is john doing his homework

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Is john doing his homework write cv professional experience

Is john doing his homework

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Emmeline and her daughters Christabel and Sylvia were from a wealthy family but women from middle-class and working-class backgrounds were also involved in the fight for the vote. Many people, including many women, did not believe it was right for women to have the vote. They campaigned against the extension of suffrage. Some Suffragettes handcuffed themselves to railings and broke shop windows in order to get the police to arrest them.

When imprisoned women went on hunger strike the police attempted to force feed them. This led to allegations of police brutality and created sympathy for the Suffragettes. The so-called Cat and Mouse Act of enabled the police to release women from prison when they became ill and then to re-arrest them when they had recovered their strength. The crucial role played by women during the First World War persuaded the Prime Minister David Lloyd George to grant female householders over thirty the vote in It was not until that women gained the vote on the same terms as men.

Emmeline Pankhurst arrested two times for protesting outside parliament. Suffragettes go on hunger strike. Committee to discuss female suffrage formed by sympathetic male Members of Parliament; their failure to make progress leads to violent protests. Suffragettes attack private property. Cat and Mouse Act. June World War One — many women enter the labour force. Suffrage granted to women over the age of thirty who are householders. Nancy Astor becomes first female Member of Parliament.

Women over the age of twenty one get the vote. Margaret Thatcher becomes first female Prime Minister. Start your child on a learning programme today! Trial it for FREE today. The first woman to go on hunger strike was Marjorie Wallis Davis. She fasted for almost four days in protest at being treated like a criminal rather than as a political prisoner.

In New Zealand became the first country to grant women the vote. The WSPU movement adopted the colours purple, white and green for use in their campaign. Look through the gallery and see if you can spot the following: The Parliament Square statue of Millicent Fawcett Photos of suffragettes including protest march of Photographs of Emmeline and Christabel Pankhurst A suffragist being arrested by the police A suffragette campaigning Mrs Fawcett addressing a rally A cartoon of suffragettes clashing with the police Photos of Emily Davison and newspaper coverage of her death.

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“He does [his] homework” is correct, for simple present tense: meaning, he does homework habitually. More common, since usually people describe what they. › English › Secondary School. His homework is being done by John. douwdek0 and 5 more users found this answer helpful. Thanks 4. (1 vote). Log in to add comment.