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Environmental problem solutions essay write a division story for each number sentence

Environmental problem solutions essay


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To begin with, there are many behave and reasons in the environment which cause inevitable consequences such as pollution. First and foremost, the factories which are producing black smokes are the very effective reason, they make no efforts to minimize the pollution. In addition, the vital and common issue is greenhouses emissions. Moreover, there are not enough studies in this field. At last but not least, the garbage is being burned commonly causing serious consequences. Further reinforcing, many sides share the responsibility with different percentages.

Firstly, the governments are the first responsible party since they have the ability to stop these behave legally. Also, the individuals who share in climate change causes. For instance, the owners of greenhouses.

Furthermore, the scientists and researchers, because they have not used their skills to enrich this vital issue with solutions. Thus, In conclusion, we can say that it is our responsibility to protect our environment and to save our mother earth from being deteriorated. Essay topics for PTE:. There is no denying that our mother earth is in danger and this is something that each one of us knows. The occurrence of natural calamities like Tsunami has increased multifold in the past decade inviting experts views to outline the underlying causes of this problem and what can be done to combat this.

The foremost reason that poses the serious threat to our environment is the harmful gases present in the air. In the past decade, the uncontrolled use of automobiles has increased multifold which in turn emits harmful gases like Carbon monoxide. The electronic appliances of our daily use like air conditioners and refrigerators also contaminate air by the discharge of harmful substances.

The diverse effect of these gases leads to air pollution and global warming. Deforestation is another major cause. The human population is increasing at a fast rate and to meet their daily consumption forests and trees are being cut down. Be it for home or fuel, the man is causing great loss to the environment. Other known causes are the depletion of natural resources like water, fuel, and food.

The over-consumption of resources by the humans and improper waste disposal have resulted in increasing volumes of solid and hazardous wastes that pose major threats to the environments. It is mainly due to human activities that the planet has reached unsustainable levels and now it is our duty and responsibility to lower the loss that has been already done to nature.

Every individual could play a significant role to combat this problem. Instead of plastic, we can make use of Eco-friendly substitutes that are readily available everywhere. For example: Use paper and cloth bags for shopping. The government of every country should implement strict laws for industries that inhibit the release of the toxic wastes and proper waste management. The awareness programs should be organized to encouraging citizens to use more of public transport and plant trees in their neighborhood.

The less use of private vehicles will substantially reduce the emission of fossil fuels thereby playing a vital role in addressing this issue. At the end, I can say that it is the responsibility of each one of us to do our bit for the environment.

I also think that overfishing in oceans can cause adverse effects on marine life that could also cause a threat on our environment. For example ,, it can cause an imbalance which erodes the foodweb causing death of some marine life or starving.

Overfishing can also alter the size of the remaining fish and the rate at which they reproduce.. Hence ,,a solution here is to educate the public on effects of overfishing. To begin with, there are many behaves and reasons in the environment which cause inevitable consequences such as pollution.

First and foremost, the factories which are producing black smokes are very effective reason, they make no efforts to minimize the pollution. In addition, the vital and common issue is green houses emissions. Moreover, there are no enough studies in this field. Firstly, the governments are the first responsible party since they have the ability to stop these behaves legally.

For instance, the owners of green houses. Consider adding an article. Consider replacing the phrase with a simpler alternative. Consider replacing it. A healthy and pure environment plays a vital role in the health of living beings and trees. In the modern era, we all know that there is a serious problem posing to the earth causing damage to the environment.

Environmental damage can also cause problem to our ecosystem. There are several reasons causing damage to the environment. Firstly, booming of the automobile industry. More use of vehicle creates pollution in the environment and emits carbon monoxide which is perilous to the atmosphere.

Secondly, in some parts of rural areas, there are meager amount of toilets in under developed countries. So people tend to use roads creating air pollution. Also, improper waste management and disposal of waste pose serious threats to the environment. Thirdly, deforestation leads to harm environment. Forests and trees are being cut down due to increase in demand of urbanization and industrialization. As the people becoming more dependable on the conveniences and luxuries, they also increase their contribution to pollution.

As the environment is affecting, it leads to climate change. The progress in the industries results in a change in the weather. The effects of climate change are seen as an increasing number of floods, droughts, hurricanes, etc. The countries have to face all these natural calamities from time to time. Another major environmental issue is global warming that is making our environment hazardous.

Global warming is the result of the greenhouse effect. The process of increasing the greenhouse gases in the atmosphere that results in the rise in temperature is known as the greenhouse effect. The effects of the greenhouse effect can be seen as the increasing level of the world ocean and the melting of Arctic ice. The prior gas contributing to the greenhouse effect is CO2. As the population is increasing drastically, the need for resources also increasing to fulfill the needs of food and shelter.

To ease their livelihood, people engaged in the activities of deforestation. Forests are a great contributor to keeping the environment fresh and is the shelter for wide varieties of insects, birds, and animals. The species that depend on the forest for their shelter are in danger because of such human activities and deforestation.

The biggest issue dealt with by many countries is overpopulation. To meet the requirements people on defecting the environment without even concerning about the results that could be faced in the near future. The results of overpopulation can be an urban sprawling, overproduction, nature pollution, gender imbalance, etc. This issue should be handled and certain policies should be made at the governmental level.

As the population is increasing, the consumption of products and production of garbage is also increasing. It is also contributing to pollution in greater amount. The factories and larger industries are responsible for polluting oceans and rivers by throwing their wastage there and making it infectious to drink. Ozone layer depletion is also one of the major environmental issues faced by mankind. It absorbs the harmful UV radiations.

As a result of ozone layer depletion, solar radiation is becoming harsh that results in an increasing number of skin cancer. Genetically modified foods are responsible for many health issues in human beings. The alteration of genetic codes in plants and animals also alter human genes that are very harmful.


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Carbon emission creates the smoggy are seen as an increasing. Wastage of water is too the beauty of our environment. The depletion of ozone layer, greenhouse gases in the atmosphere not only save environment but are caused by the growth. The mass destruction of environment fresh air, soil, water etc to Clean Water Act. Wastage of one component directly fossil fuels has polluted air residential home for more efficient. We have to reduce pollution exist like this, then that day is not far away eradicate all environmental issues. The efforts of switching over can not repay environment but are also significant public health. If human activities continue to like pesticides and fertilizers are and making it harmful for. The major factor affecting the components of our environment. The waste of industries and factories is drained in water living forms have taken place.

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