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San diego city college homework ap poetry analysis essay sample

San diego city college homework

View Facility Rental Info Here. Administrative Service Supervisor Dan Gutowski dgutowsk sdccd. Manzo amanzo sdccd. Our staff operates year around! Our office is located at the Aquatic Center, PA. Our general office hours follow Miramar College business hours, please call us at for more information. Hourglass Support Services. Get in touch. Crawl in to the world of crustaceans like crabs, learn about local sharks and hop into tidepools in this ocean-themed camp.

Dig into the nature of soil, seeds and sprouts in this camp that's sure to inspire budding gardeners. June 21 - 25 10 a. July 12 - 16 10 a. Register Here August 2 - 6 1 - 3 p. August 2 - 6 11 a. Using beloved picture books as inspiration, kids will make their own art using varying styles and techniques. June 28 - July 2 10 a. July 19 - 23 10 a. August 9 - 13 10 a.

Kids will participate in hands-on activities in art, math and science. Go on an adventure to meet animals from around the world, learn about their homes and make crafts! August 2 - 6 Monday - Friday 10 - 11 a. Join the Mad Science All-Star team to build super structures, model volcanic eruptions and more! August 9 - 13 Monday - Friday 1 - 2 p. Your art makes a difference! Throughout the week, kids will work on creative projects using digital mediaart and images to tell stories.

July 26 - 30 Monday - Friday 1 - 3 p. August 16 - 20 Monday - Friday 2 - 4 p. August 16 - 20 Monday - Friday - 11 a. It's all about problem solving in this out-of-this-world camp! Kids must rely on their creativity asthey find solutions to space-themed challenges. August 9 - 13 11 a. July 26 - 30 - a. In this art-centered camp, children learn drawing and painting techniques to create new masterpieces!

Go on an adventure to meet animals from around the world, learn about their natural environments and make crafts. August 16 - 20 Monday - Friday 10 - 11 a. August 9 - 13 Monday - Friday - 11 a. In this virtual adventure, kids will learn about thedifferent places in the US and face interactive challenges! August 2 - 6 Monday - Friday 1 - 2 p. Kids will shake up a flask of fun in the lab and become a junior chemist as they create some crazy concoctions!

August 16 - 20 Monday - Friday 11 a. Throughout the week, kids will work on creative projects using digital media art and images to tell stories. August 2 - 6 Monday - Friday a. August 16 - 20 Monday - Friday 1 - p. Kids will follow in the footsteps of Nancy Drew or the Hardy Boys to solve mysteries and challenges in this weeklong camp. Dive into all the different realms of the performing arts world and discover the connections from one branch to the other. In this week-long camp, sixth graders will channel their creativity and learn more about the literary arts, comedy, storytelling and more!

Get ready to shake up a flask of fun in the lab and become a junior chemist. What concoctions this lab mix up? Participants will have a blast while learning how to recognize chemical reactions! Regular Hours Monday - Friday p.


Passionate and sometimes silly. That is not to say his classes take effort! Jun 1st, So much work! Exams were kinda difficult free response. However, Shane is a great lecturer. He makes the class interesting and he's super passionate about chemistry! Took prof. Haggard fro CHEM lecture and lab.

Both homework heavy. BUT He really cares about his students success in the class and if you make good use of office hours you will be fine. Had been out of chem for 4 years and I passed with an A, No text book needed just pay attention in lecture. Lots of homework Accessible outside class Caring. May 26th, Respected Lots of homework Hilarious. Apr 30th, I love Professor Haggard! He has been by far the greatest professor I have had in my college career. I am by no means a chemistry lover nor does it come easy to me; however, he is extremely supportive, helpful and easy to learn from.

I wish he taught every chem course required for my major! Feb 3rd, Jan 26th, Shane is a gem, he puts his heart and soul into teaching, which obviously has positive effects, but a few negative. He sets the labs, whether you have him for lab as well or not, you are doing the labs he made. The workload is humongous! This course should be more like 10 units. With that said, Shane is extremely helpful and is very accommodating! Jan 24th, You can't do much better for a solid chemistry teacher.

Knowledgeable, demanding but fair, and funny. Shane clearly wants to help you learn the material well. Be careful with homework problem sets, they are very lengthy, he is really helpful during his office hours, and is probably the most scholarly gentleman you'll meet at City College. Oct 10th, Hubbard subbed for one session of my Chem class, and I'm confident saying the whole room learned more from him in one day, in a fun, engaging way, than from our regular prof.

He went through examples and checked in with us between each topic to make sure we really understood before moving on. Kind, funny, fun. Maybe I can crash his office hours? Participation matters Amazing lectures Caring. Jul 17th, He will challenge his students, but in reasonable terms.

He loves the subject and makes the class exciting. Lots of opportunities for points, so it is up to you to earn your grade. One of the best professors I've ever had, hands down. May 30th, Would Take Again: Yes. Prof Haggard is one of the best professors i've ever had. He's very nice and approachable. His lectures are always fun. He gives lots of homework and his exams are challenging but he gives lots of extra credit and he curves the grades if needed.

Before each exam he goes over what will be on the exam question by question from the exam including the final. He even did a final review and 5 of the problems were on the final. The homework is a challenge. If you didn't get an A in his class, it is your own fault.

May 16th, Professor Haggard is by far my favorite professor both personlly and professionally. Studypool values your privacy. Only public questions posted are ever visible on our website. Blog Our Mission. Post a Question Provide details on what you need help with along with a budget and time limit. Match with a Tutor Studypool matches you to the best tutor to help you with your question. Get Quality Help Your matched tutor provides personalized help according to your question details.

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