thesis on community extension

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Thesis on community extension professional university paper example

Thesis on community extension

To promote a sustainable urban community development; b. To facilitate partnerships among faculty and staff, students and other university resources in support of strengthening community relationships; c.

To promote the importance and belief in the power of individual families, groups and organizations to act collectively to develop a meaningful life and livelihood that is rooted in spirituality and richness of our culture and nature; d. To develop committed and dedicated community leaders who put premium on the common good, bridging social divides and fragmentation; and e. To advance knowledge through research work and apply the concept of Service Learning in improving the quality of human life in responding effectively to social changes and conditions.

Unify both the perceptions of the community being served and the PCU constituents in terms of the community outreach development framework from a Christian perspective. Simply stated, what is seen here is the virtual merger of learning communities and collaborative pedagogy. This is where the youth and adults in the community as well as PCU administrators, faculty and staff, and students are one in making the community feel their responsibility to face their problems and build on their own capacity to develop a community through shared knowledge, services and responsibility.

Implement the PCU mission statements, particularly the following three which are fundamental in community outreach:. Community service learning increases the level of social responsibility, develops critical thinking, and examines values, beliefs and understanding of self and others. Service-Learning combines community service with academic instruction as it focuses on critical reflective thinking and civic and social responsibilities of the learners.

It involves students in organized community service. It is pedagogy of teaching by which students learn and develop through active participation in organized community service. It is dedicated to meeting local community needs, while developing their academic skills, civic responsibility and commitment to the community. Frequency and percentages were used as statistical tools. While respondents believed that they have gained and learned many skills through the extension programs and projects, almost all of the respondents perceived the necessity of further improving and enhancing the community extension programs of IFSU.

An integrated extension project package should be developed and carried out based on the assessed community needs in order to have greater impact. Likewise, proper monitoring and evaluation of extended programs should be undertaken to determine their impact to the communities. Article DOI:


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Guess that means any black, asian, or hispanic that is successful should be robbed by government and socially humiliated. The organization eventually fell apart because of outside pressure and internal dissension. Comments RobL says. June 3, at am. Jennifer Nesslar says. If at this point there is no evidence of a breach of the regulations, no further disciplinary action will be taken although you still may be required to make changes to your thesis.

However, if it is concluded that a breach of the regulations may have occurred, the DGS will refer the matter to the Proctors. Your examiners may recommend that you complete minor corrections before they recommend award of the degree.

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If you fail to complete your corrections within the time allowed your name will be removed from the Graduate Register and a reinstatement application will be required. Corrections must be made and submitted within six months of the letter confirming the major corrections, although Examination Boards may grant an extension of up to three months on receipt of a GSO. Where a candidate is required to revise and re-submit their thesis, the revised thesis and, where required, a report indicating the specific changes made must also be submitted via the Research Thesis Digital Submission RTDS application unless your original submission was under the old regulations, in which case it should be submitted to the Examination Schools.

It is not permitted for a thesis to be submitted directly to the examiners. Candidates whose thesis is referred will be required to provide at resubmission a separate report indicating the specific changes made to the revised thesis; the word limit of which has been stipulated by divisional boards. The outcome types, time limits for changes and report lengths for each of the research degrees are summarised in the tables below. Students not passing the examination at the first attempt will be entitled to a second attempt.

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Your form should be submitted, signed by all required parties, four to six weeks prior to submitting your thesis. The typewritten part of the thesis must be saved as a pdf. Your thesis must be submitted in English, apart from quotations and recognised technical formulae, or where the Divisional or Faculty Board has determined otherwise. Your thesis may be scanned with text-matching software either iThenticate or TurnItIn should the examiners question the authenticity of the work, but such theses will NOT be saved to the software databases.

Pages of the thesis must be numbered. Include an abstract with the copy of your thesis generally after the Contents page in the thesis. Include a title page with the copy of your thesis, giving your full name, college, thesis title and your degree. The main body of your thesis should be in double spacing with quotations and footnotes in single spacing. Portrait would usually be expected, landscape may be permitted by agreement with the relevant board.

Select an easily readable font, such as Times New Roman or Arial. Font size 12pt is preferred, but a minimum font size 11pt is recommended for text and 10pt for footnotes. You should allow a margin of 3 to 3. Where they are given at the end of each chapter or at the end of the thesis, two separate unbound copies of footnotes should also be presented, for the convenience of the examiners. Fine Art candidates offering studio practice as part of their submission must submit, together with the written portion of their thesis, documentation in appropriate form of the exhibition or portfolio of works to be examined.

Wherever possible, this documentation should be either be included with the written portion of the thesis or as additional material and uploaded to RTDS. If your thesis title has changed, it is your responsibility to request approval of the new title on your GSO. The GSO. Hand the form in prior by four to six weeks to the submission of the thesis where possible.

Hard copies of your thesis may only be requested by your examiners from the Research Degrees Team. Extenuating circumstances and viva adjustments If you have a disability that may affect your thesis, this needs to be considered at the time that you are writing your thesis. The oral examination or viva Your internal examiner is responsible for making all the arrangements for your viva examination and will contact you to arrange a date usually within a month of receiving your thesis.

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Orientation on the Community Extension Services of the Divina Pastora College

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Thesis for: PhD in Development Research and Administration The third function which is community extension used to play a supporting. The College, along with its unit for Extension to Community and Economic The focus of this thesis research was to investigate community impacts of. Keywords: Community Outreach, Community Extension Services, DLSU-D-EAC: A Proposal” Unpublished Master Thesis, DLSU-D The Scottish Community Development.