comparison essay structure example

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Comparison essay structure example less homework students

Comparison essay structure example

Here are a few hypothetical examples:. You may want to check out our handout on understanding assignments for additional tips. Making a Venn diagram or a chart can help you quickly and efficiently compare and contrast two or more things or ideas.

In the central area where they overlap, list the traits the two items have in common. To make a chart, figure out what criteria you want to focus on in comparing the items. Along the left side of the page, list each of the criteria. Across the top, list the names of the items. As you generate points of comparison, consider the purpose and content of the assignment and the focus of the class. How does it fit with what you have been studying so far and with the other assignments in the course? Are there any clues about what to focus on in the assignment itself?

Here are some general questions about different types of things you might have to compare. You may want to begin by using the questions reporters traditionally ask: Who? By now you have probably generated a huge list of similarities and differences—congratulations! Next you must decide which of them are interesting, important, and relevant enough to be included in your paper.

Ask yourself these questions:. Suppose that you are writing a paper comparing two novels. However, if you were writing a paper for a class on typesetting or on how illustrations are used to enhance novels, the typeface and presence or absence of illustrations might be absolutely critical to include in your final paper.

You might find yourself comparing all kinds of things in an academic essay : historical figures, literary works , policies, research methods , etc. Doing so is an important part of constructing arguments. Table of contents When should I compare and contrast? Making effective comparisons Comparing and contrasting as a brainstorming tool Structuring your comparisons Frequently asked questions about comparing and contrasting. Some other prompts may not directly ask you to compare and contrast, but present you with a topic where comparing and contrasting could be a good approach.

One way to approach this essay might be to contrast the situation before the Great Depression with the situation during it, to highlight how large a difference it made. For example, a literature review involves comparing and contrasting different studies on your topic, and an argumentative essay may involve weighing up the pros and cons of different arguments. As the name suggests, comparing and contrasting is about identifying both similarities and differences.

You might focus on contrasting quite different subjects or comparing subjects with a lot in common—but there must be some grounds for comparison in the first place. However, if you contrasted pre-revolutionary France with Han-dynasty China, your reader might wonder why you chose to compare these two societies.

Every element of an essay should serve your central argument in some way. Comparing and contrasting can be a useful tool to help organize your thoughts before you begin writing any type of academic text. You might make a table to summarize the key differences between them. You might visualize the key similarities and differences in a Venn diagram. The point of comparing and contrasting at this stage is to help you organize and shape your ideas to aid you in structuring your arguments. When comparing and contrasting in an essay, there are two main ways to structure your comparisons: the alternating method and the block method.

You cover both your subjects side by side in terms of a specific point of comparison. Your text is structured like this:. One challenge teachers face is identifying and assisting students who are struggling without disrupting the rest of the class. In a traditional classroom environment, the teacher can easily identify when a student is struggling based on their demeanor in class or simply by regularly checking on students during exercises.

They can then offer assistance quietly during the exercise or discuss it further after class. The most commonly cited advantage of distance learning is the flexibility and accessibility it offers. Rather than being required to travel to a specific location every week and to live near enough to feasibly do so , students can participate from anywhere with an internet connection.

This allows not only for a wider geographical spread of students but for the possibility of studying while travelling. However, distance learning presents its own accessibility challenges; not all students have a stable internet connection and a computer or other device with which to participate in online classes, and less technologically literate students and teachers may struggle with the technical aspects of class participation.

Distance learning, then, seems to improve accessibility in some ways while representing a step backwards in others. Comparing and contrasting is also a useful approach in all kinds of academic writing : You might compare different studies in a literature review , weigh up different arguments in an argumentative essay , or consider different theoretical approaches in a theoretical framework.

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The subject by subject or block method is the most commonly used structure for a comparison essay. Another typical structure followed for writing the compare and contrast essays is the point by point structure, which is easier and more popular. No matter which method you choose to draft your body paragraphs, it is important to keep in mind that the whole essay should be aligned according to the selected method. Typically, both are open five days a week for a set number of hours each day.

Students sit at desks in classrooms and are expected to listen to and learn from their teachers. There is a set time for lunch. Each day, students are given homework assignments. Students take quizzes and tests. In all of these ways, middle school should feel somewhat familiar to new students. However, there are some big changes that new middle school students should be aware of. In elementary school, students usually stay in the same classroom with one teacher for most of the day.

That is not the case in middle school, where students typically have a different teacher for each subject. Students must move to a different classroom for each subject too. Since there is not one classroom in which to store supplies, middle schools often provide students with lockers.

For many kids, getting a locker is a welcome rite of passage. In this section, a writer gives a summary of all the major points of the essay and presents the final verdict to prove the thesis statement. Elementary school provides kids with the experiences they need to be ready for middle school. Even though moving on means adjusting to a new environment, some things, including many of the classmates who accompany you, will remain the same.

After completing the essay, revision is done to fix all mistakes and errors in the content. Proofreading is an important step to make your paper flawless and effective. Before submitting your essay, check for mistakes in punctuation, grammar, format, tone, vocabulary, syntax, etc.

Make the required editings in this step and submit a well-written assignment. Students from every level and field require examples to learn how their academic assignments should be drafted. As the grades cannot be risked, students should always look for examples and expert help for their assignments. If you are looking for free examples for your compare and contrast paper, MyPerfectWords.

So whether you are looking for written academic papers or essay topics for college, MyPerfectWords. Place your order and let your assignment be done by professionals. Compare and Contrast Essay. Compare and Contrast Essay Topics. Compare and Contrast Essay Outline. Exclusive access to the MyPerfectWords. You'll get weekly tips and tricks for improving your own writing and for achieving academic success through your writing. We are U.

This is all that we do. Register Login. Paper Due? That's Our Job! Learn More. How to Write a Compare and Contrast Essay? Why suffer? Click here to learn more. Was this helpful? Comparing will be looking at what's similar, and contrasting will be looking at what's different between the two. As the name implies, your topics will be two ideas or theories that can be compared.

This could be anything from two different books, people, ideas, or events. For example, you could be described to compare and contrast Tesla and Edison. Give them a try, and hone your essay writing skills. When you get a real essay to write, you'll feel more comfortable in writing it. Now you have the tools to write a great compare and contrast essay. Remember, make sure you do your research, and take your time writing. That way, you can get an excellent grade. You can use your new password to log in to your account.

Compare and Contrast Essay Structure Here's how an average compare and contrast essay could be laid out: Introduction: Introduce the two ideas that you're going to compare. Give a brief background on both, to give context for the main body. Thesis statement: This is going to be your impression of the two theories. Are they more similar than you thought, or do they differ more than is obvious to the average person?

Main body: Each paragraph in this section will detail a different point. You can start either with comparing the theories, or contrasting them. Just make sure that each point is backed up with relevant research. Conclusion: This will draw all the main points together, and emphasise how they support your thesis. Look for the similarities and differences, and make notes. How will this affect your essay? Think about whether you've been surprised by the information you've found. Put together your thesis.

Are your two topics similar, or more different than you thought?


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However in structure B , the comparison takes place throughout the whole essay and avoids looking at the poems separately. This is a better model to use and one which can be applied to comparisons of other poems. Explore the study guide for 'Walking Away'. Structuring a comparative essay Packing your analysis of two poems into one essay involves planning. These are some points to think about: use the introduction to explain which poems you are writing about try to balance out the detail you include for each poem compare the poems throughout the essay comment on content, themes, ideas and attitudes as well as form, structure and language sum up your thoughts on ways in which the poems are similar and different in your conclusion Example question Compare the two poems about family relationships; Walking Away by Cecil Day Lewis and Eden Rock by Charles Causley.

Structure A Introduction How both talk about family relationships between parents and children Paragraph 1 How Walking Away deals with family relationships - themes and form, structure and language Paragraph 2 How Eden Rock deals with family relationships - themes and form, structure and language Paragraph 3 Ways in which they are similar Paragraph 4 Ways in which they are different Conclusion Sum up comparison Structure B Introduction How both talk about family relationships between parents and children Paragraph 1 How the themes and ideas of Walking Away and Eden Rock are similar and different Paragraph 2 How the form and structure of Walking Away and Eden Rock compare and how this links to their effect Paragraph 3 How the language of Walking Away and Eden Rock compare and how this links to their effect Conclusion Sum up comparison Feedback Either of the examples above could produce a good essay as they both explore each poem and compare their similarities and differences.

How both talk about family relationships between parents and children. How Walking Away deals with family relationships - themes and form, structure and language. How Eden Rock deals with family relationships - themes and form, structure and language. Ways in which they are similar. The key point here is to choose the topic you are interested in. If you are still hesitating, which topic to choose for your essay, here are a few ready-made compare and contrast essay ideas for you:.

The most effective topic for this type of essay is the one that resonates with you and allows you to practice critical thinking and objective analysis. This essay type should follow a very strict outline because its goal is to present the similarities and differences in the logical order. A compare and contrast essay outline usually follows the typical introduction-body-conclusion pattern, but there are several methods you can use to organize it:. Your outline will depend on the topic of your essay and whether the goal is to compare or contrast or both.

The length of the essay matters as well — the block method suits shorter assignments more than lengthy essays. Here are a few essential points to consider:. The more extended your compare and contrast essay structure is, the better.

Discussion: compare and contrast the perks and pitfalls of studying at a university vs. Once you have your outline and structure prepared, consider the resources you have to support your claims. This kind of essay can be about your points of view, but its main goal is to look at things objectively. So, create a list of credible resources to provide evidence for your arguments.

Be ready to revisit your essay several times before submitting. The introduction should give a sneak peek of your essay but not give crucial details away. Think of it as a movie trailer. The conclusion of your essay is as important as the introduction. It gives the general outcomes of your analysis and provides an objective overview of the topic.

Your conclusion should not be too long as well, but it can be a bit lengthier than an introduction. Even though it may seem straightforward at first, writing such a type of essay is not an easy job. Here are a few main reasons why students usually get stuck when writing these essays:. If you recognize yourself here, you can always ask for custom essay writing help at A-Writer. Our writers specialize in various academic topics and can craft an outstanding compare and contrast essay in no time.

Compare and contrast essays are among the most common tasks for students. What is Compare and Contrast Essay A compare and contrast essay explores two or more topics with the goal to analyze their similarities and differences. There are a few other reasons why this type of essays are beneficial for students: Comparative analysis develops flexible thinking. Flexible thinking, or cognitive flexibility, is the ability to switch your attention in response to unexpected situations, which can come in handy in stressful situations.

Students become more detail — When comparing and contrasting two phenomena, students have to explore their nooks and crannies, focusing closely on every detail. Compare and contrast essays teach how to structure information. Students learn how to organize the information in a logical order to present each phenomenon as a whole. Browse through books and magazines. A recent newspaper describing current events in the world can also be a great idea for comparative analysis. Go through recent research and studies.

This is a great way to find topics for a compare and contrast essay thesis. Pay attention to your environment. Which is the most effective topic for a compare and contrast essay? If you are still hesitating, which topic to choose for your essay, here are a few ready-made compare and contrast essay ideas for you: Living in a big city vs. Disputable scientific discoveries: a comparative analysis The advantages and disadvantages of the online world for mental health Gassy giants: how did the atmospheres of Jupiter and Saturn form?

Compare and contrast essay outline A compare and contrast essay outline usually follows the typical introduction-body-conclusion pattern, but there are several methods you can use to organize it: The block method. You divide all your arguments into blocks and then compare these blocks with one another.

To preserve the right narrative flow, organize all the points in each block in the same order. The point-by-point method. The idea is to discuss each point separately and then compare them with each other. This method is more suitable for longer essays. Objective-based method. This compare and contrast essay outline approach presents all the pros and cons and then analyzes them in relation to a particular objective.

This method can be helpful when writing an essay thesis. Here are a few essential points to consider: Create a mind map of your essay topic. Prepare a thesis statement. This statement will lay the foundation for the introductory part of your essay.