic, elaborate them, and convince readers to accept them. Picture yourself as a salesperson who has to convince the customer to make a purchase. Use the title ideas above to practice. Also, you can read about connecting ideas in an essay! And never forget to use essay checker!

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Do we need stricter gun control laws? Or should everyone own a gun for self-defense? You have the opportunity to air your opinion in a gun control essay. The reason for it is very simple. Kids have nothing to care or worry about, have almost no duties or problems, and can hang out with their friends all day long. Custom Writing service experts You are not alone if you are experiencing difficulty selecting college essay topics!

While many students appreciate the freedom of choosing a topic, most pupils depend on being provided college essay prompts. Many of these can be used Looking for a good argumentative topic for an essay or a research paper? Of course, you could spend a couple more hours staring into the ceiling trying to come up with a brilliant topic for your next great persuasive or argumentative essay. Unlike other topics, persuasive topics are quite tricky… … What is a persuasive speech, after all? A persuasive speech on any topic is a We use cookies to give you the best experience possible.

If you continue, we will assume that you agree to our Cookies Policy. Learn More. Toogle TOC. What steps you will take to explore the proposal topic. What type of data are you going to collect and analyze? It could be numerical or textual data. You can use available information, or collect it yourself.

Secondary data , already available and presented by someone else. Surveys are perfect for assignments where you need to gather information from a group of people. It can be done in the form of a questionnaire or as an interview. Observation is used when you need to see how something occurs in natural conditions. T-tests estimate the difference between the means of two groups e.

Simple linear regression analysis estimates the relationship between two variables e. Multiple regression analysis estimates the relationships between one dependent and several independent variables e. Content analysis e. Thematic analysis e. Discourse analysis e.

T-tests become unreliable when the normal distribution of data is violated. Sarah Palin and her role in the RNC. Politics and its influence. The military policy of Georgia toward South Ossetia. Fascism and Nazism: the contemporary usage of the terms and their meaning in the history of politics.

The terms are originally meant to refer to Italian and German political regimes. However, the doctrines themselves have important differences, which makes it a possible research topic. Contemporary religious extremism and its political and economic basis. In modern Western society exists an important ambiguity. On the one hand, religious tolerance endorsed; on the other, often used religious extremism as a scary tale to add some fuel to the flames of intolerance.

Understanding the real, economic and political basis of religious extremism might prove helpful in breaking the illusions of both sides. Actually, religion and society are not easy political science research topics, but definitely among the most notable ones. Bernie Sanders and Jeremy Corbyn: socialists in the contemporary U. The U. Democratic Party devised its failure during the Presidential Elections by selecting Hillary Clinton. She does not enjoy much support from the public, instead of well-loved, but so-scarily-leftist Bernie Sanders.

However, Jeremy Corbyn and his supporters were partially successful in addressing the stagnation in the British Labor Party, in which little left was left before him. Comparing the two leftist leaders and their political agenda might serve as an interesting research project topic. Anarchism as a political orientation and a worldview. Anarchism is commonly mistaken for chaos, when in fact it simply means the absence of formal authority and prevalence of grassroots cooperation.

Numerous movements exist within anarchism, such as anarcho-syndicalism, anarcho-pacifism, etc. Classifying and elucidating different anarchist theories and worldviews can prove a worthy research topic. A fragile democracy: the contemporary political crisis in Myanmar. Myanmar has for a long time suffered under the dictatorship of a military junta. The junta only dissolved in , but, although that the party of the National League for Democracy officially rules, the militaries remain strong and often uncontrollable.

The resulting crisis is tragic, and writing about it could be a good topic for a research proposal. The Arab Spring and its impact on the contemporary Middle East. The Arab Spring was a wave of demonstrations, protests, and revolutions in the countries of the Middle East. There was a hope that they would result in more democratic political regimes across the region. However, the results were far from optimistic. The massive impact of this phenomenon makes the Arab Spring an excellent topic example for a research proposal.

History and evolution of Buddhism in the world. American history books often depict the United States as a country that played a key role in defeating Nazi Germany and its allies. But was it true? And if not, what purpose did that image serve in the post-war years, and what is its function today?

The Holy Inquisition is notorious for its hunt and torturous murder of countless women by their alleged practice of witchcraft. The history of this hunt, as well as the doctrine of the Inquisition, might be an interesting research topic. Vladimir Lenin and Joseph Stalin: a comparison of policies.

The October Revolution played a significant role in history, resulting in the birth of the Soviet Union. The country was to become a communist utopia. Instead, the revolution proved violent. When Lenin died, and Stalin came to power , the country turned into a bloody dictatorship.

A possible history research proposal, for example, would be the investigation of the differences between the policies of Lenin, who did try to build socialism, and Stalin, who organized a reign of terror. The French Revolution and its impact on the history of 19th century Europe. The French Revolution is known to be one of the most influential events in history, even though its liberal ideas suppressed , and the revolution ended in a dictatorship.

European colonization of the Americas and the fate of Native Americans. Although the image of Christopher Columbus and other explorers of the New World is very positive nowadays, the reality was far more severe. The colonizers used ruthless and violent methods to deal with Native Americans, massacring them to gain land and enslaving them to gain labor.

The history of cruelty might nonetheless prove an interesting topic for a history project proposal. The history of racism in the United States. Whether one likes it or not, racism played an important role in the history of the U. The country has not yet recovered from the consequences of it. The history of American racist ideas might be a good topic for research. One that may allow for making the parallels with the contemporary situation and possibly helping battle racial discrimination nowadays.

Grab the list of research topics for your proposal! Sonya Marmeladova is one of the most appealing and sympathetic characters in world literature. A teenage girl, she is the embodiment of kindness and allegiance, which is not changed by the fact that she has to work as a prostitute to support her family.

Analyzing her character can be an excellent research project topic. It may prove a good writing topic for any course in English literature. But would a real-world person such as Dorian pay so much attention to such a portrait, if they had it? This is a good research question that can be investigated further.

The character of Eliza Doolittle in G. Her unique transformation may be studied further if you choose this sample idea as your research proposal topic. One of the greatest novels in the history of American literature is devoted to Captain Ahab, planning his revenge on a white whale named Moby Dick. Would such anthropomorphization of a whale make sense in real-life, though? Selecting this as a research paper topic may help you find more about this question.

Jane Eyre: the story of Cinderella by C. The novel Jane Eyre is perhaps simply a story of Cinderella. Or maybe being so complicated and many-sided makes it the story of Cinderella? Further studying the masterpiece by C. Advertising strategies and the importance of advertising for business.

Strategies for running a business. Importance of business planning. The impact of employee motivation on their performance. Is it true that highly motivated staff work much better? And if yes, how much better? The importance of this question warrants its further investigation and may prove a worthwhile topic for your dissertation research proposal.

Disaster preparedness plans for the business. In many regions of the world, disasters such as hurricanes or earthquakes occur frequently. None is safe from ordinary fire, for example. The costs and losses of business due to such disasters may be tremendous. Ways to transition to a new organizational culture. Studying the ways to make such a transition smooth and seamless could be a great research paper idea. The most effective leadership styles for various types of businesses.

The leadership has a great impact on business performance, but it is possible that for some types of companies, certain management style would be most effectual. This theme could be a useful and interesting research topic for your proposal. Environmental friendliness of a business: additional spending or a way to make more profit? Many business leaders assume that decreasing the amount of waste their company produces will only result in losses for them. However, this is untrue; eco-friendliness improves business reputation and attracts more clients.

Investigating the exact impact of environmental friendliness on business performance could be an interesting research idea. The impact of various types of stakeholders on the success of a business. Exploring its exact impact on a company may be an excellent idea for your quantitative research proposal.

Business management and innovation. Social engineering technologies caused significant changes in marketing, customer-organization relations, communications, etc. Assess how these technologies can be used in business. Effective energy management and its role in sustainable development. Provide suggestions on how enterprises can increase their energy effectiveness. Social entrepreneurship in developing countries. How can a business increase its social value without prejudice to its profits?

Ethics and corporate social responsibility. Ethical issues remain a popular topic for research studies. Point out how corporate responsibility can increase the loyalty of employees. Accounting and accountability. Business management and its effect on profits. The goal of any company is to make profits. Assess how business management impact on its losses and profits.

Sustainable development: the relationship with business in the 21st century. Characterize the new approach to leadership in the 21st century. How does it affect business? What is the literature on the topic? What does it mean to be a sustainable leader? What role does culture play in modern organizations? Does leadership style correlate with the type of business? What social dynamics are there? Give examples of organizations that became successful in the 21st century.

What are the factors that have influenced their success? Strategy of communication: old vs. Choose a company featuring a new communication strategy. Why did the management of the company decide to do it? Describe the existing practices of communication strategies. How do they happen? What is their effect on the reputation of a company? To what degree are performance and financial outcomes affected?

What difference can a chosen way of communication make to stakeholders? China and the US: cultural and organizational behavior. Why is the Chinese market attractive for US companies? Give examples of US companies who depend on the Chinese market. What barriers for building a business on the Chinese market are there? What are the main factors that influence consumer compliance? What are the best strategies to sell products or services in China? Recommend the best-suited regimen for the introduction of a product.

Give information about organizational behavior in China. Does it differ from the US ones? What peculiarities are there? New technologies in a hospital. How to maintain operations efficiently? What are the main difficulties associated with new technologies in a medical center?

Why is there a need to keep up with the changing world of technologies? What new technologies to update first? What healthcare issues cause the biggest administration barriers? Does it affect the cost? Provide a real-life example. Small businesses vs. What is the current stand of small businesses in your area? Does their performance compare to that of big established brands? Produce real-life data. Give your prediction. Is there a place for small businesses in the next decades, or are they a dying kind?

If that happens, in what way will it affect the economy? What can one do to prevent monopolization of the market? Advertising strategies: how to advertise different types of businesses? Which types of ads are known to give the best results market-wise?

What advertising strategies work best for big corporations? What about small businesses? Give real-life examples. Does the cost of advertising correlate with marketing success? Inexperienced workers: how to find a job? Is there a market for people fresh out of colleges and inexperienced workers?

What social groups fall under the category? Is the demand for such people reflected in the paychecks? What can be done to maximize their appeal as employees? Will it benefit or harm the economy? Describe the programs that companies set up to reward employees. Illustrate your analysis with numbers.

What types of rewards are there? Which works better? Should a company decide whom to reward? Corporate ethical policy: how to. What is ethical in the corporate world of the 21st century? Is the public image of a company reflected on its sales? Give examples of successful marketing campaigns centered around ethical issues. What resolutions are there that can improve a project?

How to improve product development using dynamic capability? Do relationships between employees affect their performance? How to achieve knowledge integration and strategic flexibility? Use a theoretical framework in your study. Analyze the data using structural equation modeling. Allocation of human resources: how to. What are the issues associated with human resource allocation?

Investigate the mechanisms of top-down resource allocation. Use empirical research techniques in your research. Project benefit management: how to set effective target benefits? What is the scale of practical target benefits? Validate your study by presenting case studies.

Use goal-setting theory in your research. Analyze the dimensions of comprehensiveness, attainability, and specificity. Person-centered leadership vs. Use Archer realist social theory in your research. Conduct the study using mixed methods of data analysis. Project managers. What is their role in internal and external relationship management? Use mixed methods in your research. Categorize the role groups.

Illustrate the change from traditional to new project management. Do trust-conflict interactions impact project added value? Investigate relational and calculative trust dimensions. Study the influence of trust-conflict interactions on project added values. Explore task conflict, project conflict, and relationship conflict. How to encourage the building industry to evolve into a lower carbon construction equivalent? Analyze the effects of building development project processes.

How much energy does building consume, and how much are there carbon emissions? Does it affect indoor environmental quality? What are the associated needs of operations management? Project management practices in private organizations. Which project management practices are used in private organizations? What are the sectors of their activity? How do they choose their project management practices? Use a mixed-methods research methodology.

Process groups vs. Analyze the differences in phases of process groups and a project life cycle. How are both methods implemented in a project? Collect the data using questionnaires sampled from project managers in your area. Analyze the data using inferential statistics. Cost of packaging: does it affect the profitability of a manufacturer? What are the most widely used types of packaging materials? What are the least popular ones? How does the cost of packaging depend on the choice?

Does anything else affect the choice of packaging? What are the problems associated with the most popular types of packaging? Give recommendations to improve the packaging strategies. What types of financial incentives do workers receive in different kinds of organizations?

Do organizations recognize the correlation between productivity and financial incentives? How to enhance productivity and motivation? Effective employee selection and recruitment. Does it work as a tool for achieving top productivity in a company? What should one consider in the process of employee selection? How can the knowledge of the labor turnover rate help choose a suitable candidate?

How to identify the candidates most suitable for career promotion? The durability of small scale business start-ups. How can to make sure that the best project is chosen? How to determine investment appraisal of small business in your area? Does this process benefit both the economy in general and the investors in particular? Can inaccurate methods of project assessment be identified early?

How to avoid low returns? Time management in a company: how to. How is time usually managed in companies? What types of work-time organization are there? Do they do it differently in any leading enterprise? Why would they choose unconventional time management techniques? Does it reflect on the productivity of employees? Does it affect the success in general? Ailing industries: will privatization help them? Conduct a case study. What are the reasons for the ineffectiveness of the service?

How to identify inadequacies of the workplace environment? What kinds of discomforts, both physical and psychological, are there? What solutions to provide? Examine the environmental factors in a given company. Employ both the investigative and the descriptive approach in your research. Collect data using the interview and survey methods. Strategic human resource management. How to determine its effectiveness? Obtain the information for the study through questionnaire responses.

Analyze your findings. Find out whether there is a relationship between strategic resource management and organization performance. Corporate governance. Study its impact on the management of an organization. Define corporate governance. Who designs and implements the processes and rules practiced in a company? What is the primary force that influences corporate governance? Use research questions, surveys, and questionnaires in your study. Analyze the collected data through mean scores and frequencies.

What are the systemic problems militating against corporate governance? Microfinance banks and their impact on small-scale organizations. How do microfinance banks encourage banking habits among poorer populations? How can the economic status of the small scale manufacturers be improved by giving them more capital?

What are the possible drawbacks of this business relationship? The importance of early interventions in special education for children with disabilities. The use of innovative technologies in education. The ubiquity of computers and smartphones means that they also used in studies.

Finding out new ways in which innovations might assist teachers could be an interesting research paper idea. The effectiveness of online universities in providing education. It could be an exciting research topic idea to compare online institutions to traditional. University education in a narrow specialization: a way to increase professionalism, or to create ignoramus?

There exists a trend of providing education in a narrow area or specialty in the contemporary higher education setting. However, traditional universities have also been known to teach their undergraduate and postgraduate students a wide range of courses to give them a broader mental perspective and make them more knowledgeable and flexible.

The benefits of an education in a narrow field and the costs of losing the tradition of a many-sided education are a worthwhile topic for a Phd. Innovative approaches to teaching. The need for the instructor to interact more with students is becoming more and more apparent in the contemporary educational setting. Studying the benefits and drawbacks of this approach might be an excellent idea for a research proposal topic list for education majors.

The impacts of inclusive education on children without special needs. Inclusive learning is believed to have a positive influence on children with special needs and has become a trend nowadays. However, it is unclear how such education affects children without special needs, which warrants further investigation of this research topic. Classroom management techniques for high school. High school teachers often have to deal with disruptive behaviors of their students.

Finding out what classroom management techniques work best for this may prove a useful and engaging research topic idea. All children have their own personality. It can be difficult for parents to understand how to manage it. Many management approaches are depending on how a child behaves.

Some children are insecure and worrisome about new situations. In this situation, parents should avoid being overprotective. Encouraging a child to explore is the best strategy. Impulsive children: parenting strategies. Parents often struggle with kids whose behavior is hard to predict. There are ways to make it easier. Parents should remain gentle with children.

What role does art play in child development? It is one of the most relevant and exciting topics for research proposals in education. Everyone supports art classes in early childhood development. However, in many countries, art disappears from the list of subjects in middle and high school.

Is it the correct approach? Child development: aesthetic education as a core learning approach. Another great title of research proposal in education, also worth choosing it as a thesis topic. You can look into the benefits of aesthetic education. It helps children to become creative and see things from new points of view.

Testing system: should it be reformed? Everyone agrees that there are too many flaws in the current testing system. Not only can it be unfair. It also puts pressure on children and college students. Look into why and how the testing system is flawed and if there is a need to fix it. Tests and exams cause children to develop anxiety and depression.

Moreover, this problem may aggravate. It can lead children to develop low self-confidence and hurt their social skills. The purpose of early intervention. Some children need special or extra care and support throughout their development. But how to understand who needs it, and how will they benefit from it?

Why would this approach be the best for them? Education and innovative technologies. E-books and tablets are replacing textbooks. Both children and teachers are adapting to the latest technologies. You might research the most recent trends in this topic. Educational apps for children: advantages and disadvantages. Even toddlers can use smartphones and tablets now.

Parents might as well use technologies for educational purposes. However, it may be tricky. Some apps combine the story with learning outcome goals and promote creativity. Others might have too much action and sound. This only distracts children from learning. When parents want some time to rest from kids, they just turn the TV on. Is it beneficial for children? Study the harmful effects of technologies on children. Try to find out how much time they should spend with it.

General education courses in college: are they necessary? The courses include algebra, biology, and chemistry. But what if a student studies languages? It is one of the best questions about higher education. Does inclusive education promote empathy in children without special needs? It is one of the best learning strategies for kids with learning disabilities.

No one asks what children without special needs think about it. Still, little kids are open hearted. Most of them are happy to help their peers with difficulties. In the company of loving parents, a child with dyslexia will be OK. As children start socializing, they start noticing the problems with reading. It may lead to shaming and excluding them from social groups. Classroom management for inclusive high schools.

Disruptive behavior is a common thing to deal with for high school teachers. However, everything is different when the school is inclusive. Teachers face various challenges every day. New practical ideas in this field may be beneficial. Does early intervention impact children with learning disabilities? Early intervention includes therapies for those who have issues with learning.

Your research might consist of comparing and contrasting those methods. Find out which are the best. Expand the study by trying to develop a new approach! Should we educate children about their peers who have special needs?

Training for teachers related to kids with learning disabilities is excellent.