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Homework whipped cream original

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Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Just thought this information should be shared as well. Instead of sharing information about something maybe a little more research would be fair. Hi what is the shelf live of this cream since it has the aloe gel from the plant. I imagine the gel will go bad after a few days. Dr axe can you help me what is the best combo essential oil and carrier oil for my eyebags scar.

Also what are your thoughts on ozonated oils for skincare like ozonated olive oil and hemp seed oil? Hi there, what can coconut oil be substituted for? I am allergic to it. I then added my essential ois. I used 6 drops frankincense, 4 drops carrot seed oil and three drops rose oil. Is this too much Essential Oil?

I blended up my own aloe from a leaf. Should I keep this in the refrigerator since it has aloe in it? Making lotion always ends up being more Messy than I expect. I have seen recipes that say no to applying onto eyelids. Does anyone know the reason for that. Thank you. Why This eye cream as well as all creams recipes 1. Every time needs to shake and the cremas are not good consistency?

Why the Crea does not mix well? It mixed week but after couple hours gets cold but just the coconut oil goes to top and the rest sits down at the bottom. Does have to be mix with a spoon each time before use?? Has anyone else had an issue like this? I made this two days ago and the aloe gel separates from the oils. It feels soothing but there is nothing to emulsify the oil and water. I suspected this but did anyone have success with this recipe. Wanted to love this but it made me breakout.

I do not do good with coconut oil on my face is there another oil that I can use instead Thank you. I enjoy all your emails. Could this antigungal spray be used on a dogs foot? Read your message about Hyaluronic Acid product being the best for aging skin but which product is the best for your skin and most effective?

Dr Axe, thank you for sharing those recipes, but the market for essential oils and organic coconut oil is so confusing. Where should I buy the ingredients, and where should I buy roman camomile oil? I have e mailed you twice and now this is my third time with no response, you do not show the actual recipe for the home made eyecream, where can I find it??????

Is this mixture safe to use on the eyelids or just for under the eyes and at the sides? Also is it the best mix for helping to firm the eyelids? Really appreciate any guidance available. E, or lavender oils……. Any suggestion for substitution. Where would you even find vitamin K? Never take vitamin K orally without your Dr.. Vitamin K can cause your blood to have problems if not used under a Dr care.

I want to make my own eye cream with shea, coconut oil and an essential oil. In your recipe you stated to use a glass container; what if I used metal or plastic? How would that put an effect on the cream. Out of the 1 oz of Aloe, 1 remove 1 tbls of the Aloe and add to glass bowl or measuring cup — 2 to that Add 1 tsp of water. This is a pre-step. Blend until dissolved lecithin is mixed thoroughly. Once combined. This eye cream sounds great, but I will have a problem.

Gels are better, they absorb better into the skin. Wow, I was wanting to know if this was fl. Grow up people, this is not a place to argue that. Just comment about young living owning their own farms they own farms in their global natural habitat.. Young living uses strict testing to make sure an oil is pure and they do not use pesticides. As well they have a wider variety of dingles and blends. I was wondering if I can use fresh aloe vera gel from the plant.

Also would this be good to use as an upper lip wrinkle cream? Hello Dr Axe. I am a follower and have purchased some of your courses and products. Thank you for all you do! Also within a short time, the gel lumps turn a deep pink colour. I have still used the product but recently mold started growing in it. Can you help me please? There is no emulsifier to bind the water-based gel to the oils…this is a nice DIY recipe, but not well thought out.

I make homemade body butter all butters and oils and mix aloe Vera gel into it without an issue. I whip them and it never separates. From childhood I had periods of time when I would be sick for up to 2 years with these problems. I was pretty much symptom free for around 8 years but in March I began having problems again with aches, severe joint pain and tendons, muscles, etc.

The one thing different this time is blisters like shingles on my chin, inside mouth and in and around my nostrils. I was doing pretty good for about 7 months but 3 months ago it started again. Please let me know your thoughts. Thank you for your help! Hi Ann, My heart went out to you when I read your post…has anything changed since u posted it in February?

Are you on any supplements? And do you use natural or mainstream products in your home? I wish you the best! So I made this Homemade Eye cream, using all the ingredients listed and found that I had to heat slightly to get them to mix together but once they cooled, the coconut oil and shea butter separated from the Vit. E and Frankincense and Aloe Vera. I also found that when I applied the cream to my skin under my eyes, I felt like I had a film over my eyes all day.

Is there something I missed or did wrong when I made it? Would love to hear if others had this experience. In my situation it wanders into my eyes and this is not fun. Which one is actually the best for collagen reproduction and facial wrinkles? I would like to make this, but like someone else remarked, what form of Vitamin E is supposed to be used.

I had the same problem with the aloe Vera, but I poured all of it in a bowl and whipped it with a fork and then put back in the containers. Has not separated yet. I will probably have to tweak it. I have been making my own facial and body skin care creams and salves for over 30 yrs. Take it out and whip it with a immersion blender. I , put it back in the fridge for a few more hours sometimes over night and then repeat whipping it.. The oil came to the top and the aloe Vera is sitting at the bottom.

I stirred and stirred all the ingredients together once the Shea butter and coconut oil were completely melted. Did I do something wrong? I mixed the eye cream but the oil came to the top.. The aloe Vera gel went to the bottom. Did I do something wrong fir it to do this? When making creams and balms of this type I always heat it up. Never to a boil, that can degrade the quality. Put the shea butter and coconut oil in a glass bowl in a pan of boiling water.

As soon as they are completely melted, add aloe vera. Mix well then remove from heat. Add the rest of the ingredients. Once it cools almost all the way, whip with a hand mixer then place in a glass jar.

I personally like to use equal parts coconut and grapeseed, as grapeseed is moisturizing without clogging pores. Jojoba oil and argan oil can be added for more oil based moisture. Patchouli is great for additional essential oil moisture as it is a rich root oil.

I buy from Mountain Rose Herbs www. They sell aloe vera gel, shea butter, butters, herbs and so much more, including essential oils.. Their products are excellent quality with fair pricing. Also, you can go to your local natural foods store in your area. We have NutritionsMart and Whole Foods where we live.

I sell pure and edible Shea butter. Axe, Where is the best place to purchase the shea butter? Looking forward to your reply. Merry Christmas! Would you be able to send me a sample of the frankencense oil to n. Love your tips on health, and well being. I certainly can! Leave me a message with your address. Rating: 3 stars. This was okay but not worth the expense. None of the flavors were strong enough to come through-not even the chocolate.

The texture was nice and it looked pretty. Reviews: Most Helpful. Vicky C. Rating: 5 stars. This was delicious! I made this for my husband's birthday particularly because it is waaaay toooooo hot to turn the oven on right now in Southern CA. The texture is light the ginger snap crust is far better than the typical graham cracker crust the tanginess is refreshing and the cheesecake has already disappeared from the fridge.

I am very picky about desserts having worked as a pro baker. My family really enjoyed this recipe. Easy to make - the flavors blended perfectly - light rich dessert that will be made again at my house. Thanks for sharing this recipe. I turned it into a lower calorie version by: Not adding sugar to the cookie base and used only 1 cup cookies rather than 2 c plenty! Used only 4 tbs butter. With the other half pint I made topping of whipped cream dollops with just a touch of sugar and a dash of vanilla don't need a topping but it looks pretty.

Trulia does not have that "diet" after taste and it's much healthier for you. The white chocolate and lime juice gives the flavor and the cream cheese is the texture. You need to let it sit overnight for the rich texture to set in.

I dare you to be able to tell this is a lower calories version. My family had no idea and said the texture and taste was like it was purchased from a bakery. I did not use any lime zest didn't want the texture. It would have been pretty with mint leaves to decorate but since I didn't have any I added some colored dots instead only on the whip cream dollops but added them all over on one slice just for a better photo presentation. This should be called a key lime cheesecake.

It's probably the best I've ever tasted! Incredibly creamy tart and delicious! I cannot begin to tell you the look on people's faces when they enjoy this dessert - I used it as a dessert special in the restaurant where I work and it's been going over amazingly well. People rave! I use a tad more cream to make it a little lighter.

And the only comment I'd make is to chop up the zest if you end up with longer strings I also should say I stuck with graham cracker crumbs since some people have an aversion to gingersnaps I personally love them and think they'd go perfectly with this recipe! I tell people it's like if key lime pie and cheesecake had a baby I have tried many key lime recipes for my boyfriend- he loved this one!

Definatly double the key lime juice and add slightly more zest. Mary Ann Waite. Very good and refreshing- not a heavy taste- very light and I didn't even have to bake it! Be sure to add the zest as it wasn't the same without it! This dessert is wonderful! I brought it to a BBQ and everyone who tried it loved it. I did switch out the whipped heavy cream for cool whip and used nilla wafers for the crust but followed everything else to a "T". I will definately make this one again!

The gingersnaps made it! My husband asked that next time I double the crust so it would be thicker. And my four year old asked that I not put grass in the pie the lime zest. It was wonderful. The only thing I changed was to increase the white chocolate to 12 oz and the lime juice to a little more than a cup. Light and refreshing but I couldn't taste the white chocolate at all so next time I probably just leave that out. Thanks for sharing.


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